Top Blankets for Mom to Keep Your Mother Warm and Cozy


Last updated: Mar 01, 2022

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Top Blankets for Mom to Keep Your Mother Warm and Cozy

Our mothers certainly deserve the best of the best. We always try to go the extra mile to make her feel special and appreciated the way she is. But as time goes on, the available choices with the “awe” factor shrink. So, what do you do in that situation?

How can you surprise your mother with a gift she’ll adore? Try these stunning blankets for mom!

Our mom blankets are special blankets made dedicatedly for mothers. They have a special quality, design, or quote that just screams love and gratitude for your mother. Now, most mom blankets are personalized (which we’ll get into later), to add the special touch of uniqueness to the presents.

Keen to learn more? Then keep on reading!

Why Blankets for Mom?

The first question you might ask yourself is: out of all the choices we have, why on earth should we choose a blanket to give to our mothers? Here are a few reasons to justify that:

#1 It’s Out of The Box

Not everyone thinks of a blanket first as a viable present to get for their mothers. It’s unexpected, surprising, and unique. If you’re looking for a way off the beaten road to surprise her this Mothering Sunday, a Mother's Day blanket is definitely worth the shot.

mother daughter holding hands
If you're not there to hug Mom every day, send her your warmth with a personalized blanket! (Source: Dulcey Lima - Unsplash)

#2 It’s Thoughtful

We’re so fixed on the idea that a great gift has to be valuable. While this might be the case in certain situations, it’s not entirely true.

We firmly believe that the best presents, not just for our mothers but for those we love, don’t need a gigantic price tag. What matters here is the love and thoughts behind it. You invest time and effort into the gift, making sure it’s perfect. Custom blankets for moms to keep them warm and cozy? 100% fall into the thoughtful category.

#3 It’s Practical

Now if you can confidently tell us that blankets aren’t essential items, then feel free to skip this article. In our book, everyone needs at least one blanket. That’s why giving your mother one of these comfy puffs makes sense. She’ll adore the present that keeps her cozy while showing off the love of her beloved sons or daughters.

diy painting gift
If you want the present to be unique, make it yourself! (Source: Elena Mozhvilo - Unsplash)

Top Blankets for Moms to Celebrate Every Occasion

Below are our picks for the best blankets to give to your mothers in celebration of all the special days of the year. Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, you’ll always find the perfect present you’re looking for. Beautiful, personally customized, these blankets are wonderful keepsakes of your love, gratitude, and fond memories with your mothers!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

#1 “Love Between Mother & Daughters is Forever.” Blanket

Wanna showcase your love towards your loving mom in the most stunning fashion? Get one of these personalized blankets for mom from your daughter and you’re good to go. Whether you’re picking it up as a practical present or a piece to decorate the living space, you simply can’t go wrong.

Celebrating the unchallenged love between a mother and her daughter has never been more comforting. That's what our Mother's Day blankets from daughters are there for.

mother daughter blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#2 "Dear My Little Princes..." Personalized Blanket

No matter how old we grow, we’ll always be small in the eyes of our parents. This particular blanket embraces that spirit and celebrates it with a breath-taking design. Featuring a mother and her little princess, this is one of the must-get custom blankets for mom.

You can further customize the blanket to add a personal touch. Deliver the message of gratitude and thoughtfulness with the most wholesome quotes, sayings, and more!

mother daughter blanket 2 - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#3 "The Love Between Mother & Daughter is Forever" Blanket

Another personalized mother & daughter blanket that you should check out. The centerpiece of this artwork is the “The love between mother & daughters is forever” quote. That, together with a very Christmasy theme, makes it the most heartfelt present for the year’s biggest holiday.
mother daughter christmas blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#4 "We Hugged This Blanket" Blanket

This blanket is dedicated to “seasoned” mothers who also happen to be the best grandmothers on the entire planet. It’s what we’d like to call a token of double-generation love. Shower your mom/grandma of your children with undivided attention and care no matter the occasion. It’s like a giant hug!
dear nana blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#5 "Mother and Children Forever Linked Together" Blanket 

Here’s a design for families with both sons and daughters! Featuring a stunning illustration of a mother and children looking into the sunset, it’s a glorious display of just how much she means to you. That's why Gossby's blankets for Mother's Day always hold such a special place.
mother children sunset -
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#6 "You Had Me at Meow Blanket" Blanket

If your mother’s a cat lady, then she’ll adore this personalized cat blanket. You can throw up to three cats on the design, making sure that all of her fluffy, meowing “children” get a spot.

cat blanket -
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#7 "The Love Between a Mother & Daughter is Forever" Blanket

If you feel like you haven’t shown your mother how important she is in your life, fix it right now with a stunning personalized mom blanket. One of our top-selling Mother's Day blankets, this one brings the love and attention that warm your mother's heart. This one features the cutest design ever - a mother and daughter just admiring the glorious sunset. We also provide a wide selection of quotes and all sorts of other tweaks!
mother daughter sunset blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#8 "To My Mom..." Blanket

A love letter to your mother, a presentation of love, no matter how you call it, is still one of the best-personalized blankets for mom to get. Boasting a simple yet heartfelt design and a wholesome quote, it’s a message of motherly love that your mom can never get enough of.
to my mom blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#9 "Like Mother Like Daughters" Blanket

What’s more lovely than an illustration of a mother sitting under a tree, just chilling out with her beloved daughters? It’s true what they say: like mother, like daughters.

like mother like daughter blanket - personalized blankets for mom from daughter
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#10 "Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together" Blanket

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the guys! Here’s a beautiful custom blanket for a mom from the son that your mother will fall in love with. Been looking for Mother's Day blankets from son? Well, your search is over.
mother and sons blanket - personalized blankets for mom from son
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Shower your loving mother with love, gratitude, and appreciation by creating a genuine surprise for her this Mother's Day. Make Mothering Sunday extra special - a truly pampering experience that emphasizes the importance of her in your life. What's the better way to do so than with a unique and thoughtful personalized blanket, customized just for her?

Start your journey to pamper the loving mothers in your life now with Gossby! Shop our range to find the perfect personalized Mother's Day gifts that are as unique and special as them.

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How to Design Your Personalized Blankets for Mom?

Now we’ll take a close look at personalized blankets, more specifically, how can you make one of your own? It may sound like a daunting task, but Gossby is here to tell you that you don’t have to be a professional to design a killer blanket for your mother.

mother's day flowers
Take a step out of your comfort zone and really surprise Mama this Mothering Sunday! (Source: Zoe Schaeffer - Unsplash)

Just follow these simple 5 steps below and let us take care of the rest: 

  • #1 Visit our website or collections and pick out a base design.

  • #2 Get your personalization hat on and customize the design by adding personal touches.

  • #3 Take a preview to make sure you get what you imagine.

  • #4 Continue to check out, then make the payment.

  • #5 Kickback, relax, we’ll send the final product to any address you want, just like how you designed it!

Treat Your Mother to The Best Personalized Blankets for Mom

Mothering Sunday is coming, and it's time you started looking for a gift to celebrate your loving mom. Of course, no present can match the love for her or comprehend all the sacrifices she's made. However, that doesn't mean we stop pampering our mothers with the best of this world. Surprise her with Gossby's personalized blankets for mom, warm her heart with the fondest memories, and let her know that she's the best mother in the world.

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