Cheap Gifts for Mother's Day - 15 Ideas to Surprise Your Ladies on Budget


Last updated: Feb 20, 2022

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Cheap Gifts for Mother's Day - 15 Ideas to Surprise Your Ladies on Budget

We know it’s hard buying gifts for everyone this holiday. You’re probably surrounded by so many important females in life, such as your mom, your mother-in-law, your daughter, or even your sister!

That’s why you might be thinking about cheap gifts for Mother’s Day. But how to make it both affordable and meaningful at the same time? Is it even possible to do so?

Let’s discover this in this article!

What Can You Buy for Mother's Day on Budget?

Mother’s Day isn’t to exchange gifts like Christmas. It’s simply an occasion to honor all the great mothers in one’s life.

That’s why the price tag matters less during this occasion. The recipient would appreciate something meaningful coming from the bottom of your heart.

Due to the long list of recipients you’re holding, you have to head for cheap gifts for Mother’s Day. Even though you can find them anywhere around you, they bear little meaning as to how easy you can find them.

Among many affordable options, personalized Mother’s Day gifts come as the best choice of all. It’s not expensive, allowing you to appreciate a lot of women in one holiday but still melt their hearts.

Besides the practical items, the below list will also include cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas that are customizable at Gossby.

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts Under $20

We’ll split this list into three price ranges, starting with cheap gifts for Mother’s Day that are under $20. Don’t think that you can’t find a decent gift in that range. There is a slew of things you can try!

1/ “Happy Mother's Day” Mug

One of the best inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts for mom is this personalized mug. Though it only features a simple design and quote, it can be suitable for any recipient of your choice.

Furthermore, the image of three females sitting under a colorful, loving tree is so sweet that it’ll wow your receiver. You can even get many mugs of this design and send one to everyone on your list!

personalized mug - cheap gifts for mother's day
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2/ Cozy Slippers

Give your woman a pair of cozy slippers to protect her feet against the cold flooring every morning or so! While shopping for this cheap Mother’s Day gift, be mindful of her favorite color for clothing, as it would be better if it suits her everyday outfits. 

There are also so many designs you can choose from, such as furry, with toes, without toes, etc. Just relate to her preferences, then!

Cozy Slippers
A Pair Cozy Slippers (Source: Shoes Locker Store - Amazon)

3/ “Gigisaurus Like A Normal Grandma But More Awesome” Poster

This personalized poster should better fall in the category of affordable Mother’s Day gifts for grandma because of the quote it comes along. By giving your grandma this poster, you’re indicating that to you, she is the greatest grandma of all time! Just like the great “gigisaurus” is featured!

personalized poster - cheap mother's day gifts
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4/ Bangle Bracelet

It’s fun getting you the same bracelet like the one you’ll be giving. She’ll feel that you want to be connected with her just by seeing you also wear it. For a better effect, you can find charms with her initials on them, making them more special along the way.

Bangle Bracelet
Bangle Bracelets (Source: Jones New York Store - Amazon)

5/ “Dear Mummy, This Mother's Day I'm Snuggled Warm & Safe In Your Tummy...” Mug

Let’s celebrate your wife’s pregnancy once again with this present. Among the cheap gifts for Mother’s Day for wife, this personalized mug stands out the most thanks to its engraved quote.

She’ll acknowledge that you’re looking forward to seeing a baby just like her! Together, you’re celebrating and looking forward to the little blessing. The design is also so cute that it will get the receiver giggling every time she sees it.

personalized coffee mug - mother's day gifts cheap
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  • There are so many more stunning designs that your can found in our Personalized Mugs Collection!

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts Under $30

Let’s up the game a little bit and move on to the under $30 section. As your spectrum is greater, the gifts can bear a more practical meaning on them!

1/ “Mother And Daughter Forever Linked Together” T-shirt

If you’re seeking cheap gift ideas for Mother’s Day from daughter, then voila! You won’t need to search any further because this personalized t-shirt won’t let you down. This gift will help you to express how distance and time can’t affect your bond.

It also works if you’re the mom giving your daughter (who is about to be a mom) this present! By doing so, you’re lending her strength to overcome difficulties going through motherhood!

personalized t shirt - best cheap gifts for mother's day
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2/ “Mother And Children Forever Linked Together” Canvas

Not only is this personalized wrapped canvas suitable for treating your mother, but also your grandmother. This cheap gift idea for Mother’s Day has an image of mothers and children sitting under a tree with many heart-shaped leaves. How sweet is that!

The quote it comes with also indicates the eternal bond between the mom and her children.

personalized canvas - cheap easy mother's day gifts
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3/ Travel Pillow

If she likes traveling, a good travel pillow would be more meaningful and practical than ever. Now she won’t get nauseous sleeping in cars or buses for long hours anymore!

