10+ Best Ideas To Make DIY Mother's Day Gifts For Grandma (2022)


Last updated: Feb 26, 2022

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10+ Best Ideas To Make DIY Mother's Day Gifts For Grandma (2022)

Mother’s Day is nearly approaching. And your grandma deserves to feel special on this holiday, too, since she’s also as important and amazing as any mother. Giving DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma is thereby one of the perfect ways to confess how much you adore her.

Indeed, sending your sentiment with homemade gifts is something full of love and warmth. In this article, you’ll dig up the 10+ best ideas to prepare presents with reasonable prices, in addition to unique giving concepts from Gossby.

10 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Grandma With Low Budget

To help people with small pockets find the ideal present, we made a list of DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for grandma that include items affordable to buy and easy to make.

Let’s check out the 10+ best ideas from this list! You might have sweet and lovely gifts to make your granny smile on her special day.

You can go to Reader's Digest to know more detail about the following ideas.

1/ Hand Embroidery 

Flowers are given to loved ones to help them know just how much you care about them. But giving a bouquet is quite an old idea. A DIY floral embroidery kit is a perfect gift for your grandma, deeply enamored with art.

If you’re a beginner and not a crafty type, there are floral adornments by needlework. You can buy one for her to make herself and one to make for her at a low cost.

Grandma Hand Embroidery
A Hand Embroidery (Source: Anna XStitch - Etsy)

2/ Love Book

Surely, a DIY notebook or book with lovely photos and messages to your granny will make her smile and be happy all day. Just gather her grandchildren and help them write their thoughts and wishes to grandmother, and stick funny family pictures on all pages.

Love Book
Love Book (Source: Forever June Design - Etsy)

3/ Roses Heart Card

Every mom loves to receive handmade cards. This handmade card is decorated with paper roses filled in heart form to look charming.

What will you need to prepare?

A glue, scissors, craft paper, a pen, and some stickers if you like. You can add more special feelings with a Mother’s Day poem inside the card.

Roses Heart Card
Roses Heart Card (Source: A.R Illustration - Etsy)

4/ Scented Candle

As we’re guessing, your grandma is no exception to the women who love candles. The most critical thing is to know her favorite aroma.

These candles glow a soft light and add warmth to the room. Particularly scented one can make your granny feel relaxed, and it’s good for her sleep as well.

DIY Scented Candle
DIY Scented Candle (Source: HTGV)

5/ Photo Magnets

Photos are always memorable gifts, especially for those types of nostalgic people. Collect nice pics and print them to magnets at the store. Your grandma would be happy when looking at her kids through photo magnets stuck on the fridge.

Photo Magnet
A Photo Magnet (Source: Cherished Moments 20 - Etsy)

6/ “Thank You” Jar

A more meaningful way to express your gratitude to your mother or grandma on this special day is by giving her a jar of thank-you notes. Don't be shy to write thanks to all her small sacrifices and big effort in life. Do some extra decoration on the jar with colorful ribbons.

“Thank You” Jar
A “Thank You” Jar (Source: Speake Designs - Etsy)

7/ Paper Butterflies

To carve details for beautiful paper butterflies, you must use a specialized tool such as an X-Acto knife and follow free templates on craft websites. You can also create designs to make these crafted butterflies gorgeous, like your grannie’s beauty.

Paper Butterflie
A Paper Butterflie (Source: Swirly Studio - Etsy)

8/ Wooden Plaque

Shop and buy a wood plaque with a heart or typical shapes that you feel keen on for just a few dollars. Then, be free to adorn it by directly drawing or attaching nice thick twine and grain, along with handwriting congratulations on tiny sticky notes.

Grandma Wooden Plaque
A Wooden Plaque (Source: Pretty Personalised UK - Etsy)

9/ Felt Keychain

What better way to show your love to someone by heart? Use a needle, thread, and colored felt to create some small cute hearts for her.

Then, hook a string to make a simple keychain and put all of them in a lovely gift box. Your granny will smile when seeing these hearts and hang them in her room or keys; it’s inexpensive but much of a sentiment.

Felt Keychains
Felt Keychains (Source: Etsy)

10/ Garland

This craft is both a display gift and a home ornament. Show your crafting skills and send your messages via heart-shaped papers. Your granny will feel it too!

11/ Mini Market-style Bouquets

Distribute tiny bouquets throughout the home so that your granny may feel the love everywhere she goes. Just simply place garden flowers in kraft paper cones and place them in any location your grandma frequents. She'll be delighted by this little surprise.

A Mini Market-style Bouquets Would Be Loved By Your Grandma

12/ Handkerchief Coin Purse

Perhaps, grandmas tend to be known for having lost change, so she'll love this handcrafted coin bag for storing all of her loose pennies and dimes!

A Handkerchief Coin Purse is a Great DIY idea that Make Your Granny Happy

13/ Flower Petal Change Bowl

Grandma always loves things that are organized. Similar to the DIY ideas above, it's great for you to make a handmade bowl that she can use to corral loose change.

