Best Long Distance Relationship Ideas For You And Your Other Half


Last updated: Oct 03, 2021

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Best Long Distance Relationship Ideas For You And Your Other Half

The year has not been kind to people and their emotions, especially with feelings as strong as romantic love. Long-distance relationship couples can feel irritated, frustrated, and straight-up bored when they run out of things to do.

Fear not because you will not fall into that same scenario! Read this collection of long-distance relationship ideas to keep your love alive!

05 Long Distance Relationship Activity Ideas For Couples

When you are with your partner, everything around you seems more exciting and interesting than ever. However, once you guys are apart, your surroundings start to lose the rose tint you once saw them in, now that you have to do it on your own. This is the case for many couples miles apart from one another, and it is a sad sight to see.

Yet, in the name of love, we refuse to sit still and let our love wither away! Ever since humans know what love is, we have been coming up with many ways to entertain one another and keep the flame alive despite the distance.

Now that you live in an age of instant messaging and social media, you have lots of ways to keep the connection between you and your significant others at your disposal. For example, try these long-distance relationship activities.

1. Playing Virtual Tabletop Games With One Another

Nearly every game you can think of already has a digital version of it. Whether it’s Steam’s “Tabletop Simulator” or the game creator’s website for Garlic Phone and Spyfall, you two are bound to have a good time with one another on Netscape!

2. Sending Long-distance Love Quotes To One Another

Sometimes declarations of love don't have to be in words or through messages alone. Although receiving a lovey-dovey message every once in a while is lovely, a tangible gift that reminds your partner of your love is way more valuable. Gossby will provide you with some examples of those kinds of presents later in this article.

Sending Long Distance Love Quotes To One Another

3. Screen-sharing Meals

Believe it or not, a couple can still share a romantic home dinner via the Internet. Simply plan out the meal you want to have with them, give your place a decorative flip-up, dress up and turn on your video call. Despite the distance, the dinner will feel as though you are right in front of your lover’s face for a special occasion!

4. Screen-sharing Movies

The first step to carrying out this date idea is to get a streaming service subscription! Once that is done, you can share each other’s screens to watch the movie or coordinate your watching time. It feels like a virtual movie date, which is great for long-term couples that have not been on a date for a few months!

Screen-sharing Movies
Screen-sharing Movies (Souce: Review Greek)

5. Creating a Special Playlist

If you cannot physically be there for one another, why don’t you keep your presence around them musically? Whenever your partner misses you, they can turn on the special playlist and listen to your favorite songs. You can make use of the time apart to learn how to dance to your partner’s favorite song and surprise them when they come back!

Creating a Special Playlist long distance couples

05 Long Distance Relationship Anniversary Ideas

Above are the tips for everyday relationship routines for couples who are apart from one another. What if you want to celebrate something as special as an anniversary? How can you go about it? Here are a few long-distance relationship anniversary ideas you can use to honor this milestone of you and your partner’s love:

1. Send Your Partner On A Scavenger Hunt

This will require you to ask a few mutual friends and your family to help you with it. Send your team the plan, and they will start sending your partner some clues so your lover can start finding what you're planning. Have your partner visit the locations that are important to you two or hold memories so that he/she can receive your gifts.

Send Your Partner On A Scavenger Hunt
Send Your Partner On A Scavenger Hunt (Source: LDR13)

The effort is going to be extremely worth it, as your lover is going to have a trip down memory lane and treasure what you do for them! If you start planning now, you should be able to make it in time for the special day.

2. Send Your Partner Long Distance Relationship Gifts

If you don’t have enough time to plan out a whole scavenger hunt, focusing on the gifts is a good idea. There are many ways to show your affection through simple everyday items, and the seemingly normal things around your partner will bear much more meaning.

2.1: "The Day I Met You" Pillow

When you cannot be the one beside them on their bed every night, sending them a pillow with your love message will do the task for you! You can even go further and have the quote on a blanket as well, so your lover goes to sleep every night physically surrounded by your romantic gesture. The custom pillow is always one of the top names on the list of answers for practical long-distance relationship ideas.

giving perosnalized gifts - long distance relationship activities

"The Day I Met You" pillow

2.2: " To my Husband, When We Get to the End of Our Lives Together..." Blanket

Everyday items are going to be a part of your lover’s daily life that symbolizes your presence at their side. You can try thinking of buying this customizable personalized blanket with your lovely message on it.

sending gifts -  the best long distance relationship ideas

2.3: "To My Love, God Blessed The Broken Road That Led Me Straight To You" Mug

A little quote and graphic on a familiar item will go such a long way, so give it a shot! Give your love a personalized mug with your favorite love quote, so that your significant other’s morning coffee is all the more special.

giving a mug - best ideas for long distance relationship

3. Exchange Signature Scents

The human senses are pickier and more sensitive than we give them credit for. That’s why if your partner has your perfume, your clothes detergent, or even your favorite candle scent, they will feel like you are home with them. They can do the same thing for you as well because love goes two ways!

4. Create A Photo Shoot/ Photo Album

This is the most literal take for the whine of “I want to see you in real life, not through a screen” that you can pull. If your partner wants to see you so badly, this is a way to lighten the mood and let them have a form of keepsake of your image.

