Personalized Mother’s Day Pillows: Fluffy Delights To Indulge Her In Comfort


Last updated: Mar 15, 2022

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Personalized Mother’s Day Pillows: Fluffy Delights To Indulge Her In Comfort

A good night’s sleep is key to great health, both physically and mentally. It’s even more important that mothers get the much-needed shut-eyes after the hectic routine of caring for the family, especially when there’s a newborn in the house. So, if you have a mom in your circle, try your best to share a burden, or show your support with a thoughtful present - personalized Mother’s Day pillows

A comfy and supportive pillow makes all the difference. Don’t believe us? Try to rest your head on a brick and see what happens in the morning. One thing about pillows, though, is that they are highly personal. Why not take a step further and create pillows customized for the mother and the mother only? 

Help all the mothers in your life grasp their restful sleep with our hamper of personalized mom pillows!

Send Mama Fast Asleep with Personalized Mother's Day Pillows

Everybody sleeps differently. Some prefer resting their heads to the side, while others like to flex their necks around. No matter how you choose to rest at night, you’ll always need comfy beddings, especially a pillow, to soundly fall asleep. The same thing goes for our mamas.

moms and kids sleeping - mother's day pillows
Taking care of the little ones isn't an easy task.

In fact, according to Dr. Niamish Baxi, a spine care and musculoskeletal medicine physiatrist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, choosing the right pillows is crucial to enjoying a night of deep, undisrupted sleep. 

That’s where our personalized pillows for moms come in. These fluffy softballs of sleeping pillows are not only super comfortable, but they’re also sentimental as well. You can choose to customize the pillow with beautiful quotes, artwork, and so much more. Tell all the mothers in your life just how much they mean to you through such a thoughtful gift this Mothering Sunday. 

Gossby’s customized throw pillows for Mother’s Day come in various designs, fit for any style of mom. They’re a token of gratitude for all the sacrifices made in the name of their children. So, it’s time for us - sons, daughters, husbands, nieces, and nephews - to show how grateful we are.

mommy sleeping - mother's day pillows
Help her recharge her energy with restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Shower the moms in your life with love, engulf them in happiness, and pamper them with just the best gifts. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or simply because go out of your way to make the mama feel special and appreciated.

 Design the Best Mom Pillows with Gossby

Creating a thoughtful personalized pillow for your mother isn’t as complicated as one may think. It’s actually super straightforward, anyone can design the pillows of their dreams within minutes. All you have to do is access our website, from portable devices or PC, choose a design, customize it, and let Gossby take care of the rest! Sound easy enough? 

Gossby is an e-commerce platform with a mission to bring personalized gifts closer to you and everyone you love. Our range of products includes custom mugs, pillows, canvas, and a rainbow of things in between. Sit comfortably at home, design your gift, and we will ship them right to the recipient’s door! Send your best wishes to the mothers you know and love with Gossby’s stunning personalized pillows today.

Design customized pillows with us and enjoy: 

A Variety of Beautiful Base Designs

Pick your poison among our incredible range of base designs. Each comes with its own set of personalization options, but none will disappoint. Browse Gossby’s hamper and choose the personalized mom pillows that she’ll absolutely love. A little note, though. All of our custom pillows are made with a down alternative insert. The cover is machine washable, just peel it off using the hidden zipper. 

mother and child sunset - gifts for mom
Shop gifts for moms? Shop the best at Gossby!

An In-depth Selection of Personalized Details

Here’s the crown jewel that separates Gossby’s products from other vendors. Shop with us and enjoy your fill of customization options. Nowhere will you find such a wide range of possibilities as you do at Gossby. Choose your favorite quotes, characters, sizes, and add names to make it more exclusive. 

World-class Customer Support Services and Money-Back Guarantee

At Gossby, your happiness and satisfaction are what we aim for. If you have problems with our personalized pillows, for whatever reason, simply contact our customer services and get support 24/7. We also welcome feedback and reviews from you so that we can improve what we do best. 

personalized gifts for mom sale banner

Top 05 Must-have Pillows for Mother's Day

Feeling overwhelmed by our collection and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let us showcase the top 5 personalized mom pillows that you should definitely check out:

#1 "I Love You My Little Princess" Personalized Pillow

A stunning decor for her bedroom or living room, these personalized pillows are a true materialized representation of love and thoughtfulness, dedicated to the mothers you love. If you want to find a stunning present for mama from your daughter, our “I love you my little princess” will definitely do the trick.

Celebrate the motherly love in the most stunning fashion, no matter what occasion’s coming ahead. An inexpensive yet unique gift, this pillow makes the perfect present to shower the mama with love, attention, and a whole lot of gratitude.

i love you my princess personalized pillow
button shop now 1

#2 "I Miss You More Than Anything/ I Know" Personalized Pillow

Losing any member of the family is tough to get through, losing a mother, though, is devastating. As much as people tell you to get over the pain and move on, there always will be a vacancy in our hearts that can never be filled. While this "I Miss You More Than Anything/ I Know" pillow cannot completely heal a broken heart, it might help to ease the grievance.

Remember your mama with the fondest of memories and unfading love. Let her know in the afterlife that her beloved child is living a full life and will never stop loving her. That’s what these memorial pillows for moms are for.

memorial pillow for moms - gossby
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#3 "There's Probably Cat Hair On This" Personalized Pillow

For those mamas who can’t get enough fluffy cats, this purr-fect personalized pillow is a must-get. Soft, squishy, and incredibly comfortable to hug - just like the adorable cats on the couch, she will never get enough of our "There's Probably Cat Hair On This" pillow.
Whether you’re looking for the most paw-some Mother’s Day gifts or just something to indulge the mother you love, this custom throw pillow will 100% suffice.
personalized cat pillow - gossby
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#4 "Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together" Personalized Pillow

Another great item to give your mother on Mothering Sunday, this "Mother & Daughter Forever Linked Together" pillow celebrates the sacred bond between the ladies of the house. Add your own personal touches, including names, appearances, and quotes, to the mix and create a timeless treasure trove that your mother will absolutely adore.
mother & daughter personalized pillow
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#5 "To My Mommy..." Personalized Pillow

Here’s a personalized mom pillow to celebrate all moms out there. Whether she’s a new mom or one with three children already, make sure you shower her with love and attention all day every day. A heartfelt custom pillow for her, it’s the one fit for everyday use. Remind the mother in your life how much she means to you each time she rests her head on the comfortable puff of cloud.
to my mommy personalized pillow
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Treat Her to The Best Personalized Mom Pillows

No matter where you are in this world, don’t forget to stop and spoil the mothers in your life with the best and the best only. Go the extra mile and create a truly pampering experience for them while you can. Should you find the need for a unique and thoughtful present, say for the upcoming Mother’s Day, consider our personalized Mother’s Day pillows. You won’t be disappointed.

Shop our range now!

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