First Fathers Day Activities: 17 Things Should & Shouldn't Do


Last updated: Jun 07, 2022

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First Fathers Day Activities: 17 Things Should & Shouldn't Do

Considering what would be the best first Father's Day activities to do for a memorable holiday?

It’s Father’s Day and that's the time to honor every dad in the world. And, the holiday is even more important when it comes to the first Father’s Day of your husband/ son/ or best friend.

Because it’s the first holiday since he did welcome a little angel into his life, you want to make it special and memorable. However, he might tell you that it’s just the “Hallmark Holiday” and you don’t need to think of it that much.

Let us share with you that even if your guy (the first-time dad) says such a thing, he still wants to be acknowledged and appreciated on his big day.

So, it’s time to discover the answer to the question - what to do for first Father’s Day?

Take a look at these 17 following things to do (and not to do) for the 1st Father's Day to celebrate the holiday for a new dad and make him feel loved on his day.

15 First Father's Day Activities for A Memorable Holiday

For one who’s his wife, parent, best friend, and wants to make the holiday special to him, these 15 things to do for the first Father’s Day below will get your back.

Keep scrolling down and have your own answer to the question "what to do for a first Father's Day?".

#1. Give Him Quality Time with His Newborn

A thing that you might not notice: Father’s Day isn’t just about the dad but the kids who made him a father. On his first Father’s Day, you can choose to step back and let him spend some time 1-on-1 with his little angel.

Chances are, mothers, seem to keep hawk-like eyes on their newborns; however, Father’s Day is indeed good for you to relax and let the first-time dad flex his parental muscles.

first father's day activities - spend quality time with baby

#2. Take Pictures

This is a must, but we might get so busy and forget to take pictures for the holiday. Capturing every beautiful moment between the new dad with the baby is one of the best things to do for the first Father’s Day. Those pictures will live on and have more value as the baby will grown up.

what to do for first father's day - take pictures

#3. Make Daddy’s First Scrapbook

This would be one of the best first Father's Day activities because it helps the new dad preserve every beautiful thing with his newborn. It’s time to gather all photos you took and create a collage photo to commemorate his first Father’s Day.

The first-time dad will love to relive every precious moment he’s with his little angel (from the first time holding him/ her to playing peek-a-boo). This idea will be a keeper bringing everyone down memory lane for so many years to come.

what to do for a first father's day - Make Scrapbook

#4. Or, Box the Memories

An alternative idea is to make a memory box to store those pictures you took. To document the highlights of your fatherhood experience, you can use an old drawer or a miniature dresser from a thrift store, or a photo frame. Take out any crucial tickets, brochures, newspaper cuttings, pictures, or other items.

#5. Giving Him Meaningful First Father’s Day Gifts

Talking about first Father’s Day activities, we cannot miss out on gift-giving. A first Father’s Day gift should be both sentimental and practical. Giving him the one that can be a treasured keepsake, reminding him of the moment he became a member of the daddy club. If you’re looking for unique Father’s Day gifts that make him feel so special, take a look at some suggestions below:

"My First Father's Day" Personalized Mug

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"Don't Mess with PAPASAURUS" Personalized T-shirt

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Or, visit our article “Top 20 1st Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Surely Capture His Heart” for more brilliant options to go for.

#6. Stock Up on What He Loves - The Best First Father's Day Activity He'll Love

Because it’s his first Father’s Day, fill the fridge with his favorite drinks and snacks, and then go a step further by having his favorite movies on hand. Play his favorite music in the background. Demonstrate to him that you know what he enjoys and is eager to supply it.

fill the fridge with his loved food for his first father's day

#7. Decorate the House with Quotes

One of the best things to do for first Father’s Day is to fill your living space with uplifting and motivational quotes & saying about the holiday. Make sure all things are done before he wakes up so his next day (Father’s Day) will be full of joy and happiness.

  • Besides interesting first Father's Day activities, don't forget to send him these Father’s Day quotes.

