Graduation Announcement 2022 - Must-know Etiquettes & Ideas for Memorable Milestone


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Graduation Announcement 2022 - Must-know Etiquettes & Ideas for Memorable Milestone

Congratulations on becoming a grad-to-be from high school or college! It's time to spend some hours thinking about your graduation announcement. Although the notification is not as standard as it used to be, some wordings make your important milestone more meaningful and memorable.

Keep reading about this exciting practice; you will know some announcement etiquette and excellent wording for graduation announcement ideas!

Why Even Think of Announcing Your Graduation?

Even if you are a person who hardly reveals your personal information to others, you still cannot refuse the exciting idea of a graduation announcement.

You did an outstanding job so far, and it is worth receiving congratulation on your effort and achievement. Who would want to celebrate graduation time all alone? Share the joy with your beloved family and friends instead; they must be proud of you as well.

The announcement - often in the form of cards or photos, is a keepsake to treasure one of the most memorable moments of your life. Years later, you can look back on this special occasion and cannot help smiling.

Graduation Announcement 2021

Do not forget to mention people who have helped you during your school time, such as professionals or friends, and send a sincere thanks to them. You will hardly find another better chance than this occasion.

Also good to know, an intelligent graduation announcement - for example, on LinkedIn or social media networks, can even catch the attention of recruiters and send them signals that you are ready for a challenging and rewarding job!

Graduation Announcement Ideas | 5 Must-know Etiquettes

You will not want to be too rigid or too formal when it comes to graduation announcements because, in the end, it is to celebrate rather than to purely deliver information. You can update your Facebook status, saying, "Hey world, I graduated!"

Nonetheless, if you have no idea of where to start, feel free to refer to the following etiquettes.

1. Who Should Deliver an Announcement of Graduation?

Whether you are about to graduate from a high school, university, or college, you can send a graduation announcement.

The difference between the two levels is that the announcement for high-school graduates can be less formal than that of the higher-education graduates.

2. To Whom Should You Send The Announcement?

Generally, you can send an announcement to whomever you want to know about your educational achievement. However, we still suggest you narrow down the list of receivers.

Many people believe that sending a gift upon receiving a graduation announcement is an etiquette myth. It's gracious to send the notification to those you have regular contact, for example:

  • Yourself: Do not forget to send yourself an announcement and keep it in your family books.

  • Family and close friends: Those folks might already know when exactly is your big day, but who will refuse a creative card or sweet invitation? We can say that for sure, they are also people who will give you the best wishes and compliments.

  • Teachers, professionals, tutors, and classmates: Do not forget to send a card or an email to those who have been by your side during the whole educational journey. It’s always a brilliant idea to keep in touch with each other in life and a future career.

  • Relatives and acquaintances: If you have their contacts on your phones, it is a good indicator that you are quite close, and can you imagine the bright grin on their face knowing their niece/nephew or cousin is approaching a new life chapter?

graduation announcement etiquette

3. When is The Best Time for The Graduation Announcement?

The announcement often comes with an invitation to a party or for joining the ceremonies at school. Thus, the grace note is to send it at least two weeks before the official date.

That way, invitees can arrange their time and give you confirmation whether they can attend the party or the ceremony or not. They also need time to prepare the graduation gifts.

4. How To Make A Graduation Announcement?

There are many ways to deliver your graduation announcement based on your ideas, purposes, and receivers.

  • Via the post office: The traditional method to deliver your graduation announcement is via envelopes and the receivers' mailbox. Inside the envelopes should be a custom card with graduation announcement wording and an invitation to an event.

  • Via email: When the physical distance makes it hard to deliver the announcement offline, you can prepare a receiver list and send a photo card or video over the emails.

  • On social posts: As mentioned above, you can add a social media status to inform everyone that you have already graduated. It is less formal but highly effective in the age of advanced technologies.

5. What to Include in The Graduation Announcement?

Graduation announcement templates and graduation announcement wording are the most frequently asked. We have to say that the content does not vary much, whether you graduate from a high school, university, or college. 

The receivers should know who you are, what the announcement is, when and where the related events happen, and why they are informed of the big day.

graduation announcement wording

You should write the following information in the graduation announcement cards, emails, or posts.

  • Your full name

  • School name

  • The focus of your study or Degree type

  • Class year

  • Honors

  • Year, date, and time for the events

  • Location

  • Other information, such as gifts, dress code, etc.

Try to keep the announcement as concise as possible; be true to yourself; and double-check your spelling. You can acquire more information on one-of-a-kind proclamation ideas by keeping reading the section below.

06 Creative Graduation Announcement Templates

Although the content is the same, the ideas of design are unlimited. It is best to make a custom graduation announcement rather than being too general. Here are some old but gold ideas!

1. Graduation Announcement Cards 

It is common to send a card on special occasions. The card is small and possibly decorated with many custom things that might express your style.

