Personalized Pillows for Stunning Home Décor

Evelyn Martinez
Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2021
The best creative gift. My husband love it
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Joan S. Serpe-Hoyt
Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2021
My sister will love this and because we live 3000 miles apart, she will remember e every morning when drinking her coffee.
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Gaylene Jeffrey
Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2021
Fast service, well done coffee cup. Totally love it & so do my sisters.
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Donna Medeiros
Verified Buyer
Sep 19, 2021
Our Mom loved this mug!
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Debra McMann
Verified Buyer
Sep 19, 2021
Wonderful product! My sister-in-law absolutely loved it.
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Customized Pillows at Gossby

Get your room unforgettable accents with push and decorative personalized pillows from Gossby. We provide an array of the most comfortable custom pillows that will enhance any room in your home. Whether you’re seeking occasion-themed customized pillows or a housewarming gift for your family, friends, soul-mates, Gossby has you covered.

Personalized pillows at Gossby, what will it be?

  • A stunning home-decor item for your living space

  • A perfect match for your favorite sofa and couch

  • An essential item for your good respite

  • A good gift for people you love

How to Create Your Custom Pillow with Gossby

Creating a personalized pillow is way easy with a few clicks online. What should you do? Let’s check it out:

  • First, you browse our collection of customized throw pillows and choose which one you or recipients will love.

  • Once clicking on a specific item, there will be more options for you to choose from in each section. Just take a look and select options that suit you most.

  • Preview the custom pillow that was carefully designed.

  • Finally, make a purchase with our easy-to-access payment system

  • The rest will be handled by Gossby

[Extra notes] Features that you can tailor-made yourselves

1. Names & Quotes

You can easily tailor-made throw pillows by typing names of people you love (your names also) and choosing quotes you and they will love.

2. The number of subjects

Depending on which design you choose, you’re offered many options to choose the number of main subjects.

3. Gender

Some designs will offer you an option to change the gender of subjects like (boy or girl, animal breeds…).

4. Appearance

With subjects that are people, you can tailor-made skin tones & hairstyles.

Give Customized Pillows as Gifts

While creating personalized pillows to give as special gifts, just consider your beloved interior design style, their favorite colors, and more. By doing that, you can make the pillow into a one-of-a-kind gift.

Gifts can be varied but the love you spend on them is way unique. Even if it is a simple-looking one, that gift would be priceless to the recipient because they can feel your love for it. Looking for more? Gossby has personalized gifts for every purpose you have.

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