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The 20 Meaningful Memorial Gifts to Honor One's Life!


Last updated: Nov 04, 2021

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The 20 Meaningful Memorial Gifts to Honor One's Life!

There is nothing more sorrowful than losing a beloved person in your life. Honestly, he/she just goes out of sight but never out of mind. The gone-away person always stays in your heart and memory.

To fulfill the emptiness he/she leaves in your life, memorial gifts are a wonderful option. In this article, we will give you a list of memorial gifts for the departed people you love and your deceased pets.

What are Memorial Gifts?

You can see memorial gifts under another name, remembrance gifts. This type of gift is different from any present in the world. While other gifts come to cherish the happy moments of one’s life, memorial keepsakes are meant to appease one’s sorrow.

Decorating your places with memorial presents will show your eternal love towards your beloved ones who have passed away. Whenever you see the remembrance gifts, the people who have gone to the after-life world once again instantly go back to your memory. Therefore, you will feel that they are around you.

What are Appropriate Remembrance Gifts Ideas?

There are various memorial gifts options on the market. However, the mass-produced options can’t be as special as the customized ones.

Customizable memorials gifts allow owners to put on all the real-life moments and information on the products. This is a sense of uniqueness and meaningfulness that you can find nowhere else. For this reason, people tend to personalize memorial gifts to recall the presence of their departed partners.

Top 05 Heartfelt Personalized Memorial Gifts

It’s hard to minimize the pain of people who have lost their intimate person. Giving them sincere personalized memorial gifts can somehow diminish the sadness. Here are the gift choices you can select:

#1. "I'm Always With You" Mug

Your soulmate has gone to a better place. Along with that, he left a space in your soul that no one can occupy. This personalized memorial mug is one of the best memorial gifts for the loss of a husband that can make every memory between you and your life partner stay in your heart and mind forever.

The romantic image of a couple contemplating the sunset together will maintain the wonderful love of your couple, even when your husband is now far away from you.

cofee mug - memorial gifts

#2. "I Miss You More Than Anything - I Know" Poster

When your BFF is still beside you, it may be awkward to tell her that you desperately miss her. But, when she's gone, expressing your affection towards her is easier. In this case, you will never get her reply.

This customized poster will, on behalf of you, tell your departed BFF how much you miss her. No matter how long your bestie has gone, she seems to come back to you when you look at this poster.

poster - memorial presents
  • Browsing our Customized Posters Collection and select the one that heals the giftees' hearts!

#3. "Those We Love Don't Go Away They Walk Beside Us Everyday" Blanket

On the surface of this blanket is a quote implying an undeniable fact. Your family members, who have left you for good, still stay close to you as long as you keep their images in your mind and heart.

And, this custom fleece blanket will bring back the precious moments you have enjoyed with your family members. Using this blanket not only warms your body but your heart and soul as well.

personalized blanket - memorial gifts pets

#4. "I Miss You More Than Anything - I Know" Throw Pillow

This personalized pillow can be an impressive decorative item for your place. More than that, it can show others how much you love your mother and how enormous your sadness is when you can no longer meet her again.

Trying to forget your mom won’t help you to deal with the pain. Instead, recalling beautiful images of her is the most favorable way to take your mom back to your life.

throw pillow - remembrance gifts

#5."I'm Always With You" Blanket

The adorable little daughter is the amazing gift that God brings to you. Unfortunately, he takes her back too soon. Let this blanket embrace and pamper your heart!

The blanket’s theme relates to the cozy vibe you have shared with your little angel. In your heart and mind, you still know that you will celebrate Christmas with your daughter till the end of your life. What can be more heart-melting than a blanket as one of the memorial gifts for the loss of a daughter?

fleece blanket - memorial gifts ideas

The blanket’s theme relates to the cozy vibe you have shared with your little angel. In your heart and mind, you still know that you will celebrate Christmas with your daughter till the end of your life.

What can be more heart-melting than a blanket as one of the memorial gifts for the loss of a daughter?

There are so many more touching memorial gift ideas that can be found in our category. Visit now and claim special deals and offers!

banner personalized memorial gifts

05 Memorial Gifts For Loss of Mother

Mother-and-child love is the noblest love in the world. Nothing is more desirable and unconditional than such affection. As a natural rule, no one is immortal. These memorial gifts down here can be a cure for your soul, whose mother has departed.

#1. "Forever in My Heart" Mug

Winter is cold but not as cold as the hearts of people who can’t meet their mom anymore. This memorial mug will bring a touch of warmth into these people’s hearts, even in the least percentage.
When you see the image on the mug, you will get a reminder that your mom doesn’t go anywhere. She is forever in your heart.
ceramic mug - memorial gifts for loss of mother

#2. "I Miss You More Than Anything" Throw Pillow

What can be more memorable than the moment you contemplate the sunflower field with your mom? Sadly, you can’t have the opportunity from now on. The pillow realizes your desire to get your mom back. Your sorrow will be mollified with this meaningful memorial gift.

Whenever you sleep or cuddle this pillow, feel her love from heaven!

custom pillow - loss of mother memorial gifts

#3. Memorial Plaque

If you want to find memorial gifts ideas to place not only in your house but also in some formal places, memorial plaques are a good idea. The design and theme of a plaque will elegantly bring back the image of your mom. This memorial gift will bring a sense of peacefulness to where you hang it.