14/ Cinnamon Hard Candy

Perhaps, this DIY gift idea will be perfect to melt your granny's heart. Can you find any better way to show your grandmother how much you love and care about her than giving her a bag of the handmade batch?
Make Your Grandma Feel Loved By Giving Her Cinnamon Hard Candies

15/ Woven Flower Vase

Make your grandma's fresh flowers stand out by dressing up a basic glass vase. Cut a length of cane webbing to fit around a glass hurricane vase to construct it. Stitch a line or crisscross design over the edges of the cane webbing with contrasting yarn or embroidery thread. Wrap the webbing around the vase and glue it in place.
What's better than giving your grandmother a Woven Flower Vase

Level up DIY Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma With Gossby 

In case you suddenly realize Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you have no time to prepare things. Visit Gossby.com to select last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma.

Readers are offered different concepts, from a wide selection of gift items (mugs, t-shirts, fleece blankets...) to various options to customize Mother’s Day gifts by themselves.

Gossby allows customers to add their own personal touches such as numbers of names, grandmother’s form, and available quotes that will appear on the front of products. It helps them create special DIY gifts for grandma on Mother’s Day.

Creating special Personalized mother's Day gifts to surprise your granny now!

banner personalized mother's day gifts

Top 5 Most-loved DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma at Gossby

Here’s the list of the 05 best DIY gifts for grandma for Mother's Day from the Gossby shop that anyone loves to receive. Pick one of these items to surprise your special grannie.

1/ “I'm Not Retired. I'm A Professional Grandma” Mug

With a glossy finish, easy-grip handle, and safe to be used in microwave and dishwasher with a mild detergent, a personalized mug is the top best-selling item among different products that Gossby offers.

The product is durable ceramic, providing two mug types: plain white ceramic and two-tone colors. For ceramic mugs, there are two options of size; but only an 11 oz size option for Two-Tone Mug.

personalized mug - diy mother's day gifts for grandma
Shop with Gossby

Whatever its type, this drinkware is perfect for your grannie who loves drinking cold or hot beverages while looking at images printed on both sides.

2/ “Best Freakin Grandma Ever” T-shirt

The second best-loved gift at Gossby is a basic t-shirt to wear every day. There are 06 sizes and 03 color options for a personalized T-shirt and various other options to describe your grandma’s personality perfectly.

More interestingly, with the ‘Best Freakin… Ever’ message, you can type your grannie’s name to make it more special to her.

personalized t shirt - last minute diy mother's day gifts for grandma
Shop with Gossby

3/ “Mother and Daughter Forever Linked Together” Blanket

If you want to let your grandmother or mother know how much she means to you, a fleece blanket featuring a grandma between her daughter and grandkids is almost a striking, touching present for her. It's like sending a message that you’ll always love and stand by her.

personalized blanket - diy gifts for grandma on mother's day
Shop with Gossby

This personalized blanket made of 100% polyester fleece is soft and cozy, as well as fancy enough to be a one-and-only gift that can melt the hearts of even the stiff elders.

4/ “Gigisaurus Like A Normal Grandma But More Awesome” Poster

Designed with premium fade-resistant paper, the high-quality printing personalized poster can not only keep a bright and smooth display of colors but also last long-standing.

This great gift is a good way to motivate your grannie to make her space more artistic and lively.

personalized poster - diy gifts for grandma for mother's day
Shop with Gossby

This Gossby’s product comes up with five size options, allowing you to choose the length and height best fitting your house. You can also create your own special art with a variety of custom available characters and themes based on your grandmother’s preference.

5/ “Grandma's Garden” Canvas

Why not give your grannie a charming garden with each flower style representing her grandchild? If a vivid poster is suitable for a modern room, a wrapped canvas embellished with flowers will bring elegant and peaceful beauty to any living space wall.

personalized canvas - diy mother's day gift ideas for grandma
Shop with Gossby

The personalized canvas is glossed with a satin coat but not very shiny while still reflecting light to some extent. You can even select up to ten flower names. What could be more awesome for an extended family?

Why With Gossby?

Gossby has expanded its market in a very short time, mostly thanks to personalized DIY gifts that allow customers to express emotions for loved ones. 

First launching a mugs collection, Gossby now offers a wide range of customized products from blankets to canvas, ornaments, and more. So are there any special reasons to choose Gossby to send your love through gifts?

Reason 1: Time-saving 

DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma often take a lot of time to get things ready and somehow effort to make it done. Not to mention that the ultimate results might not be what you expected.  

At Gossby, you will only spend a little time clicking ready-made arts and quotes provided in each personalized option to get a special Mother’s Day gift for grandma. After selecting all required options, you can preview the gift before making the final-step payment and shipping. 

Reason 2: Uniqueness 

Most customers like to shop on Gossby because of their offered arts and quotes samples’ uniqueness. As mentioned before, each product always contains a meaningful quote to bring your beautiful thoughts to the grandmother.

Thus, by adding their personal touches with their creativity, they will produce one-of-a-kind DIY Mother's Day gifts for grandma.

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Final Thoughts!

We hope these numerous recommendations can help you make special DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma. Homemade food or cards can tell many things, but giving your grannie a personalized item is as equally meaningful as crafting them. 

As “Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep.” - said Elbert Hubbard.

So do not hesitate to tell your loved ones how much you care about them by giving them one of the above special gifts made by you.

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