Mug Storage Ideas: Top 20 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Favorite Mug


Last updated: May 29, 2022

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Mug Storage Ideas: Top 20 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Favorite Mug

What are the perfect mug storage ideas?

For those who are coffee addicts (and have your own precious mug collections), you’ll find the best way to store mugs that suits you most in this article.

If you're in love with coffee (or tea), chances are you have quite a collection of cups. There may be ceramic mugs or stainless mugs... that you would like to show your guests, friends, or any family member without fetching them out of hard-to-reach places in your space (kitchen).

When it comes to mug organization, somehow, it will reflect your home's character & the owner's persona. So, do you want to show up your own style as well as protect your preferred mug by storing it correctly?

In this article, Gossby will share some perfect ideas about mug storage that you can easily follow.

20 Easy DIY Mug Storage Ideas that Work

1. Hang Your Mugs Up

This way to organize mugs isn't only pegboard affordable but also easy to customize. You can easily custom the rack to accommodate all of your cups, regardless of their sizes. 

hanging is a mug storage

2. A-frame Coffee Mug Tree

Why don't you display your mugs mounted on a wooden A-shape frame instead of hiding them in a cabinet? Each board offers a new and layered shelf so you can show off your favorite mugs. What a smart mug storage idea.

A-Frame Coffee Mug storage idea

3. Custom Mug Rack

To store and display your mugs, just think of a made-to-fit coffee cup rack. Select how many "cubby holes" you would like and make some big & small so you can fit them on the shelf. Although this way requires creativity and assembling, it is still easy to do.

metal wall mug rack storage ideas

4. Spoon-mug Storage

One of the perfect ways to store your coffee mugs is to mount spoons against the wall spoon-side up and then hang them over the end of the spoon. This way is fun to do and stunning when it's done.

Spoon-mug Storage idea

5. Cabinet Station

Looking for some of the easiest coffee mug storage ideas? Go for this one. In case your cabinet is overflowing, especially when you open it, pull everything out & reorganize it with a few canisters, some storage options, and clear labels. Finally, put it all together and your coffee cabinet is well organized.
Cabinet mug Station

6. Hanging Mug Pallet

Just an old board lying around the garage and you can use it for a great mug storage idea. To do it, fasten a few hooks to it & mount it on the kitchen wall as a mug hanger! If you have a wide collection of personalized mugs and want to show them off, this method will satisfy you.

Hanging Pallet  for mug storage

7. Pegboard Mug Hanger

This is one of the best mug storage ideas that you can go for. Pegboard isn't expensive and it can serve as a coffee bar wall hanger. You can mount the pegboard on the wall & use pegs to hang mugs from. Maintain an orderly counter beneath the display, and you'll have a well-organized and trendy coffee bar for a little cost!

8. Coffee Cart - A Stunning Mug Storage Idea

You can park this stylish coffee cart directly beneath a sleek floating shelf. Install a rail with hooks, and you'll have plenty of space for other items as well as coffee supplies and cups. This is the ideal coffee bar a la carte!

Coffee Cart

9. A Large Wall Mug Storage

Do you have a lot of mugs? There's no reason to get rid of your fantastic collection. You can make a whole wall mug shelf display for your coffee cups with some basic woodworking. The best part is that you can make it any size you want, depending on the size of your cup collection!

Among other DIY mug storage ideas mentioned in this article, this option would be the best one that suits you most (in case you want to show up your favorite collection).

A Large Wall Mug Storage

10. Rotating Mug Hanger

Rather than rummaging through the cupboards, have your cups within easy reach and visible. You can obtain the perfect cup by turning the gadget into the miniature form of a lazy susan. It's nice because you can put items on top if you want, and you can spin them or leave them in place.

Rotating Mug Hanger

11. Carpenter Shelf

The carpenter's "carry-all," an older version of a tool bag, was designed to accommodate tools of various kinds and sizes. However, when a metal carrying rack is put on the wall sideways (bar facing out), it transforms into the ideal shelf and hanger.

Stick some beautiful shower curtain hooks on the metal bar for a quick mug display. You also receive the additional storage space provided by the box's top!

Carpenter Shelf mug storage

12. Coffee Bar

Whoever asks me what would be the coolest idea for mug storage, my answer would be this one. To optimize your mug-hanging options, use a pegboard on the side of a coffee station.

You'll also want to purchase a great antique rack to place above the bar, so you can easily display some of the more worn cups within reach of your coffee.

Coffee Bar

13. Light Color Wood

Don't bother painting your wooden DIY mug box display if you want to rely on the natural hues of wood. Each package features a different mug. This is a pretty contemporary method of storing your coffee mugs. Looking for the most ideal coffee mug storage ideas? This option won't make you disappointed.

best way to store mugs - Light Color Wood

14. Drawer Mug Display

Hang several short drawers on the wall with the open side facing out to create the ideal-sized cup display on your wall. Even if you don't have many drawers that look the same, you can still proudly exhibit your mugs by placing each one in its own "hanging box".

15. Coffee Hutch

This is one of the mug storage ideas that you will fall in love with once seeing it in this article. In order to create a nice coffee station, you'll need to get rather artistic with wood to create a new home for your DIY ceramic cups.

The wonderful part is that you can design each shelf exactly as you want it. No issue if you want some smaller shelves mixed throughout. After you've done assembling and painting the end product, put your mugs on a shelf with wooden hangers.

Coffee Hutch for diy mug storage ideas

16. Mug Tree - A Simple Way to Storage Mug

This is both a great mug storage idea and also a stunning home décor item. However, you need some little DIY skills to create it. This way is easy-peasy to be done and does serve a smart purpose to hold your mugs properly!

Wooden coffee mug storage ideas

17. 4-Peg Mug Hanger

This mug organization idea will be useful if you can get 02 more buddies, but the goal here is to find a suitable location for your coffee mugs! Don't you believe the 4-peg coffee is the best?

18. Functional Corner Shelves - A Genius Mug Storage Idea

Corner shelves are unavoidable when discussing space-saving storage options. That's a secret spot begging to be exploited, and it's especially appropriate for folks who only have a few coffee cups to brag about.

mug storage ideas - Functional Corner Shelves

19. Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves is a brilliant method to make use of vertical space. You can put them wherever in your kitchen and even display various mugs on each to create a unified pattern that complements a blank wall. Such a genius idea to store mugs.

20. Turn Drawers into Mug Shelves

This idea of handcrafted reclaimed wood mug racks not only adds a pleasant ambiance to your kitchen but also allows coffee cups to stand out and draw attention. Try it if you want.

mug storage - Turn Drawers into Shelves

So, there are 20 different ideas for mug storage that you can follow. The more mugs you have, the more beautiful your storage corner is. But, if you don't have enough mugs for one of these 20 ideas above, you can consider having some more.

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Final Thought!

Everyone has their own favorite mugs to get through a day. Some want to keep them hidden behind a cabinet but others want to display them. For those who want to show them off, try the 20 different mug storage ideas above and you will surely have a stunning corner to admire every day.

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