Top 25 1st Fathers Day Gift Ideas in 2023 that Capture His Heart


Last updated: Jun 08, 2022

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Top 25 1st Fathers Day Gift Ideas in 2023 that Capture His Heart

“What to get for first Father’s Day?”, you may wonder.

Chances are, finding perfect 1st Father’s Day gift ideas for a new dad is a daunting task. It's, indeed, the thing making most of us confused, especially wives who want to make their husbands (first-time dads) surprised on the holiday.

Father’s Day is the time to honor every dad in the world and yes, it’s even more important for those who are going to celebrate their first Father's Day with their babies.

Yes, you know and we know. So, we’ve rounded up the list of 25 brilliant first Father’s Day gifts for new dads that you can rely on.

Even if you’re his partner, parent, or best friend, these following ideas will help you make him immensely happy and preserve one of the most precious milestones in his life with the newborn.

What Would Be Good First Father's Day Gifts?

Perhaps, an ideal Father’s Day gift for the first-time dad would be one that can express his boundless love for him to his baby. Nevertheless, it should be practical if possible.

Gifts that allow you to add personal touches to them are highly recommended. A mug, for example, is an essential item for his daily routine and when it's customizable - I mean you can add something related to the new dad and his baby to it. It's now both functional and sentimental, making the first-time dad burst into happy tears.

Still, doubt?

Take a look at the following list!

Top 25 Meaningful 1st Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here in the following list, we’ll give you the 25 most loved 1st Father’s Day gifts that melt any new dad’s heart. There will be some of them that are customizable and you can meet them right here, on our website.

1/ Diaper Backpack

Chances are, this is one of the best 1st Father’s Day gift ideas that will be loved by every first-time dad. The diaper backpack is an essential item for him to start the new adventure of being a father. It has many storage pockets including 02 large insulated side pockets, a removable changing pad, and of course - an insulated bottle pocket.
1st fathers day gift ideas - Baby Changing Backpack
Price: $101 (Source: Ergobaby)

2/ "You're doing a great job Daddy. Happy 1st Father's Day" Custom Baby Onesies

Can you find other 1st Father's Day gifts than this one? Let's celebrate new dads who've embarked on the incredible journey of parenthood with our adorable custom baby onesies. They feature the heartwarming message, "You're doing a great job daddy, Happy 1st Father's Day" to remind those first-time fathers that they're truly rocking their new role.

Gift this delightful piece of apparel to new fathers and watch their eyes light up with pride as they realize they've got the best job in the world. 

Custom Baby Onesies - You're doing a great job daddy Happy 1st Father's Day
Custom Baby Onesies - You're doing a great job daddy Happy 1st Father's Day
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3/ A Pair of Slippers

The first-time dad will love this soft pair of “PAPA BEAR” slippers if he’s keeping late hours. The time he’s with his newborn will be much more comfortable as every step of him seems to be protected by this item. No doubt, a pair of slippers is one of the simplest yet most meaningful 1st time Father’s Day gifts.
1st time fathers day gifts - Papa Bear Slippers
Price: $32.99 (Source: One Stop Apparel Shop)

4/ “Our first Father's day together" Personalized Mug

We know the first year can be a mix of sleepless nights, unexpected giggles, and cherished first moments. And that's exactly what makes it so unique. Our personalized mugs capture the essence of these precious times, creating a tangible memory you can enjoy with every sip. 
Our first Father's day together - Personalized Mug
Our first Father's day together - Personalized Mug

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5/ DIY Handprint Baseball

Perhaps, every man loves baseball and among a wide range of first Father’s Day gifts, this one will win his heart. His newborn will be an adult in no time. Due to that, to give the first-time father something that captures this brief stage of life, such as this DIY handprint baseball is a great idea.

6/ Engraved Pocket Knife

Giving a new dad a pocket knight with his baby’s name engraved is a good way to say congrats on his milestone. Obviously, among the ocean of choices for 1st father's day gifts from son, this one will be a hit on his big day.
first fathers day gifts - Engraved Pocket Knife
Price: Up to $65.99 (Source: Blac Knife)

7/ Our First Father's Day Matching Outfit (Onesie and T-Shirt Set)

Check out our adorable "Our First Father's Day" matching outfit set. These sets aren't just ridiculously cute, they're also made from super-soft, high-quality materials, perfect for daddy cuddles and baby snuggles. So, get ready to create some Instagram-worthy memories this Father's Day with our onesie and T-shirt set. After all, you only get one "first" Father's Day!

