Galentine’s Day Gifts 2022: 10+ Ideas for This “Ladies-always-first” Day


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Galentine’s Day Gifts 2022: 10+ Ideas for This “Ladies-always-first” Day

Halloween is super fun, Christmas is merry, and New Year is all about family and reunions. But there will never be quite an unusual celebration like Galentine’s Day. 

What could be better than spending a whole day with your best girl squad laughing your head off at some inside jokes, chilling over a cup of tea, drowning in bottles of wine, and enjoying delicious homemade foods?!

The Galentine celebration can get even better with some inspiring Galentine's day gifts 2022 below to show your BFFs how much they mean to you! We bet these best friends' gifts will make Valentine’s Day look like a pathetic after-party. 

What is Galentine’s Day all about?

While Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate your love for your special someone, Galentine’s Day is all about honoring female friendships among the best gal pals that have stuck with one another through thick and thin.

There are many exciting activities to drink a toast to, one of which is to gift your BFFs these amazing Galentines day gifts like custom coffee mugs to strengthen the friendship.

When is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day falls on February the 13th, one day before the worldwide romantic loving celebration - Valentine.  On this day, let’s forget all about romance or love affairs, tell your loved ones that they are booked, and pull off a terrific party!

When is Galentine’s Day

Don’t forget to bring along a small gift for a memorable gift exchange activity!

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Top 10 Galentine’s Day Gifts For Your Bestie 2022

Our list of amazing customized Galentine's day gift ideas will surely put your bestie on cloud nine or move them to tears because of their cuteness and uniqueness. There’s always something as special as your gals to let them know they are the world to you on Galentine’s Day.

#1. “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” Mug

Galentine’s Day is just around the corner, but you have no idea about what to give your bestie on this special day? Then personalized mugs have to be the most perfect best friend gifts you could ever find!

Why so?

FRIEND mug - galentine's day gifts
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Each mug comes with your personal touch, from choosing you and your BFF’s clothes, hairstyles, quotes, and many customized options. This awesome Galentine’s Day gift not only makes a practical item for everyday use but also a one-of-a-kind way to honor and strengthen your friendship bond.

#2. Happy Galentine’s Day Gift Box

If you want some affordable Galentine’s Day gift for your best gals, just spoil her with his happy Galentine’s Day gift box of spa goodies. No doubt, this kind of present will leave her smelling great and give her the feeling like she’s on top of the world.

Happy Galentine’s Day Gift Box
Happy Galentine’s Day Gift Box (Source: Eryns Home And Gifts - Etsy)

#3. Personalized Desktop Plaque

Decorate your desk with a custom desktop plaque showcasing favorite moments and beautiful memories of your friendship. This kind of Galentine’s Day gift idea in various layouts and backgrounds, allowing to display photos in full color with meaningful quotes.

Personalized Desktop Plaque

#4. Galentine’s Day Definition Candle

This candle is required for Galentine's Day activities such as re-watching Parks and Recreation. It not only smells wonderful, but it also emits a unique warmth. This Galentine’s Day gift idea will demonstrate to your gal pal that there is no one else you'd prefer to hang out with!

Galentine’s Day Definition Candle
Galentine’s Day Definition Candle (Source: Silver Dollar Candle Co - Etsy)

#5. “You’re My Person - You’ll Always Be My Person” Fleece Blanket

You’re looking for one of the best Galentine’s Day gifts for best friends that are unique, heart-melting, memorable, and long-lasting? Our best friend blankets are the answer to it all!

fleece blanket - best galentine's day gifts
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This personalized blanket is soft and comfortable to the touch, with beautiful personalization and sentimental quotes printed on one side, making them perfect to give as Galentine’s Day gifts.

Imagine that you and your bestie hide under a custom photo blanket and share silly stories of the day! Is that enough to melt your heart?

banner personalized best friends

#6. A Set of Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask

You can easily find this Galentine's Day gift idea on Amazon. This silk pillowcase is soft and comfortable to sleep on and during summer nights, it will keep you cool. Along with the beautiful pillowcase is an eye mask for a better respite.
A Set of Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask
A Set of Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask (Source: Colorado Home Co Store - Amazon)

#7. “To My Besties - Thank You For The Laughter…” Throw Pillow

Galentine’s Day, perhaps, is a great time to celebrate your friendship. Then, if you’re looking for a wonderful Galentine’s Day gift as a “thank you” message to send to them, you won’t want to miss this personalized throw pillow.

Personal touches (coming from the image of friends and the touching quotes) printed on the pillow will show them how much you cherish the relationship between you and them.

throw pillow - galentine's day gifts for friends
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#8. Galentine’s Day Socks

What is Galentine's Day if you don't mark your territory? Your gal friends will feel like the luckiest person on the planet. And it's clearly because of you. You're giving her the softest socks ever. You can bet she'll never take these puppies off!

Galentine’s Day Socks
Galentine’s Day Socks (Source: Its Your Turn Socks - Etsy)

#9. “Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Silly Things Alone” Wrapped Canvas

Nothing but this personalized wrapped canvas will have your back when it comes to finding perfect Galentine’s Day gift ideas for friends. The words “Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone”, somehow, stand for an unbreakable friendship. It’s likely to say that whenever your friends are, you’ll never leave them alone.

wrapped canvas - happy galentine's day gifts
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#10. Galentine’s Day Scrunchies

Make a Galentine's Day gift box loaded with amusing vintage fashion accessories. These scrunchies are the one thing you must put in the package! Your pals will adore them, and you'll find yourself putting on an impromptu catwalk display!
Galentine’s Day Scrunchies
Galentine’s Day Scrunchies (Source: Michi Makes Things - Etsy)

#11. “Apparently We're Trouble When We Are Together Who Knew” T-shirts

Gathering your besties and giving them this personalized T-shirt, why not? Honestly, it would be one of the best Galentine's Day gifts that make you gals smile ear to ear. Both the image of friends holding each other and the funny quote printed on the t-shirt will be the sign that lets your BFFs know a close relationship you have.

customized t shirt - galentine's day gift ideas
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#12. Galentine’s Day Chocolate

Galentine’s Day won’t be complete without chocolate. So, if you’re getting stuck at finding a sweet Galentine’s Day gift for your best friends, just give them this one. Chocolate is the way to a girl's heart, and how true it is!

Galentine’s Day Chocolate
Galentine’s Day Chocolate (Source: Big Dot of Happiness Store - Amazon)

It’s shopping time!

The ladies-always-first day is coming near so there’s no time to waste. We hope this post has given you some brilliant Galentine's day gift ideas to amaze your best gal pals and make Valentine's Day feel like a normal day.

Let's draft a list and start looking around for the Galentine's day gifts 2022 that will melt your bestie’s heart! 

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