20 Home Bar Ideas to Chill & Entertain at Home in 2022


Last updated: May 24, 2022

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20 Home Bar Ideas to Chill & Entertain at Home in 2022

Home bar designs provide a lot of fun and a fashionable way to entertain at home. Property home bar ideas increase the value of a home while also beautifying the gaming room and basement living areas. Traditional or modern home bars make home bar designs appear rich and interesting.

Best home bar ideas may be inspired by a variety of great themes, ranging from country-western pubs to quiet island retreats with breathtaking vistas.

The beauty of home bar designs is that they allow you to experiment with different styles, themes, materials, textures, and colors to create extremely intimate and meaningful, pleasant, and comfortable spaces, whether with bold neon signs, rustic wood, or magnificent artworks on the walls.

In this article, Gossby would like to share with you some fabulous home bar designs that you can apply to your home.

05 Small Home Bar Ideas

1. A Straight Home Bar

When it comes to small home bar ideas,  you will surely love this one. If you have some extra horizontal space, why not transform it into your very own counter-style bar?

A straight home bar, when situated away from the wall, may provide a convenient surface for making and pouring drinks on one side while your guests sit on the other – and the best thing is that you can keep all your bottles and bar equipment in one place!

Of course, if your room is limited, you may also place your compact minibar against the wall! If you have some extra horizontal space, why not transform it into your very own counter-style bar?

A Straight Home Bar - small home bar ideas

2. A Wine Bar Unit with Multiple Drawers

Open shelves may quickly become congested and untidy, giving the impression of a cluttered area. However, wine bars with inbuilt drawers can assist in resolving this issue!

They provide plenty of deep storage for mixers, lowball, stemless glasses, coasters, and other things you want to keep tucked away for a clutter-free environment.

An extra idea for those who love art, you can also add a canvas print for the wall decor.

A Wine Bar Unit with Multiple Drawers - small home bar ideas
Our "Nice Butt" Personalized Wrapped Canvas

3. Bar Counter Design

Although a traditional counter bar design requires significantly more surface area than other types of home bars, it's still an excellent choice if you want to give your house a pub-like vibe!

Furthermore, there's plenty of room for you and your friends to relax and speak, and everything you need is within easy reach. Some bar countertops even have a dry sink. No wonder, this option would be one of the best small home bar ideas.

Bar Counter Design - small home bar ideas

4. A Mini Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack

There's no better way to demonstrate your passion for wine than with a stylish wine bar decor in your own house!

Minibars with wine storage, despite their small size, can hold a dozen (or more) bottles of wine and have plenty of space for all types of wine glasses, including stemless and stemmed.

Decorating the countertop with fresh flowers, beautiful trays, and artwork are all wonderful ways to give your small bar personality!
A Mini Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack - small home bar ideas

5. A Tall, Narrow Home Bar

When people think of small home bar ideas for tiny spaces, they generally think of short and broad bar cabinets. However, home bars with tall, thin shapes are the ideal choice when horizontal space is limited! Plus, they may be easily fitted in between two pieces of furniture or in tight locations where a typical home bar would not fit!

A Tall, Narrow Home Bar - small home bar ideas

05 Modern Home Bar Ideas

1. African Wenge & Metal

The hanging lights are quite appealing, giving the impression that you are in a hotel bar. The barstools are quite attractive, with a metal footrest and a wall-mounted screen for enhanced functionality.

African Wenge and Metal - modern home bar ideas

2. Entertainment & Music Performance Space

Everything is made of wood, making this a great style for farmhouse or barn-inspired houses. Glass walls and large lighting are used to create beautiful decor. If you're looking for modern home bar ideas yet offer a rustic vibe to your living space, don't miss out on this one.

Entertainment and Music Performance Space - modern home bar ideas

3. Rustic Bar & Wine Room

Excellent bar! This one is another rustic home bar idea we'd love to share with you.

The use of stones for the wall decors and hardwood slabs for the countertop completes the rustic aesthetic. The wine room's walls are made of softer hues of hardwood materials.

Rustic Bar & Wine Room - modern home bar ideas

4. Classic Contemporary

This is a classy entertainment room where your spouse and family may relax in style. Elegant and luxurious are the two words to describe this modern home bar idea.

