Top 25 Brilliant Anniversary Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Swoon


Last updated: Jun 21, 2021

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Top 25 Brilliant Anniversary Gift Ideas To Make Your Loved Ones Swoon

Stucking at deciding what gifts to give to your beloved on the wedding anniversary? 

As you and your life partner conquer each milestone together, surprising him or her with beautiful gifts is never redundant. Take a look at the following inspiring anniversary gift ideas for your special day.

It does not matter whether you guys are married since loving couples can use these ideas as well. Gossby believes your other half will appreciate your sweet gesture once they open the gift box.

The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are the top anniversary gift ideas for you to consider whenever a memorable hallmark is around the corner. You will never run out of ideas with this helpful list. 

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

It is a major occasion for every couple to mark their first anniversary. These gift ideas may be simple and do not hurt your budget, but the value is beyond expectations.

Hey! If you're too busy and looking for a last-minute gift for the anniversary, Gossby got your back. Just browse our collection of Personalized Couple Gifts and you will surely have one to make your loved one happy.

Customized Classic Photo Mug

You can be certain that every sip of tea, coffee your partner takes from this personalized photo mug tastes better. Rely on the provided palette and pick your favorite photos and texts to print on this item.

custom photo mugs is anniversary gift ideas

Travel Love Buddies Luggage Tag

More than an accessory to identify one’s luggage at the airport, you can design matching luggage tags for your exciting trips together. The metal tag with a stylish buckle strap is sturdy for long-term use.

Disney Mickey And Minnie Lucky Stars Anniversary Card

This attractive card includes a specialized quote for your partner, “I Thank My Lucky Stars For You,” with one of the most famous Disney animated couples - Mickey and Minnie. There are even more adoring words inside as your partner unfolds them.

mickey card - an ideal gift for first anniversary

DIY Love Coupons

It is awesome to give out small handmade coupons based on your partner’s tastes, so they can ask you to do different things for them. Who could say no to such caring gestures with this cute coupon set?


Who says buying flowers for your significant other on the anniversary is old-fashioned and impractical? The best idea is to purchase a large bundle of red roses - the flower of love, to show your affection and deep emotions for them.

flower - anniversary gift ideas for her

5th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Time flies fast after your first anniversary, and you still have each other. You may already have kids by this 5th anniversary, and your love for the other half has never changed. Check out these suggestions for wonderful gifts.

Customized Blanket - When We Get To The End Of Our Lives Together

How about purchasing a soft blanket made from quality fleece for daily use on your bed or sofa? The solid cream color is cozy and fancy at the same time, and the custom quote is the highlight to give your partner.

personalized blanket - 5th anniversary gift ideas

Love Simply Framed Photo Tile

Since the photo tile already contains a lightweight frame, feel free to reuse it from time to time with different photos on your anniversary. It changes the look of your room easily without the need for nailing.

Framed Photo Tile is the best 5th gift for anniversary

Jenga Game

Undoubtedly, spending quality time by your partner’s side with a fun game is more than amazing. We suggest buying a set of Jenga for your couple to challenge each other and have an extra fun time.

Jenga Game - 5 year anniversary gift

Peanuts Sleeping Snoopy Planter

Giving your partner this adorable Snoopy planter on the anniversary day is one awesome way to spice up his/her planting hobby. The pot is a tabletop style to add an extra decorative element to your space.

Sleeping Snoopy Planter - an ideas gift ideas for anniversary

Photo Gallery Mouse Pad

Feature your favorite small family picture on this rectangular mouse pad for your partner to use in the office. The pad allows you to arrange up to 10 photos in a grid. Plus, it is highly stain-resistant and can last for years.

Photo Gallery Mouse Pad anniversary gifts

10th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him/ Her 

The 10th anniversary is a special hallmark for every couple. Surprise your partner with the following ideas for anniversary gifts on this unforgettable day to show how much you cherish them in life.