Create A Photo Shoot - Photo Album

You can spice up the photoshoot/album by letting your partner choose the concept and have a photographer carry out the request. The sky’s the limit!

5. Order a Surprise Meal

Now that the F&B industry has developed with online payment internationally, you can order your beloved a meal with just a phone call! Choose your partner’s favorite dish, order it to their address, and watch your social media light up with their reactions!

You can also up your game by ordering different courses from different stores and restaurants instead of basing your gift on just one establishment. Don’t forget to pay upfront, or the meal will lose its meaning. This is one of the creative long-distance relationship ideas in the era of digital.

05 Long Distance Relationship Valentines Ideas

14/2 is a special day that requires our special attention. It is a great opportunity for you to show your love to the world, so you should not miss the chance to do something special for your significant other. Here are some long-distance relationship valentines ideas for you to try out and make your person the happiest they can be.

1. Send Your Partner A Valentine Gifts with Personal Touches

The first one on the list of Valentine long-distance relationship ideas is sending them a gift package! Nothing says “I miss you this Valentine” more loudly than a Valentine-themed gift set! Most stores will allow you to customize the gifts to tailor to your partner’s likes and history, so get creative.

give custom mugs - long distance relationship valentines ideas

Let the items in your package be a mix between special and ordinary, so your partner can have a treasure as well as see your love intertwine with their routine! This is one of the best practical long-distance relationship ideas.

this is the best long distance relationship anniversary ideas

You can also try weaving in pop culture references from shows and songs your partner loves, aside from the typical declaration of love. Make use of everything you know about your lover to give the gifts an air of uniqueness - truly a package just for them!

the best ideas for long distance relationship

If you don’t have experience doing these kinds of things, consult the store, and they should be able to provide you with a few good long-distance relationship ideas to start.

2. Buy Matching Jewelry

Even if you cannot be seen together at the moment, a special piece of jewelry is still a statement of romance and commitment. No matter if you buy a pair of rings, necklaces, bracelets, or even just a pendant, your lover will wear it with pride and will for sure show it off on this annual holiday of love! Let’s put matching jewelry on the list of long-distance relationship ideas!

Buy Matching Jewelry
Matching Jewelry (Source: Etsy)

3. Send Valentine-themed Sweets

Hit the store for cacao powder, sugar, and flour, and preheat your oven. Sending your sweetie a taste of your affection is the best plan to execute if you want your partner to have a sense of physical appearance there. People connect via their taste buds and meals, so this is an overall optimal gesture!

Send Valentine-themed Sweets
Send Valentine-themed Sweets (Source: Miami New Times)

You can choose the traditional route of chocolate truffles and cookies, but you can do a lot more than that, can you? You can try baking a cacao powder-dusted ice cream cake, a heart-shaped cupcake, or even a set of pink donuts!

4. Book a Vacation Elsewhere

Who said you have to meet each other at the other person’s place when you can simply meet up at a completely new destination? You can try picking a location between where you both are so that you can meet halfway!

Valentine can be another honeymoon for you lovebirds, so save up this suggestion on the long-distance relationship ideas and make it happen!

5. Write a Cheesy Hand-Letter

If you two are more sentimental than most, then it is time to make use of their mailbox! Simply writing a hand letter is great, but you can improve it by adding other elements onto the page and into the envelope. Include the flower they like, use a stamp, pour coffee on the paper and let it dry out to give it a more vintage look.

Cheesy Hand-Letter
Write a Cheesy Hand-Letter (Source: Garza Blanca)

You can combine the letter with your sweets and gift package, or even with other aforementioned activities as well. Some have opted to spray the letter with their favorite perfume and turn their letter into a treasured piece for their lover! Trust us, this is one of the best long-distance relationship ideas of all time!

03 Long Distance Relationship Ideas - FAQs

1. Should You Talk Everyday In A Long Distance Relationship?

The truth is, it is not the frequency that matters. Yes, you would want to talk to one another daily, but there will be slow days, and you will feel like you are forcing yourself.

Instead of focusing on talking every day, try exploring different topics and share your daily successes instead. That will put a little spice into your interactions!

2. How Do You Stop Overthinking in a Long Distance Relationship?

You have your own life with other duties to finish besides love. Have a hobby and be passionate about your life, and you will stop worrying about keeping the fire of love alive between the two of you!

This will also help you make conversations and share moments outside of work and home with your partner!

3. How Do You Keep Long Distance Texting Interesting?

As we have said, texting can feel like a chore if you don’t know how to keep the dialogue interesting and engaging.

Make use of the different features of your social media and messaging apps because they are going to serve you well in the long run. There are a lot of cool fun things you can do while you are texting and with your texts, such as:

  • Text games (20 Questions, Never Have I Ever, Don’t Get Me Started, Finish The Lyrics, etc.)

  • Text effects and chatbox backgrounds.

Anything you put your mind into will yield inspiration, so test out some new and familiar long-distance relationship ideas, and your conversations will light up!

Final Thought!

Love is a phenomenal feeling you share with your partner, so you would not want it to fade away due to distance. Armed with these long-distance relationship ideas, you and your partner will now have the keys to one another’s hearts again, despite not being able to see each other directly. We wish you luck!
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