Classic Contemporary - modern home bar ideas

5. Stacked Stones

This is colored in a dry creek hue that complements both the stones piled as columns and the granite countertop, resulting in a wonderfully constructed home bar.

Stacked Stones - modern home bar ideas

05 DIY Home Bar Ideas

Whenever we talk about home decor ideas, we cannot miss thinking of having our own home bar. Decorating your own home bar may be a difficult process. It's your holy area to unwind, therefore it should naturally reflect your personality and style.

For those of you who are having trouble selecting which path to take with your home bar design, here are 05 DIY home bar ideas that get your back.

1. Double Cooler Cabinet with Cooler Tables

What a stunning option for your personalized outdoor bar! This is available with a variety of modifications, including granite, drawers, and storage. Spouts for emptying melted ice are included on both sides of the coolers. Its bottom rollers make it excellent for moving around. Make it unique to your tastes and interests.

Double Cooler Cabinet with Cooler Tables - DIY home bar ideas

2. Reclaimed Wood Washtub Cooler & Bar

Reclaimed oak wood is converted into a charming tiny bar with plenty of room for a big washtub to keep beverages chilled. This is fantastic for a tiny place!

Reclaimed Wood Washtub Cooler and Bar - DIY home bar ideas

3. Upcycled Pallet Bar

We adore pallet furniture designs! This is really easy, yet it is ideal for installing a complete bar to your patio or deck area! Add twinkling lights or hangers for lanterns. To make a fun outdoor kitchen, include space for an outside outlet and a small sink with a drain.

Upcycled Pallet Bar - DIY home bar ideas

4. Blue & White L Shaped Beach Bar

A basic L-shaped bar made of simple wood painted to perfection is great for any indoor or outdoor entertainment environment. Make beverages, keep snacks, or use them as a burger and snack buffet at your next weekend barbeque. This would be one of the simplest DIY home bar ideas you can find on this list.

Blue and White L Shaped Beach Bar - DIY home bar ideas

5. Wood Slat Outdoor Bar

This is a simple idea for converting an outside space into a bar. Using basic 16-inch wood boards, make a small wood slat bar with any of your favorite countertop designs. This is simple to modify and may be upgraded with new paint colors or interesting embellishments.

Wood Slat Outdoor Bar - DIY home bar ideas

05 Home Bar Lighting Ideas

Obviously, when you start designing your home bar, the lighting is an essential element tying everything together. Deciding the right lighting design will make your home bar cozier, more vibrant, and the best place to chill.

Here in the following list, we’d love to share with you the 05 stunning home bar lighting ideas that you can consider going for. Check it out!

1. Ambient Lighting

With this idea, you can highlight areas such as the region beneath the bar and along the edge of the floor. This may be used as additional lighting or as a dramatic choice for dark-themed establishments.

(Image source: eBay)

Ambient Lighting Home Bar Ideas

2. Track Lighting

Track lights are organized in a single continuous line, making them ideal for highlighting the area directly above a bar. They are available in a variety of designs and brightness levels.

(Image source: TeHenoo)
Track Light Home Bar

3. Pendant Light

Any old-school pub or bar will have pendant lights hanging from the ceilings over the bar tables and booths.

These lamps give softer area illumination and may stand alone as distinctive design pieces. What's even better is if the pendant lighting can be controlled by a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness or tone it down to create a different vibe whenever you choose.

(Image source: Decoist)
Pendant Light Home Bar

4. Industrial Style Lighting

For a long time, industrial styles have been quite fashionable, and this love of all things raw does not appear to be going away anytime soon. The industrial style was unavoidable in lighting options, but as this bar demonstrates, it's really effective if you're wanting to create a modern setting.

(Image source: eBay)

Industrial Light Home Bar

5. Coloured Wall Lighting

Colored lighting illuminates the white walls of this bar erected in someone's garden shed, producing a sleek futuristic effect. The utilization of underbar lights and glowing spirits bottles on the rear shelf contributes to the overall coolness of the area while also providing plenty of light to prepare all of the drinks you could desire.

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Wrapping Up!

Hope you would love these mentioned home bar ideas. After a long day of work, a home bar would be a place where you can chill and entertain to retreat into your shell. If you want to create one, just choose one among the 20 home bar ideas above, and then, chill!

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