Customized Mug - Every Time I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again

This white ceramic mug holds either 11 or 15 oz. Its glossy finish embraces your graphics on both sides, so your love memories last for many more anniversaries.

couple mugs - 10 year anniversary gift

Love Letter

It is never too late to write a heartfelt love letter for your darling, especially on a special occasion like your 10th anniversary. Just a few words from the bottom of your heart are a treasure to them.

love letter for 10th anniversary


You are in luck if your other half has a sweet tooth. That way, you can give them delicious candy or chocolate bars on the anniversary. A box of 10 sweet pieces will represent your 10-year long way together.

the sweetest 10th year anniversary gift ideas

Gold Jewelry

A stunning piece of jewelry is also a nice way to mark this milestone. We know that you would not mind spending a little extra to get this perfect gift for your lovely partner after 10 years.

Gold Jewelry for anniversary

Soul Mates At Heart: Our Love Story Journal

Just like the name of this love journal, it helps you keep unique love memories with your soulmate through time. Each journal page with its activities and prompts reflect your meaningful moments together.

best 10th anniversary gift ideas

Meaningful 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Holding each other’s hands throughout 20 years is not easy. Your 20th anniversary would be a solid claim of a long-lasting relationship and bonding that cannot be broken. Below are the ideal anniversary gifts.

Customized Canvas - When We Get To The End Of Our Lives Together

As you bring home this stunning polyester/cotton blend canvas that has been personalized for your spouse, it will certainly brighten up your anniversary day. Feel free to hang it anywhere around the house to remind you guys daily about your long journey together.

customized canvas for 20th anniversary

Cocktail Recipes

A little alcohol will spice up the casual environment between you two, so a book full of easy-to-do cocktail recipes would be a practical gift. Your partner can spend their free time learning to make cocktails for both of you to enjoy together.

Frosted Glass Frame Reusable Shopping Bag

Who can resist a personalized kitchen shopping bag with an adorable photo of your couple? This lightweight, eco-friendly item can hold up to 50 pounds to help your partner do daily groceries with happiness.

what is the best gift ideas for 20th anniversary

Disney Mickey And Minnie Happy Together Perpetual Calendar

This little perpetual calendar can spark up an office desk with its unique design presenting the enduring power of love. It contains changeable blocks, so your partner will count each passing day by your committed side.

best 20th gift ideas for anniversary

Tobacco And Patchouli Glass Jar Petite Candle

Your 20th anniversary doesn't have to be spent in a fancy restaurant. Instead, light up these attractively scented candles, pop up a bottle of champagne, and enjoy each other’s company.

5 oz of soy wax candle will last for a good while before you can reuse the little jar.

heart touching anniversary gifts

60th Anniversary Gifts to Touch Your  Partner Heart

You guys have come to a long way side by side, and the time has come for your 60th anniversary. After all this time together, we believe that even the smallest gift can be truly priceless to your life-long partner.

Customized T-Shirt - You Can’t Tell Me What To Do - You’re Not My Wife

The customized quote on this T-shirt is a funny statement that your husband would enjoy. There is a series of sizes and colors to choose from, and you can personalize how you guys look in real life. We bet that everyone would be jealous of your partner having this unique gift.

the most meaningful gifts for 60th anniversary

Simple Elegant Wedding Photo Book

The best way to tell your love story certainly includes a personalized photo book, especially when it collects all of your wedding pictures. Look back at your wedding and say thank you to your partner for staying with you through thick and thin after 60 years of marriage.

making anniversary meaningful with gift ideas

Hobby Tools

One of our options for your 60th-anniversary gift is to give your love new tools for their hobbies. The present can be as simple as cooking utensils, a manicure set, or a musical instrument, but it is your love and care that matters.

Homemade Meal

How about switching roles in the kitchen for this special day, and you will be the one who cooks for the other half? We are certain your life partner would appreciate your caring action on this special day.

special gift ideals for 60th anniversary


If someone is willingly tied to you for 60 years, there is no reason not to buy them a diamond ring. Jewelry is always expensive, but we know deep inside you also believe that your wife/husband deserves the best thing in this world.

diamond gifts for 60th anniversary


A wedding anniversary, perhaps, is an occasion for you, two, to slow down and together looking back a the long journey that you've been through. It can be happiness or sadness, loneliness, perhaps, but you're standing still and in love with your partner. Congratulations!!!

So, as you can see, the sea of anniversary gift ideas is endless. Jewelry and fancy gifts are not always the best options as sometimes, your partner only needs to see how you cherish them and the anniversary.

Have fun shopping for your next perfect gift. Thank you for reading!

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