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Last updated: Oct 22, 2021

Gossby Experts


Chances are, Halloween is a fun-filled holiday delighting both adults & children alike. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak occurred in the past 2 years, many people have been wondering whether it's possible to celebrate the holiday this year.

The answer is yes and to make it even more special, Gossby has something to share with you. 

This Halloween, let's leave out all the negative thoughts, get ready to celebrate the holiday, and participate in GOSSBY'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST (of course, you'll claim the prizes). 

Bring your scariest face to the party and win at Gossby's Halloween Costume Contest!

Enjoying the event together with your loved ones, having a jovial holiday, getting rewards... Gossby would love to bring you all these wonderful things.

Detailed information about the contest is right below. Keep scrolling for the juicy parts!

About The Gossby's Halloween Contest 

Dressing up in spooky costumes is a not-to-miss tradition that we love to enjoy when it comes to Halloween. 

Knowing that we would love to announce that IT'S TIME FOR HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!! 

  • 🧛 Unleash your dark side with a fang-tastic Halloween Costume Contest! 

  • 💀 Who would you be this year? Maleficent, the Nun, IT, or Annabelle? 

  • 🧟 Summon your spooky squad and claim the group prize. 

Get ready, let’s see how to enter the contest!!! 

How It Works 

  • Comment “Yes” in our >>post<< and tag at least 2 friends to enter. 

  • Gather your group of 5 people. 

  • Dress up in your favorite Halloween costumes and take ONE picture of the group. 

  • Post it on your Facebook or Instagram account or both (set public mode) and hashtag #gossbyhalloweencontest.

Comment and tag 2 friends on the post to join our Halloween Costume Contest!

How We Score 

  • 1 reaction = 1️⃣ point 

  • 1 comment = 2️⃣points 

  • 1 share (public) = 3️⃣ points

How We Reward

It’s the most hair-raising, spine-tingling, boo-licious part of this contest! 

You and your squad will receive TWO Free Gifts EACH, including:

  • 🏆A Group Prize that is worth $500

  • 🏅20% OFF codes for everyone participating


The contest starts on Friday 22nd and ends on Sunday 31st October at 11:59 PM EST.

We’ll announce ONE (1) WINNER on Tuesday 2nd November.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! It's easy for everyone to enjoy and get prizes. Fire up your Halloween spirit and get extra happiness for the holiday!!

Have a spooky night to remember!

Wrapping Up!

Spice up your Halloween this year with our awesome Costume Contest. You’ll get the best of both worlds – enjoying a frighteningly fun night with your broom mates and hunting down spooky prizes! What could be a better way to celebrate the day of the spirit than this?!

Let’s jump on board and make it a night to remember.

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