Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Top 15+ Best Items To Express Your Love And Gratitude


Last updated: Feb 17, 2021

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Top 15+ Best Items To Express Your Love And Gratitude

One may ask the question: "Is it a bit little too early to be looking into Mother's Day gift ideas?" Yes, it's only January now. Yet, time flies so fast that preparing your gift in advance for the holiday makes total sense. 

A great Mother's Day present expresses your love and gratitude to your mother - the single most important woman in anyone's life. She brought us into this world, raise us, love us unconditionally. An incredible Mother's Day gift is the least she deserves.

If you find yourself unclear about what to get your mom for Mother's Day, we're here to offer our help. Check out these stunning Mother's Day gifts that will put the biggest smile on your mother's face.

How to Pick The Perfect Mother's Day Gift?

Choosing a gift for anyone is challenging, choosing a gift for your mother, it's menacing, we know. Each mom has a different taste when things boil down to what she likes or doesn't like. 

mother daughter - mother's day gift ideas
Spend as much time as possible with your mother when you can.

To rub salt in the matter, you can't ask your mother what she wants for Mother's Day. It's insensitive and downright useless. She might say she already has everything that she needs and you will only waste your money purchasing a gift. 

So, how do you come up with the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas on your own? We have a few tips below that will help!

#1 Pay Attention to The Details

Here's a reason why planning the holiday pays off. The more time you spend with your mother, the better the chance you have at pinpointing the thing that she needs.

Pay close attention to the little things that she does every day. Is there a machine for it? How can you help her do what she does faster so she has more time for herself? Pick up a Mother's Day present to solve the little headaches.

#2 Put Her Health First

Health is always a priority. If you know what to get your mum for Mother's Day, pick up a present that contributes to her well-being. Our mother might not be around forever, but a healthy lifestyle should extend their presence in our life. 

mother daughter baking - mother's day gift ideas
Make sure your mom always leads a healthy and happy life.

#3 Think of Her Hobbies

Everyone has to have something that they do to pass away time. Help your mother enjoy her things of interest or hobbies. Finding the best gift ideas for Mother's Day doesn't get any easier than that. 

For example, if your mom is into painting, get her a brush kit, some blank canvas, or even a painting class. For those who love to read, a great book subscription fits the bill perfectly. 

#4 Ask Those Who Might Know

While asking your mom what she wants for Mother's Day is off the book, asking someone close to her for some Mother's Day gift ideas is an entirely different ballgame. 

i love mom hanger - mother's day gift ideas
If you have time, try to make some DIY gifts for your mother!

If you haven't been spending much time around your mom lately, there are two things you can do. For starters, you might want to spend more quality time with your mother. Secondly, ask someone who has been with her longer about what you should get for Mother's Day. That should pay out several present ideas for Mother's Day.

#5 Go Personalized!

If you want to find something unique and thoughtful for your mother, personalized Mother's Day gifts will do you justice. Personalized presents may sound like a long haul but we can guarantee that it's everything you look for and more. 

Personalized Mother's Day gifts can be customized with unique, one-of-a-kind designs and quotes to tell your stories. They invoke long-lost memories and bring a sentimental value to the gift.

banner personalized mother's day gifts

05 Impeccable Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas that You Shouldn't Miss

Every type of mom, no matter what they love or who they are, will appreciate a personal message. You can put it on a mug, pillow, blanket, canvas, and create a personalized gift for Mother's Day.

1. For The Best Mom Ever

Mugs may be common Mother’s Day gifts, but they’re popular for a reason. They're daily items that remind your mom how much you love her. Plus, they hold your mom’s favorite tea or coffee.

personalized mother's day mug - mother's day gift ideas
Shop with Gossby

The mother (pun intended) of all classic mugs? Check out Gossby's Mother's Day mug! The best personalized mom mug ever that comes with top-quality material, incredible color, graphics, and customizable messages. It doesn't get any better than that! 

So if you want to keep it simple and yet memorable for Mother’s Day, we suggest you stick to the mug - the best gift for mom.