#8. Make His Favorite Meal

On the first Father's Day, it’s something sweet you can do is make up the whole artery-clogging monstrosity and serve it with a grin, even if it contains three kinds of cheese and a half-pound of bacon. Furthermore, no remarks about cholesterol or calories are permitted.

things to do for first father's day - Cook the new dad a meal

#9. Giving Him Some Time to Sleep More

Sound strange but trust us, this idea would be the best among those first Father's Day activities listed above.

Being a first-time dad frequently entails foregoing weekend sleep. Your boyfriend undoubtedly works hard all week (just like you!), and while he enjoys being a father, he remembers the days when he could sleep in on Sunday mornings.

So, on Father's Day (or Saturday, if you're feeling very kind), let your man sleep in as much as he likes. We promise he'll emerge looking adorable and in the greatest mood he's had in a long time.

things should do for first father's day - let him sleep more

#10. Celebrate Dress-up Game

Even if they can't express it, every child wishes to be just like their father. For jokes and giggles, make a picture card with your baby dressed up in papa's attire. Observe how dad's chest fills with joy at the sight of their child who already resembles him. Psst... #babysuiting is another name for this fad.

#11. Enjoy Outdoor Activities - A Thing to Do for First Father's Day

Father’s Day is also a great time to go outside with family. Enjoy the sunshine while wearing the newborn in a carrier, sling, or stroller. Away from the distractions of electronics, housework, and errands, nature provides the ideal opportunity to reconnect.

best first father's day activities - spending time with newborn

#12. Make A Time Capsule for Fatherhood

Create a fatherhood time capsule to start a joyful ritual that can develop over time. Fill a strong box with photos from your first meeting and falling in love with your child's father, all the way up to their first months as a father.

Then bury it in a secure location (and make sure to protect it from the elements). Every Father's Day, take out the box and fill it with additional memories. As the children grow older, they may be able to participate. That box will soon become a treasure trove of precious memories.

#13. Help Him Do Household Chores

This isn't everyone's favorite step, but it's one of the most considerate ways to show someone you care. Take up any everyday duties that your man is generally responsible for and allow him to rest. Just don't sigh, huff, or puff while performing them. That devalues the gift and makes him feel guilty rather than spoiled.

#14. Let Him Know He’s Appreciated - A Must-do First Father's Day Activity

It's difficult to appreciate everything the first-time dad does for you and your kid while you're in the middle of caring for a newborn. Make sure to tell him how much you admire him and what a great job he's doing as a parent on his special day. Make a card out of it to give it an extra push of authenticity and endurance.

make your husband feel loved on his first father's day

#15. Don’t Let Stress Ruin His First Father’s Day

The list of wonderful first Father's Day activities will end here (with this last suggestion). When you have a baby, you may expect a lot of stress during the day. Don't sweat the minor stuff on your man’s first Father's Day to make it pleasant and light.

Take it in stride when the baby cries or the toast burns because he deserves a day free of the turmoil that life inevitably brings.

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First Father's Day Activities: Things You Shouldn’t Do

In addition to the list of 15 things to do for the first-time dad on his big day, we would love to share with you 05 things that you have to avoid.

Here they are, watch out!

#1. Don’t Ask Him Whether He Needs A Gift or Not

As said above, the new dad will tell you just take it easy because Father’s Day is just the “Hallmark Holiday”. Everyone loves to receive gifts from the one they love because it makes them feel loved. And, what will you do next when he says no? No gift? We don’t think it’s good.

#2. Make Him Feel Nothing Special

Father’s Day just happens once a year and most importantly, this is the first one for your man. It’s necessary to make that day stand out from the normal to mark one of the biggest milestones he has in life. 

For example, when it comes to your birthday and everyone acts like it’s just an ordinary day. No “Happy Birthday”, no gifts, no cakes… and so on. All of them will ruin your day, right? The first Father’s Day will be the same.

The New Dad Deserves the Best on His First Father’s Day

You got it - the answer to the question “what to do for first Father’s Day?”. Being a first-time dad isn’t easy and it’s time to do something special to celebrate his big milestone. Check out the 17 first Father's Day activities (things you should and shouldn't) above, go beyond his expectation, and do something with meaning.

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