20 Quotes about Mom That Surely Strengthen Your Connection


Last updated: Dec 02, 2021

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20 Quotes about Mom That Surely Strengthen Your Connection

Special days are excellent opportunities to express your gratitude to your lovely mothers in your life. Is it the time of year when you get to honor your closest woman and the one you always go to for guidance, yet you still don't know how to express your love to her?

Don't worry! These great quotes about mom seem to be what you require if you want to express to your mom and any other mother figure in your life how valuable they are to you. Wait no more to add these phrases to a customized gift to make them stand out!

What Should You Say about Your Mom?

Over the decades, your mother has accomplished a bunch for you. She has instructed you how to apply makeup, consoled you after a particularly difficult breakup, and made your delicious mac & cheese whenever you want.

She also kept you calm when you were getting your driver's license for the first time (well, kind of). Without a doubt, she deserves the best from her children.

What Should You Say About Your Mom
Mother and Daughter Forever Linked Together! (Source: Antonino Visalli - Unsplash)

You can spend several days dedicated entirely to your great mother, complete with flower bouquets and favorite brunches. But apart from showing love in action, you should also demonstrate how you appreciate her through sweet words.

Besides “I love you, mom”, there are several beautifully written love sayings about mom that you may use to show your heartfelt affection for your mother.

Scroll down to discover now!

05 Birthday Quotes about Mom

Mama's birthday might be the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude and how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. Here is a collection of special happy birthday quotes for your dear mother. We believe you may discover something suitable!

1. “No Matter How Old She May Be, Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Her Mom.” - Unknown

Loving and caring for a daughter might make her feel small or safe and valued. In any situation, the kindness that originates from a true and powerful source will lift the spirits of every child! This is among the most popular mother-daughter quotations of all time!

No Matter How Old She May Be

2. “A Mom Is A Daughter's First Friend. And, Through Life, Becomes Her Best Friend.” - Unknown

Mom is always a child's first friend, and she is not like other mates who may abandon you for some time. Whatever occurs, she will always be by your side, cheering you on and offering sound advice. These remarks will undoubtedly warm your mother's heart.

A Mom Is A Daughter's First Friend

3. "Like Mother Like Daughters."- Proverb

Do you want to draw attention to your two resemblances playfully? This is a quote you should obtain. Without a doubt, it will spark a lively debate that begins with "What?" - "How can we even relate?" in your family. This statement is on the top of the most popular quotes list!

Like Mother Like Daughters

4. "I Sincerely Miss You."

Moments can rip you and your mama apart at times. If she receives messages of love from their cherished children, she will be overjoyed and delighted.

I Sincerely Miss You

5. "I Love You."

Saying "I love you" to your mama regularly is the most effective and simple approach to show your profound love. Just say it out loud whenever you want. She, like other mothers, is content when they feel their children’s love.

I Love You

05 Love Quotes about Mom

It's never too late to express your affection for your mum. Choose the best quotes about mom among these heartfelt quotations to show your love for her. 

1. “Nothing Is More Powerful Than A Mother's Love, And Nothing Is More Healing Than A Child's Soul.” - Unknown

A mother-daughter connection is complimentary. While a mom pours her heart out to cater to her daughter, the youngster makes an effort to convey how much they respect and admire their mother. This quotation emphasizes that wonderful interaction and reminds you both of your significance in each other's life.

Nothing Is More Powerful Than A Mother's Love

2. “A Daughter May Outgrow Your Lap But She Will Never Outgrow Your Heart.” - Unknown

No matter how old you are, you will always crave your mother's affection and attention! This love is something that lasts forever and beyond, a thing that time cannot deteriorate! This quote serves as a free trip for the child to visit her mother and reclaim her childhood.

A Daughter May Outgrow Your Lap

3. “I Didn’t Give You The Gift Of Life; Life Gave Me The Gift Of You.” - Unknown

The remark has an emotional tone and is short enough to evoke an "Aww!" instead of emotional tears. It doesn't matter who is present to whom when they're both delighted with each other's presence! A pair of harmonic moms and children is already a treasure!

I Didn’t Give You The Gift Of Life

4. “A Mother Is Someone Who Can Fill The Shoes Of Others, But No One Else Can Fill Hers.” - Unknown

Mother is an indispensable and irreplaceable role. She can do everything for you, and only she can do it like that. Even in her children’s eyes, no one can be as good as their mommy. A Masterchef can’t deliver excellent dishes like hers, because those dishes carry the taste of family!

A Mother Is Someone Who Can Fill The Shoes Of Others

5. “The Best Place To Cry Is In A Mother’s Arms.” - Unknown

When a youngster enters adulthood, she may become stressed and forget that someone is constantly waiting for her return. Mommy is the one who provides reassurance to any girl that there is always a path back home, secure heaven where she can seek refuge from the harsh world. This little quote is both strong and heartfelt!

The Best Place To Cry Is In A Mother’s Arms

05 Quotes about Mom-to-be

With the birth of a child comes the birth of a mother. Are you searching for a wonderful motherhood quote or just want to think about mothers' incredible strength and courage? These are 5 motivational motherhood quotes!

1. "Our First Mother's Day Together."