Our First Father's Day Matching Outfit (Onesie and TShirt Set)
Our First Father's Day Matching Outfit (Onesie and TShirt Set)

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8/ Kid-Proof Underwear for First-time Dad

And now, it’s daddy’s turn to be taken care of. This first Father’s Day gift idea will keep him away from the “head butts & the baby carrier swinging heel”. Moreover, its design is very human, tho.

first fathers day gift ideas - Boxer Brief
Price: $27.00 (Source: FridaBaby)

9/ A Pair of Socks with Baby Face - A Funny 1st Father's Day Gift Idea

Even if a man has to wear a suit sometimes, he may still hide something sweet behind the apple of his eye! And, here’s that “something”. These socks are comfy, the writing is changeable, and there’s a broad variety of sock colors available. You can just simply select a photo with a good resolution to create a unique gift on the first Father’s Day for a man who’s now a new dad.

what to get for first fathers day - Baby Children Faces
Price: $15.99 (Source: My Pup Socks)

10/ “And so The Adventure Begins - Welcome to the World” Mug

Being a new dad isn't an easy task as he should take all of the fatherly duties like nappy changing, bathing, bottle feeding... However, he'll always have his wife along with him on the journey of being awesome parents.
This 1st Father's Day gift idea (a customizable mug) will help you (his loved wife) let him know such that thing. Together with him, you can build a strong and happy family.
a family mug for the first fathers day
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Price: $13.99

11/ “This Father's Day I'm Snuggled Warm & Safe in Mummy's Tummy…” Mug

This mug will make the first-time dad smile ear to ear because it’ll preserve his most beautìul time when he first welcomes the newborn. The text - “Next Father’s Day, I’ll be Snuggled in Your Arms” will melt his heart instantly even though he’s the strongest man on earth. If you're looking for unique 1st Father's Day gift ideas that surely melt the new dad's heart, this one will get your back.
newborn mug - 1st fathers day gifts from daughter
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Price: $13.99

12/ The “Oh Sh*t” Kit for the First-time Dad

His big day will be overwhelming with laughter. With this item, he’ll no longer need to worry that he left the diaper bag at home over and over again. Giving him this 1st Father’s Day gift idea, you’re likely to give him everything he needs to clean up a messy blowout.

1st fathers day gift ideas - Oh Shit Kit
Price: $9.99 (Source: Safety 1st)

13/ Baby Monitor

With this item, the new dad will be kept tabs on his baby’s crying and wandering. It also brings peace of mind to him and his wife. No wonder, a baby monitor would be one of the most practical 1st Father's Day gift ideas that any new dad will need.
1st fathers day gifts - Baby Monitor
Price: $216.95 (Source: Lollipop)

14/ Father & Baby Figure - A Heartfelt 1st Father's Day Gift

Talking about 1st time Father's Day gifts, we cannot ignore this one. Willow Tree is a collection of figurative sculptures that depict a feeling or a memory. This hand-painted figurine wonderfully represents a special moment between a new father and his newborn child. A lovely souvenir for a first-time father to put on display and remember this important moment in his life on the first Father's Day.
1st time fathers day gifts - New Dad Figure
Price: $54.95 (Source: Willow Tree)

15/ “Leveled Up to Daddy” 1st Father's Day Mug

There will be no doubt that this first Father’s Day gift will be cherished forever. Not just a gift, you can customize the mug with your personal touches, making it a precious treasured keepsake for the new dad and his baby. Every time he uses it to enjoy his favorite beverages, the mug will remind him of the most beautiful time when he has been in the daddy club.
My 1st Father's day - Personalized Mug
My 1st Father's day - Personalized Mug

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16/ Baby Footprint Cufflinks

He has already had a collection of cufflinks? No worry because this one is standing out from others. He'll be so excited to wear and show off these cufflinks on his next holiday. Surely, this one would be one of the greatest 1st Father's Day gift ideas that you can go for.
first fathers day gifts - Footprints Cufflinks
Price: $39.95 (Source: Initial Necklaces)

17/ “Don't Mess with PAPASAURUS...” Funny 1st Father's Day T-shirt

No doubt, he won't stop laughing once receives such a playful t-shirt. This item is available in 9 sizes - from XS to 5 XL. Thus, it's sure that you can totally create matching outfits that any first-time dad and his baby will love. Needless to say, this t-shirt is truly an item of choice when it comes to funny first Father's Day gifts.