2. For Moms Who Love to Relax

She’s always massaging her neck and trying a new stretch. Mom needs to relax, and she’d love a personalized pillow to rest her head. Add a secret funny message or an outrageous line that will make her laugh out loud and you have one of the best gift ideas for Mother's Day.
little princess personalized pillow - mother's day gift ideas
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3. For Moms Who Love to Get Cozy

It keeps her warm; it wraps her up warm, and it looks great as home decor. This Mother’s Day, I know your cozy mom would love a comfy throw. Better yet, make it a personalized fleece blanket too, she’ll swoon. If you can't be there to hold your mother tight, let Gossby's personalized blanket do that for you!
personalized mother's day blanket - mother's day gift ideas
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4. For Moms Who Love Funny Tees

There are tons of hilarious t-shirts out there for every “mom” type. Imagine what she loves to do and get her a related personalized t-shirt. The more unique, the more she’ll love it.

mamasaurus personalized mother's day shirt - mother's day gift ideas
Shop with Gossby

5. For The Cat Lovers

How many times have you seen mothers walking their pets? Probably a lot. If your mom is an animal lover, she’ll surely love a cute pet canvas. A pet canvas can be customized to include the name of your mom’s pet, its eye color, and its coat.

Additionally, this personalized canvas is among the most thoughtful gifts for pet lovers. A pet canvas also shows your mom that you value what she values, including her pet.

personalized cat canvas - mother's day gift ideas
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More Amazing Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Show Your Love

For those who aren't sold on the ideas of personalized Mother's Day gifts, we've picked out the top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas for you. The list below caters to moms of all hobbies with the most thoughtful items to match! 

1. Painting Supplies for Moms Who Love Art

You can buy her a set of brushes, fresh paints, or a useful pallet. Perhaps she’s got all of that, so instead get her a set of nice sketch pencils so she can practice her pre-sketches.

painting kit - mother's day gift ideas
Here's one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas for your mom to express her artistic self.

You can try an even more exciting idea if your mom loves painting. Get a personalized canvas and use a personal photo or funny moment, put it together with a mini-set of paints, and now she has a personalized paint by numbers gift. Amazing. 

2. For Moms Who Love Knitting

If your mom loves to knit, get her a nice new canvas to try, new knitting needles, or new yarn and materials. Impress her by finding out what she uses already, and she’ll love that you knew what to buy her.

Get her a pillow or blanket and she could knit a little addition to add a personal touch. Go a touch further and personalize the pillow or blanket so she’ll have one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift ideas.

knitting - creative mother's day gift ideas
New yarn equals new cozy clothing items for the whole family!

3. Gardening Gifts for Moms with a Green Thumb

Even during the wrong time of year, if your mom loves gardening, she’ll love plant and gardening gifts all year round. You can sign her up with a plant gift card or pick out some you know she’ll love.

There is always room for another hanging planter or tall corner tree plant for a gardening-loving mom. She may also like the little potted cacti and succulents, get her a handful so she can brighten up a few spots.

gardening - mother's day gift ideas
Help your mom indulge in nature and take care of her garden!

4. Modern Devices for Tech-savvy Moms

If your mom loves new tech, even though she can’t quite get the hang of it, she’d love a new gadget that she has to figure out. Try getting her Bluetooth speaker, or an Amazon Alexa speaker she can have conversations with. And make sure you’re watching when she tries it for some hilarious fun.

speaker - mother's day gift ideas
A personalized Bluetooth speaker with a photo of you and your mom makes one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas.

5. Empowering Books for Moms Who Love Reading

You can get her a book on a subject or style she loves or step it up and buy her a kindle. If she already has one, get her a new cover to protect it or a kindle books subscription gift.

books - mother's day gift ideas
Food for thought - never gets old!

