The Selection of 15 Best Gifts for Mom Friend that Capture Her Heart


Last updated: Mar 18, 2022

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The Selection of 15 Best Gifts for Mom Friend that Capture Her Heart

Gift-giving is indeed an art, but it can sometimes be a headache for most of us. Despite the variety of gift choices on the market nowadays, it’s never an easy task to choose the perfect one, regardless of who the receiver is.

You might think that gift-giving is much easier if the receiver is a friend, as you know quite well all about their hobbies & personalities.

However, what if it’s for your best friend, who’s recently playing the role of a mother? You can’t make the choice solely based on her personality, do you?

If you’re stuck with these questions, this article is here to help!

Scroll down to get all useful advice and suggestions on great gifts for mom friends!

What are The Best Gifts for Your Friend Who is a Mom?

Mother’s Day is a great occasion to express our gratitude for mothers, including your friends who are now a mother of kids.

However, finding a perfect gift is a daunting task to accomplish because you have to consider some factors before making the decision on the best gifts for mom friends.

Some questions that you might need to think of are:

  1. How old or what age group does her child is or belong to? What sort of things do they need at this stage of age?

  2. Is there any obstacle or pressure faced by the receiver? Is there any present that can support them in this case?

  3. Should the present be for your friend or for her child?

If you find it hard to come up with an idea, continue reading the following section for good gift ideas for mom friends!

Gift Ideas for Mom Friends That They'll Adore

We’ve listed down some great suggestions of gifts for mom friends for your preference. The below options include both common and personalized gifts that suit any event and demand.

With personalized gifts, you can customize them any way you deem fit, making them the perfect presents for the receivers. Read on and find out all the best Mother's day gifts for mom friends now!

1. “Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together” Poster

The first name on this list of best gifts for mom friends is a personalized canvas. If your friend loves to beautify her sweet home with small decor, this item might be the best suit for her.

personalized poster - gifts for mom friends
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Along with the loving image on the canvas, there’s a touching quote that reflects the unbreakable bond between mother and daughters. She’ll definitely be impressed by how this small item warmed up the atmosphere in her house. This canvas is amongst ideal birthday gifts for mom friends!

2. Handmade Card

If she favors handmade items, then a handcrafted card might be a good gift-giving on this upcoming occasion. You can choose to make it by yourself or look for one from the handcrafted store!

It’s highly suggested that you make the decision based on her favorite color and style.

A Happy Mother's Day Card
A Happy Mother's Day Card (Source: Karolina Bobek - Unsplash)

3. “Like Mother Like Daughters” Mug

If your mommy friend is more a practical person, this personalized mom mug might be a great choice for her. Although it’s one of the candidates on the mother's day gifts for mom friends list, this present suits any occasion.

Accompany with the simple yet sweet image of daughters and mothers sitting side by side is a meaningful quotation about the daughter-mother relationship.

personalized mug - gift ideas for mom friends
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It speaks about the silent emotion that every mom and kid feels towards each other - I’m proud to become your mom/ I’m proud to have you as my mom and be able to grow up to become someone like you.

4. Notebook

Mothers treasure every moment of being together with their children. Hence, giving your mommy friend something like a portable notebook to note down all precious events and things about her kids will surely make her happy.

Mother's Day Memory Book - Bug & Bear Books - Etsy
Mother's Day Memory Book (Source: Bug & Bear Books - Etsy)

5. “Mother & Children Forever Linked Together” Canvas

We all have different ways to express our love and gratitude towards our loved ones. Some of us might choose to convey our love via tangible items; some tend to speak it out loud, while others show their bond with the others through those moments of being together and sharing laughter & tears.

personalized canvas - best gifts for mom friends
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So, why don’t you let the receiver capture and preserve those precious moments with their beloved kids with this personalized mother's day canvas? The sense of tranquility coming from this canvas is enough to immerse the giftee in coziness.

6. Picture Frame

Similar to a notebook, you can let her capture moments via photos and keep them safe behind a picture frame. There are various options of the picture frame on the market regarding style and design that you can opt for your mommy friend. Want to make it unique? Just think of a DIY picture frame.

Mother's Day Picture Frame
Mother's Day Picture Frame (Source: Studio1 Workshop - Etsy)

7. “The Most Purrfect Cat Mom Ever” Mug

It’s not always necessary to celebrate special occasions with sugariness and solemnity, as joy might even come from those little funny things like this custom mug!

cat mug - birthday gifts for mom friends
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Apparently, the cat mug is perfect for your friend who’s a cat lover. Both funny and cute, this mug will bring her luck all day long by giving her a big smile every time she uses the cup for morning coffee. This present is amongst those hot-picked funny gifts for mom friends.

8. A Portable Tree Pot

If she’s the kind of person who loves the beauty of nature, send her a portable tree pot! Putting aside the visual effect that it brings to her space, she can even teach her kids to cherish and value nature via this gift.

Want to surprise your friend with something special? Click on our Personalized Friend Gifts Collection now!

BFF - banner personalized best friends

9. “Happiness is Being a Mom” Mug  

As a matter of fact, individuals define the concept of happiness differently - there’s no accurate definition of happiness. For some people, happiness can simply be defined as becoming a mom and being able to share all the important moments with her kids.

This mother and child personalized mug will definitely be the best answer if you’re looking for a classic but sugar-like present for your mom friends!

mother son mug - funny gifts for mom friends
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10. Zip Pouch

A portable zip pouch is quite helpful in several situations, as you can bring it with you on any occasion. Like other sorts of gift-givings on the market, there are numerous styles and sizes of pouches for you to choose from.

11. Table Calendar

With this gift, she can note down all the important dates on it or even decorate the calendar with cute stickers/ images. There are many types of table calendars like DIY, printed, variable metal, wooden, etc., making sure to fit any requirements and preference.

12. “First My Mother Forever My Friend” Mug 

This cup is another option on the list of practical gifts for mom friends! It’s believed that our souls are tightly connected to those of our beloved ones, from the former life to our current life, which is referred to as soulmates.

mother daughter mug - mother's day gifts for mom friends
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A mother is no longer solely referred to as a person who gives birth and plays the role of the main caregiver of her child, but she’s also the one who can share all the tears & smiles on the grown-up journey of her kids.

This present can impress the receiver who cherishes the small beauty in little things in life with its insightful quotation and image. There’s no wonder why this item is one of those favorite Christmas gifts for mom friends!

13. A Tote Bag

A tote bag is not a bad idea at all for an eco-friendly and fashionable gift! She can use it on picnics or when joining other activities that require a place to store her personal stuff. Moreover, you can even put some other things inside the bag as additional gift-giving for the receiver.

Tote Bag
A Tote Bag (Source: Amy Lucy Designs - Etsy)

14. Slippers & Bathrobe

Why don’t you let her pamper herself with a set of slippers & bathrobe? This gift-giving set is also perfect for any occasion due to its practicality and delicacy.

Slippers & Bathrobe
Slippers & Bathrobe (Source: Armani International Store - Amazon)

15. A Jewelry Holder

Apart from its main function as a place to hang over her jewelry, it can also be a great decor item that beautifies her space. An elegant and classic holder is recommended, as it can easily fit into any room style.

A Jewelry Holder
A Jewelry Holder (Source: Shop In Taglio - Etsy)

More to read:

Let Surprise Your Mommy Friends

This is the end of our blog on gifts for mom friends! Make sure that you opt for the option that fir well with the receiver’s personality and hobbies. 

Amongst those products available on the market, customized Mother’s Day gifts like those from Gossby would indeed impress the receiver best, thanks to their insightfulness and uniqueness. Hopefully, you can find the best choice for your friends!

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