You can use digital tools to pick up some samples and edit them. However, it’s great if you can do some DIY cards by drawing the colors. It should contain some core information, as we added above.

Graduation Announcement Cards

The benefits of having a custom graduation announcement template are to show your style economically.

An example is below:

"The best is yet to come.

Please join us for the Graduation Celebration/

Honoring Diana.

Saturday, May 18th from 3 P.M at …."

2. "Then and Now" Photo And Simple Words

A "Then and Now" themed graduation announcement will evoke all the pride and emotions of your sentimental moms and dads that they have raised you from a child to be a successful graduate. Such a life achievement that is worth celebrating!

You need at least two pictures: one childhood and one senior photo. Find those having something in common - say, the clothing colors or gestures. They should bring a smile to the receivers' faces.

Graduation Announcement Examples

You will then add information like your name, the invitation to a party or graduation ceremony, the date and time, etc. And if possible, add a short thank-you message to your parents for bringing you up.

3. Meaningful Thank You Note

As mentioned, an announcement for graduation is a good chance for you to send your thanks to people who have always been by your side in your school life and motivated you through hardship. You also want to thank receivers who might be ready to spend their time sharing your big day with love and gifts.

thank you graduation announcement samples

Then, what to say in your announcement?

Firstly, you can pick a theme to cover your card idea based on how you are trying to convey the appreciation: a genuine tone, a funny flair, or a serious feel?

Secondly, should you send a general thank you to all receivers or go personalized one by one?

If you choose the first option, you can refer to the message above, for example:

"I'm so happy/appreciated that you could share my day either by being at my graduation party or remembering with your generosity. Thanks for being an irreplaceable part of my celebration. With love from <the grad's name>!"

If you have a shortlist of people to whom you want to send a special message, you should always:

  • Address the receiver properly.

  • Use the first name for friends and Mr. /Ms. Last name for teachers.

  • Put your thoughts with the sentiment and try to add details and appreciation per receiver.

"I still remember my very first day in the university when you helped me find the dormitory and became my first friend. Thanks for all the wonderful time you've devoted to me since then. I would appreciate it to have you present on my last day at the university on <Month/Date/Time>."

No Graduation Party Wording

Graduation is a time to hold a party. However, something might prevent you from doing so - for example, the COVID-19 situation. However, you can still send an announcement via posts or emails.

More importantly, you will not want to miss gifts and congratulations.

No Graduation Party Announcement Wording

Without a party, the announcement still needs some basic information such as your name, school name, graduation year, the focus of study, honor, thank-you note, etc.

Or, you can keep everything as simple as the example below:

"Class of 2022. <The graduate's name>. <The school's name and location>."

Digital Gift Card

Another idea for a graduation announcement in the time of the COVID social distancing is a digital gift card. When you go digital, the design of the card is unlimited.

Digital Gift Card Graduation Announcement

As its name suggests, this card is a gift to send to the recipient - often along with a personalized thank you card as above. In return, people will also send you a gift to celebrate your graduation days.

If you do not want them to bother purchasing a gift and sending it to you, you can take note of "no gift" in your announcement.

Professional Announcement on LinkedIn

After you graduate from university, it is a stressful time to find a job. So, why don't you make use of your graduation announcement to spread the good news to your acquaintances and get your employers' attention?

You should have a post with an image and words about your place of study, the focus of the study, achievements during your university time. You can also update your LinkedIn bio information.

Make it short, clear, trustworthy, and professional as much as possible.

A Gift for Graduated People

For very close receivers, your parents or best friends, it’s understandable and reasonable to get excited about graduation gifts from them. After all, you deserve to be congratulated and given nice stuff. More than a gift, it becomes a keepsake for your special day.

what to include in graduation announcements
Our "The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle" Mug
Among hundreds of gift choices out there, you are left with no idea fr your graduation announcement. Consider the list of 5 common gifts for graduated people as follows:
  • Electronics like a laptop to use for your higher education or at work in the future.

  • personalized mug or custom t-shirt with a family or best friend image on it. Gossby shop has an array of cute ideas, quirky puns, and brilliant sayings. It offers personalized gifts like T-shirts, cups, and many other things.

fleece blanket - graduation announcement ideas
Our "You're My Person - You'll Always Be My Person" Fleece Blanket
  • An Apple watch - ideal for soon-to-be new college students to remind themselves to enjoy a new chapter and make the best out of every single minute.
  • Kitchenware if you love cooking. Shortly, you can use the gifted kitchenware to make a cake for the giver. Such a convenient gift!

  • A gift card at your favorite shop so that you can buy items later.

Additional resources:

Wrapping Up!

Above is all the helpful information you should know about a graduation announcement: etiquettes, wording, template, etc. You can sit down at your table and draw out any idea now and share your card right below for others' reference. Thank you!

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