6. Blank Journal for Moms Who Love to Write

This is the scribbler is one of the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas for those creative moms who love to write. Get her a blank journal for jotting down ideas, notes, thoughts, experiences, and lists of gratitudes. Write a secret message in the back and middle for her to find later, and you’ll make her smile ear to ear.

blank journal - mother's day gift ideas
A journal for your mom to jot down her shopping list or start her own memoirs.

7. Kitchen Supplies for Moms Who Cook

If you can imagine your mom dancing around a kitchen, waving a spoon around with the radio on, she’d love a kitchen gift that she’ll always use. An excellent cook loves recipes like a painter likes colors, so she’ll love a unique and fun cookbook. Get her something she wouldn’t know about, like “The Flavour Thesaurus” by Niki Segnit.

If she’s a ‘design-your-own-recipes’ type of woman, try a recipe organizer box. Find a personalized recipe organizer to make it more special with a unique message. 

kitchen supplies - mother's day gift ideas
A complete meal kit or monthly supplies of cooking recipes to keep your mom busy.

8. For Mom Who Love Flowers

Flowers are great, plants are even better. Get your mom an orchid for the best of both worlds and add a little note card that can stay inside the pot, for your mom to re-read.

flowers - mother's day gift ideas
Visit your local florist to get the freshest flowers in stock.

9. For Moms Who Love Jewelry

If she loves trying on new jewelry, then get her some new decorative bling. She would love an extra pair of earrings, a cute charm bracelet, or a unique ring to adorn her.

Jewelry - mother's day gift ideas
Jewelry is one of those Mother's Day gift ideas that can never go wrong!

10. Bathing & Shower Sets for Moms Who Love Baths

You’ve thought about bath bombs, bubble bath soap, and bath salts, so why not combine it all in a new unique bath soak kit? And she’d need a fresh new personalized towel to dry herself off after a relaxing soak. 

bathing supplies - mother's day gift ideas
Nothing beats a nice warm bath after a long day!

04 Relaxing Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Spa Gift Card

Everyone needs a nice massage after a long day, especially moms. All of the cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids will take a toll on their bodies. That's why one of the best present ideas for Mother's Day should be a gift card/coupon for an all-out spa getaway!

spa card - mother's day gift ideas
Your mother deserves the most comforting spa getaway to rejuvenate her soul!

Given the sacrifices your mom made for you, she needs to be pampered. You can pamper her through a facial, a massage, or the latest skincare routine. In short, you can give her a spa gift card. You can make the gift more special by joining her in the spa.

2. Skin-care Sets

She’s always bright-faced and smiling, and you’ve seen buckets of Oil-of-Olay and various face creams go by in the years. Try getting her a new facial brush or a natural face mask and she’ll feel fresh as a cucumber slice spa.

skin care products - mother's day gift ideas
It's never too late to start taking care of the skin.

3. Essential Oil Diffusers

If your mom loves new fresh smells and every time you visit there could be a fresh sea breeze smell, lime, lemon, or any combination of new unfamiliar smells, then she’d love an essential oil diffuser.

She’s tried essential oil but never got the hang of it, and an essential oil diffuser is a perfect way to start. Get her a diffuser and some sample oils to try first. You can learn what fragrance she likes and figure out new gift ideas for Mother's Day in the future. 

essential oil diffusers - mother's day gift ideas
Fill the living space with the relaxing fragrance of the essential oils.

4. Handmade Scarf

A gift you made is one of the most thoughtful things you can give your mom. If you know how to knit, we suggest giving your mom a handmade scarf. You can take things up a notch by sewing your mom’s name into the scarf. 

This Mother's Day gift makes your mom feel the warmth of your love during cold days. Looking for some great Mother's Day gift ideas homemade? Here's one that you can easily make at home.

handmade scarf - mother's day gift ideas
A nice and warm scarf to keep your mother cozy throughout the freezing winter.

Your Mother Deserves The Best!

Choosing the right present for mothers is never an easy task. We hope the Mother's Day gift ideas we listed above can help make your mission of finding the perfect item less of a challenge. 

Shower your mom with love and gratitude this Mother's Day. Celebrate the most important woman in your life - because she deserves all the best!

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