American Independence Day Activities - How to Celebrate Independence Day This Year?


Last updated: Jun 09, 2021

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American Independence Day Activities - How to Celebrate Independence Day This Year?

American Independence Day is almost here. It’s time for us to celebrate with some 4th of July recipes, great company, and activities. The fact that American Independence Day this year will be a bit different due to the ongoing pandemic, however, doesn’t mean you have no chance to enjoy this celebration.

Instead of celebrating the event in public, you can organize it at home with lots of fun Independence Day activities. By celebrating at home, you can enjoy it with your family and have a cozy moment trying some delicious grilling recipes, watching movies and the list goes on. Whatever activity you participate in, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time because as long as you’re having fun with your beloved, the day will be an Independence Day well spent.

Main American Independence Day Activities to Enjoy

Decor Your Home in Stars and Stripes

One of the best activities for American Independence Day is to get into the spirit of dressing in stars and stripes and decorate your living space.

Decor Your Home is an american independence activity

Do you have a flag in your yard? If yes, try some red, white, and blue streamers for your backyard. Also, you can create your own decorative wreath for such an event. Adding some ribbons or some miniature American flags and then, it’ll let your neighbors know you’re ready for your celebration.

The reason why Gossby mentions this activity is because it’s fun and easy to realize so children of all ages will be happy and can get into it.

Watching Movies Relating to American Independence Day

Another best Independence Day activity you can enjoy with your family is a movie night in. Below, there is a list including patriotic movies that will get you and your family excited about the holiday. Let cue up the popcorn & the ice cream floats for a better fun time.
movies about indepence day activities
  • Independence Day: Of course, the Independence Day movie is the best one that matches the event. Perhaps, some call it a modern-day classic but this film starring Will Smith has holiday spirit too. If your kids love science fiction movies, they will love this movie.

  • Captain American - The First Avenger: Personally, I love it. Not only me but your kids too, I believe. The movie is about Steve Rogers, the man who was rejected from the military but soon finds a new lease on life. Watching the movie, your children will follow the adventures of superheroes.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy: Its name sounds funny. Yankee Doodle Dandy is a musical and is a great place to start when it comes to the American Independence Day classic. Maybe it’s not as famous as the movies mentioned above but trust me, your kids won’t care. We’ll all love learning about the life of Broadway icon George M. Cohan & enjoying famous songs.

Other Delightful 10 American Independence Day Activities To Make You Feel Extra Patriotic

Bake Patriotic Desserts

It can be said that Independence Day is the birthday of the  US. So it won’t be complete without red, white, and blue desserts.
Bake Patriotic Desserts is an activity in american independence day'
Think about baking some of the best brownies & cupcakes and then your family will get into the festive decorating.

Camping in Your Backyard

This year, if you can’t make a real campsite, just arrange another one in your backyard. Setting up a tent (with a great cookout), capping off the night with stories around the fire, your holiday would be completed.

Camping in Your Backyard - best american independence day activity

A Game Night

One of the funniest Independence Activities is gathering your family and playing board games. Some special patriotic games you can try are 4th of July bingo or American-themed trivia.

Of course, if one wins the game, there would be rewards for them.

Check out this Personalized Gift collection and you might have a little surprise for your loved ones.

A Jam Session

It’s no party nor celebration without music, so just get sing-along tunes going with your chosen patriotic song songs on the guitar (or speakers). And “Party in the U.S.A” is a must, of course.

a jam session - activity on independence day

Crafty with Your Kids

Do you know what is a better way to keep your little ones occupied than with a fun holiday craft? Think about some easy-to-make flower pots with a patriotic look.

Have a Backyard Barbecue Going

It’s time for you to fire up the girl for great eats. Of course, hot dogs & burgers are essential. Plus, don’t forget the tasty apps with some festive drinks to cool off in the heat.

Enjoy a Backyard Picnic

Some just believe that spending the 4th of July outdoors is great but how do you think bringing foods & beverages right to your backyard? You all feel satisfied then.

American Independence Day Activities with picnic

Make a Splash in the Pool

Imagine you celebrate the event while sitting in a pool with a cool drink in hand. You got it, right?

What a perfect way to enjoy the celebration.

Light Up Some Sparklers

Participating in a fireworks show this year seems to be impossible, so lighting up with some sparklers is an alternative way and they’re much safer. Additionally, you can capture the moment holding them.

independence day activity in america

Play Patriotic Games

The last American Independence Day activity Gossby wants to show you. Let's make some family competitions inspired by the theme like stars-and-stripes tic tac toe and tossing red, white, and blue water balloons. If it’s going to rain, just keep your kids entertained inside with a round of Go Fish - from a patriotic card deck.

Final Thought

It would be so exciting to get out of the town to enjoy Independence Day activities. However, there also is a range of excitement close to your home that you can take advantage of. If you have any American Independence Day activity traditions, just share your things in the comment section.

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