Note: The number of baby dinosaurs is customizable

humorous t shirt to give husband on his 1st fathers day
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18/ Matching Trucker Caps

We cannot deny that it’s adorable when babies wear trucker caps (especially little girls). Therefore, why don’t you get a pair of them (as a funny 1st Father’s Day gift idea) for both new dads and their little ones? Without any doubt, the gift will be loved and used.

first fathers day gift ideas - Matching Trucker Caps
Price: $45.95 (Souce: Fox And Fawn Kids)

19/ Jogging Stroller

When a new baby arrives, many new parents find it difficult to keep a steady workout regimen. That is why a jogging stroller is an ideal present for a new father who enjoys exercising. This stroller is packed with features that make it simple to bring your child along on your workouts.

perfect 1st fathers day gift ideas - Jogging Stroller
Price: $549.99 (Source: BOB Gear)

20/ “Daddy, I Know I’m Little…” Mug

Want to make his first Father’s Day unforgettable with a special gift? Don’t miss out on this one. Both the image of a newborn and the message printed on the mug will capture any dad’s heart. The number of babies, gender, and appearance… are customizable.

custom ceramic mug - 1st time fathers day gifts
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Price: $13.99

21/ “Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA” Book

This book by Jimmy Fallon, perhaps, will be a unique gift for his first Father’s Day. Don’t you know, most fathers secretly wish for their child's first word to be "Dada!" Let this one shows him how!

adorable 1st fathers day gifts - A book by Jimmy Fallon
Price: $11.28 (Source: Amazon)

22/ New Dad Survival Kit

If you’re looking for surprising 1st Father's Day gift ideas, this one will be what you need. Even the greatest father is just a human, so stock it with anything he might need to get through those first few months of being a first-time dad.

Included in the box are beer, bourbon, coffee, and Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones... Then he'll be able to keep it as a souvenir box for years to come.

thoughtful 1st time fathers day gifts - New Dad Survival Kit
Price: $41.33 (Source: Treat Republic)

23/ “The Love Between Father & Daughter is Forever” Blanket

If you’re looking for heartfelt 1st Father's Day gifts from daughter to bring back the beautiful memory to your loved dad, this one will surely get your back. Not only does this personalized blanket make him feel loved, but keeps him warm when the weather gets colder. Personalization is available with this item.
Personalized Blanket - first fathers day gifts
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Price: $39.99

24/ “I’m Daddy’s Girl/ Boy” Book

This charming customized book celebrates the bond between a new dad & his newest pal, and it examines all that Daddy does for them, such as keeping them safe, warm, and happy, and of course, teaching his little angel everything he knows.
Personal touches such as the baby's birth date, location, and favorite activities with papa. Looking for sentimental 1st Father's Day gift ideas? Don't miss out on this one.
funny first fathers day gifts - I'm Daddy Boy Girl Book
Price: $31.43 (Source: From Lucy and Co)

25/ The Daddy Hoodie

With this hoodie, he can take his fatherly duties to the next level. It offers room for all necessary goods, making things less cumbersome when he's out with his little one. This hoodie is obviously an awesome item to choose from if you're looking for functional first Father's Day gift ideas.
functional first Fathers Day gift ideas - HOODIE
Price: $98 (Source: thedadhoodie.com)

More to read:

Let’s Make the Fatherly Duty Much Easier!

So, you’ve discovered the 25 best 1st Father’s Day gift ideas that will surely win any dad’s heart. Being a first-time father is a daunting experience for any man, even the toughest one. Therefore, making him feel special on his day (Father’s Day) is necessary.

A meaningful gift (as a treasured keepsake) will capture memories of him and his baby so, don’t hesitate to select one of these best ideas above and get ready to see how happy he’ll be once receiving your gifts.

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