Somebody you love so dearly is getting ready to celebrate the woman's first Mother's Day as a parent. And for her, the day will take on a different meaning this year. It will certainly be the most incredible, thrilling, joyful, exhausted, and poop-filled Mother's Day she has ever experienced!

quotes about mom to be printed on a poster
The "Our First Mother's Day Together." quote is printed on a poster
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Hence, it's a wise decision to recognize this extra-special occasion with a personal first Mother's Day saying that expresses your devotion and happiness in her... Whether she's your partner, daughter, friend, sister, or someone who has a special place in your heart, this quote would mean something significant.

2. "Happiness Is Being A Mom."

Being a mother is an incredible blessing for any woman who has never had a kid in her life. This is an unrivaled and unbreakable bond in any kind or other relationship - a love that never stops growing, a love that yearns for more and greater.

It's also the fear of not being able to avert misery, unfairness, heartache, and, in some cases, death. So, let your beloved woman know that you are immensely proud of her with this Gossby personalized cup. 

quotes about mom love printed on a ceramic mug
The "Happiness Is Being A Mom." quote is printed on a mug

3. “Being A Full-Time Mother Is One Of the Highest-Salaried Jobs In My Field Since The Payment Is Pure Love.” - Unknown

This sentence flips the "sad full-time mother" stereotype on its head! After all, why would anyone feel awful about becoming a mother when the "work" provides them so much joy, affection, and laughter?

Being A Full-Time Mother Is One Of the Highest-Salaried Jobs

4. “God's Way Of Expressing - Thought You Could Use A Lifetime Companion - Is To Give You A Daughter.” - Unknown

This is just a sweet phrase that shows how the link between a mother and a daughter extends beyond birth! Even long before they both exist in the world, their souls are connected for a lifetime!

God's Way Of Expressing - Thought You Could Use A Lifetime Companion

5. “I Don't Want My Children To Walk In My Shoes. I Want Them To Follow In My Footsteps And Go further Than I Could Have Imagined.” - Unknown

This one shows us how mighty moms can be. She always wants her kids to have a better life, better education, and a better living environment, all of which she wasn’t able to have. Now, she will do her best to ensure the best future possible for the children!

I Don't Want My Children To Walk In My Shoes

05 Quotes About Mom At Gossby

Our mothers are our heroines and staunchest supporters, yet we rarely express our gratitude to them. It’s time to create the perfect personalized gift for your mommy!

Express how much she means to you on special days with these touching sentiments on motherhood, whether she's fresh to the role or even has a lifetime of experience bringing up children.

1."First My Mother Forever My Friend."

Searching for a gift with quotes about mom from daughter that will melt your mother's heart the moment she sees it? Look no further than this “First my mother, forever my friend" mom quote.

quotes about mom printed on a mug
The "First My Mother Forever My Friend." quote is printed on a mug
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A mother acts as a guardian, a caretaker, and a friend to her children. She is a selfless, loving person who must forego many of her own needs and desires to meet the desires and needs of her children. We all know that becoming a mother is the most difficult yet gratifying job a woman will ever have.

2. "Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together."

Among the best quotes about mom from son, this one is direct yet meaningful. The mom's quotes affirm that nothing compares to the relationship that exists between an old lady and her son. They share a special bond from the moment he is born till he moves out on his own and begins his independent life.

sayings about mom printed on a canvas
The "Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together." quote is printed on a wrapped canvas
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Certainly, there are troubled days, from the restless nights when he's a baby to the grumpy adolescent years. And then even more sleeplessness when he starts driving or staying out late, but the link between him and his mommy is one to be treasured.

  • To discover more wall art ideas with touching quotes, visit our Personalized Canvas Collection!

3. "Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Mother and Daughters Will Always be Connected by Heart."

The tie between a mother and daughter is unlike anything. This complicated, holy connection surpasses traditional family ideals and is as distinctive as the two who make up the mom and child.

mom quotes printed on a blanket
The "Side By Side Or Miles Apart..." quote is printed on a fleece blanket
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For some, it's a mixture of selfless and strong love, caring, and friendship, a house of knowledge, common ground, profound compassion, an ebb and flow of intricate sentiments. Also, there is an interwoven of feelings throughout everything - a subtle sequence of rolled/stoned eyes you didn't even realize you were delivering.

Having such mom sayings engraved on a personalized blanket would make a perfect gift to soothe your mother's heart.

4. "Mom Of Boys Works From Son Up 'Til Son Down And Loves Every Minute."

The saying about mom on this personalized T-shirt sums up the frantic life of many people’s moms! The adorable and clever wordplay conveys a humorous but genuine message: we are truly grateful for everything you have done for us. By this quote about mom, you’re telling that you’re well aware of how she has sacrificed for you!

mom sayings printed on a t shirt
The "Mom Of Boys Works From Son Up 'Til Son Down And Loves Every Minute." quote is printed on a t-shirt
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5. "Home Is Where My Mom Is."

"Home Is Where My Mom Is", printed on a personalized pillow is the sweet mom quote for your beloved stay-at-home mother to get a good night's sleep. All your life, mama has been around and participated in every moment of your childhood. Home isn't home without her. As long as there is her love and care, you would find that place your shelter.

quotes about mom from daughter printed on a pillow
The "Home Is Where My Mom Is." quote is printed on a throw pillow
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The Bottom Line!

To sum up, remember to acquire the ideal card after you've chosen the perfect present for your beloved woman. Then insert one of the best quotes about mom above to express how much she means to you. She is deserving of it. After all, she's had to keep putting up with you for the majority of your life.
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