Memorial Plaque
Memorial Plaque - (Source: Crossroads - Walmart)

#4. Memorial Bracelet With Engraving

Unlike other memorial gifts that are only suitable to place or use at home, this one can go anywhere with you. A bracelet with the name of your beloved mom engraved on it will be a meaningful item to make you feel that your mom is by your side. Moreover, this gift can be a great piece of jewelry for you.

Memorial Bracelet With Engraving
Memorial Bracelet With Engraving - (Source: JoycuFF - Ubuy)

#5. Memorial Journal

We bet that you once had a diary. So, why don’t you turn a journal into a memorable diary of the amazing moment you have had with your departed mom?

Find a journal, design the cover as you like. Then, write down all the precious events between you and your mother. You can add some pictures or letters of you two as well.

Memorial Journal
Memorial Journal - (Source: Custom Journal Designs - Etsy)

05 Memorial Gifts For Loss of Father

Father is the one who has sacrificed much of his time and effort for the thriving of a family. When he’s gone, you will want to choose memorial presents to feel that he is around you. Check out these products.

#1. "I'm Always With You" Fleece Blanket

This blanket is about to warm up both the hearts and the bodies of people who no longer have their dad beside them. The peaceful theme of the blanket will allow you to retrieve all the worthy moments you had with your father. These memories will prove that your father is “always with you”.

custom fleece blanket - memorial gifts for loss of father

#2. "You Left My World But Never My Heart" Wrapped Canvas

Your father may leave you insight, but in your heart, he is still there. This personalized wrapped canvas will be a heart-touching decoration for your place. It looks like an ordinary family photo. The only difference is that the image of your father is now an angel.

wrapped canvas - personalized wrapped canvas

#3. Memorial Clock

Can a clock be a decent memorial gift? Yes, it can. A clock will tell you that time never stops, and so does the aging process of your father. Therefore, whenever you look at the clock, you will find out about the idea that the loss of your father is just an unchangeable rule of nature.

Memorial Clock For Loss Of Father
Memorial Clock For Loss Of Father (Source: Story Cabin - Etsy)

#4. Memorial Bracelet

This memorial gift idea is the same as the memorial bracelet for the loss of your mother. Yet, you can make it simpler. Unlike the jewelry bracelet above, you can make your memorial bracelet with some nylon strings and tiny copper discs on the bracelet.

With this one, you can show your love toward your departed father in the simplest yet most delicate way.

Memorial Bracelet
Memorial Bracelet (Source: Brielle Belle - Etsy)

#5. Memorial Lantern

The lantern often comes with spiritual meaning in some cultures. Hence, you can take lanterns as memorial gifts. Hanging a lantern with the name and age of your departed father carved on it will make you have the conception that the love fire inside you and your father will still burn ardently.

Memorial Lantern
Memorial Lantern (Source: Let's Make Memories Store - Amazon)

05 Memorial Gifts For Loss Of Pets

Fluffy four-legged friends steal their owner’s heart because of their cuteness and loyalty. Although they are not human-being, when they are gone, you can’t avoid the loneliness conquering your soul. These memorial pet gifts below can be an efficient remedy for you.

#1. Personalized Mug For Loss Of Pets

This mug will let the image of your adorable pets stay with you whenever you take a sip. The vibe of this mug is not the casual mischievous moment you spent with your pets, but it is a bit more peaceful and quiet. Therefore, it can be a more suitable piece of memorial gift for the loss of your pets.

mugs - memorial gifts pets

#2. "I Miss The Sound of Your Paws..." Throw Pillow

Dog owners are familiar with the sound created when their dogs move around the house. When they are not alive, the missing of the paw sound will worsen the sorrow in your heart.

Yet, the lovely memorial pillow can be one of the prominent dog memorial gifts you can pick to deal with the permanent absence of your furry pet. The wonderful image on the pillow will remind you of the great memories you have had with your four-legged friend.

pillows - memorial gift ideas

#3. Memorial Dog Portrait

Portraits of dogs can be amazing memorial gifts for pets. You can draw it by yourself or order the picture online. The themes of the portrait can be anything like chibi, cartoon, or realistic.

As long as the picture allows you to feel that your four-legged friend still appears in your life, it can be a decent memorial item to minimize your sadness because of your pet’s death.

Memorial Dog Portrait
Memorial Dog Portrait - (Source: Just Art in Around Etsy)

#4. Memorial Plaque For Loss of Pets

Plaque is a smaller version of a portrait. Instead of hanging on the wall, you can place a memorial plaque on your desk, living-room table, or dressing table. This stuff will light up the spot where you put it. More importantly, it'll let you see the images of your gone-away pet whenever you miss them.

Memorial Plaque For Loss Of Pets
Memorial Plaque For Loss Of Pets (Source: Wood Life Prints - Etsy)

#5. Memorial Pet Urn

If you feel that keeping your pet's mind is not enough, you can try to keep them physically in your places with the pet urns.

Honestly, your pet is no longer around you. The most precious things that will last for good are the love and memories you have had with them. These memorial urns will make their spiritual presence more obvious to you.

Memorial Pet Urn
Memorial Pet Urn (Source: NWA Store - Amazon)

Final Thought!

Memorial gifts often come in the broken-hearted moments of your lives, but their purpose is to mollify your feelings. Above, we have listed some most common memorial gifts which may meet your demands.

The gift can’t fully and instantly help you to get rid of the enormous sorrow. On the contrary, its curing feature for your soul will take effect gradually.

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