However, the material makes the most difference, so you’d better try each one on before deciding to purchase!

Travel Pillow
A Travel Pillow (Source: BLABOK Store - Amazon)

4/ “Mom Of Boys Works From Son Up 'Til Son Down And Loves Every Minute” T-shirt

It’s incredible how we can get such cheap gifts for mother's day from son with a low price tag, especially when it’s this cool! The look it features is something unique that you don’t often see from a t-shirt. 

The way it plays with words also contributes to the humorous sense it gives. Let your big woman join the gang with this shirt!

family t shirt - inexpensive mother's day gifts
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5/ Facial Mask Set

Your beloved female must have been tired from doing all the chores and working outside. It’s time you bring her to some relaxing night wearing a facial mask and watching a movie.

Teami Detox Face Masks
Teami Detox Face Masks (Source: Teami Store - Amazon)

Don’t be reckless in choosing a facial mask! Not all face masks can fit all skin types. Be sure to find out her skin type first, and choose the most suitable one. But if you can, go for the organic type as she would have no problem using them.

Dive into our Personalized Mother's Day Collection to find perfect gift ideas (at an affordable price) for your mom or any other lady!

banner personalized mother's day gifts

Cheap Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

If your budget allows, this “under $50” section would be the best option to get cheap gifts for Mother's Day!

1/ “Mother And Children Forever Linked Together” Blanket

With such a small budget, you’re able to give your recipient such practical things as this personalized blanket. It can keep your lady warm at night, feeling like it’s you who is embracing her.

No matter how far apart, this kind of cheap Mother's Day gift idea is there to protect your woman on behalf of you.

personalized blanket - affordable mother's day gifts
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2/ Stylish Toiletry Bag

Most females love skincare products since they often dream of having smooth and glossy skin. That’s why you’ll be surprised knowing how many products they have on their table. 

Help them organize these things with a stylish toiletry bag. This one also comes in handy when she needs to pack these products for a trip!

Toiletry Bag
A Toiletry Bag (Source: BERLINER BAGS Store - Amazon)

3/ “The Love Between A Mother And Daughter Knows No Distance” Pillow

Even when your mom has grown older and older or you’ve moved out of the house to discover the world, she’ll always be thinking of you and caring for you. Still, she might be worrying about losing you, that you won’t come back and visit her once in a while.

If so, give her this personalized pillow and let her know that you also bear her inside of your heart! Every minute she’s thinking about you, you are thinking about her, too!

personalized pillow - cheap mother's day gift ideas
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4/ “To My Mom - Whenever Life Tries to Knock You Down...” Blanket

Different from the first blanket, this one acts as a whole-hearted letter, expressing everything you want to say to your mom! This cheap gift for Mother's Day is sweet both from the envelope design and from all the words engraved on it.

Let this blanket be your big hug and confession from far away to your beloved mother!

personalized fleece blanket - cheap gift ideas for mother's day
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5/ Cards Holder

Carrying a wallet around every day must be tiring since it adds so much weight to her bag. Using a card-holder can solve this problem easily as it weighs so much less than a wallet.

Plus, this inexpensive Mother's Day gift is super compact; she may only go out with it and leave her heavy bag at home!

Cards Holder
A Cards Holder (Source: Kate Spade New York Store - Amazon)

Why Should You Choose Inexpensive Personalized Gifts For Mother's Day?

We understand why it should be affordable, but why should you choose cheap personalized gifts for Mother’s Day?

#1 They Show Deep Love & Affection

To carry out a proper customized gift, you have to know your recipient well to make decisions on different personal touches, so it fits the recipient. Thereby, it means you have been caring and looking out for her for a long time to have such insights.

Once receiving the gift, she would sense your deep love and affection for her. That’s the power of personalized items.

#2 Inexpensive But Meaningful

Nowadays, getting something customized is not a hard deal at all. Instead, you can get them at an affordable price, as shown above. Though their price tags might seem humble, their effect is the opposite.

Your time and effort spent making them had added much meaning to the present.

#3 They're Unique

It’s the worst feeling ever knowing that your giftee has already owned something you’ve given them as a present. That makes yours seem valueless and carries no meaning at all.

Buying them a personalized item can get your nerves off this problem. Why? Because all the personal touches you’ve added to the item make it an exclusive one that only your receiver has. And we’re sure she will treasure it forever!

More to read:

Final Thoughts!

Getting cheap gifts for Mother’s Day will become indispensable to save you from getting broke these days because of the long list of recipients. The task now is how to make these items meaningful without having to increase the price tag. 

Our article above has covered every price range you should consider this holiday. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday.

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