How to Adorn Your Cozy Space with Fall Décor?


Last updated: Oct 16, 2021

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How to Adorn Your Cozy Space with Fall Décor?

When the leaves start falling this Autumn, it's time for us to prepare the house for the Holiday season. We've compiled a collection of fall decor ideas to help inspire you this season, whether you're seeking to freshen up the indoors with some pumpkin-themed tasks or putting the finishing touches on the rustic fall landscape outside your house.

After diving into this article and find the best way to decor your home for fall, you can find the perfect personalized autumn items to make your space as warm as pumpkin spice season. 

When Should You Put Out Fall Decor Ideas?

The best time to put the fall decor out is in September or October when the weather starts changing.  One thing you should remember that never hanging fall decor before August because your decorations may be in sync with the season.

Additionally, If you don't want to confuse people between fall decor & holiday decor, here is your tip. Just choose fall-appropriate decor and add the holiday elements later when you decide to decorate your living space before the first holiday - Halloween

20 Fall Decor Ideas You Should Try This Year!

T0here are so many elegant & chilling ways to decorate your home for fall. From pumpkins, gourds to fall foliage..., you can mix all of them across your mantle or you can stagger them artfully down your front steps.

For more ideas about fall home decor, let check this list below.

05 Fall Decor Ideas for Living Room

1. Level Up Your Space with Personalized Autumn-themed Mug

Yes, using autumn-themed mugs for home decor is a unique way to decorate your home for fall. With a set of mugs (as the image you can see) you’re about to level up the fall wall decor with the leave-falling-season vibe.

personalized mugs are the best fall decor ideas

Moreover, if you’re a coffee lover and looking for unique mugs to enjoy your morning drink, personalized mugs are always perfect to go for.

Looking for more ideas about home décor or wall décor? These articles will get your back:

2. It’s all about Throw Pillows

When it comes to fall decor for the living room, throw pillows are great to consider. You can choose a pillow with a cover that has an autumn-themed image and color printed on it.

custom throw pillow is the best fall decor

Not just for decorating, throw pillows will bring you some time to chill. Can you feel the relaxation while hugging them and enjoying your favorite TV shows?

3. Bring Farmhouse Style to Your Walls

If you want farmhouse fall decor, this idea is for you. With only a few seasonal items, a farmhouse gallery wall can be transformed into a fall wonderland. For texture, for example, you may easily weave in cotton branches throughout your arrangement.

Bring Farmhouse Style to Your Walls (Source: Kindesign)

For a splash of seasonal color, place pumpkins and mums beside corbels and artwork. Don't forget to add warm touches, such as a knit blanket and checkered cushion, to the area beneath your art display.

4. Using Blanket for Fall Wall Decor

A blanket is not a thing to keep you warm but a great decor item. Choose a personalized blanket with the fall-season theme to bring a cozy vibe to your living room and level up your blanket wall as well.

custom blanket is a good fall decoration

5. Embrace Seasonal Florals

Fresh-from-the-farm accents are almost always necessary in a farmhouse fall decor space. These gourd-turned-planters certainly meet the description, showcasing lovely flowers atop a metal cake stand. A display of mums, zinnias, or dahlias can instantly add fall flair to your kitchen counter.

Embrace Seasonal Florals - fall decor for home - Better Homes and Gardens
Embrace Seasonal Florals (Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

05 Fall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

1. Warm Up with Texture

Don't you know, textures matter! If you're seeking a cozy fall decor for your bedroom, you won't miss this option. To keep the room warmer and cozier, use warm blankets and plush cushions, soften the area with appropriate carpets, and hang thick curtains.

Warm Up with Texture - fall decor for bedroom
Warm Up with Texture (Source: Overstock)

These fabrics will warm you up and make you feel cozier and more comfortable, which is crucial in the fall. And, as I previously stated, if you choose fall-colored ones, you will receive two for the price of one.

2. Treat Yourself with Scented Candles

People have congregated around fires for thousands of years for warmth and security, thus lighting a few candles has a profound and pleasant influence on people. Large pillar candles give a richness to the décor, whilst tealights may brighten and soften a space, alleviating tension with gentle flickering.

Treat Yourself with Scented Candles - fall decor ideas - Yahoo
Treat Yourself with Scented Candles (Source: Yahoo)

If you want to avoid open flames, several great battery-powered candles appear just like genuine things. Of course, burning candles are the greatest option for the smell. To guarantee safety and aesthetic effect, place them in hurricane glass or candleholders.

3. Add Some Pumpkins

Incorporating pumpkin and pumpkin décor elements into your room is one of the simplest ways to incorporate fall into your house. Small pumpkins may be utilized as accents around your space, while bigger pumpkins can be used to create a focal point on a shelf or even on the floor.

Add Some Pumpkins - fall decor ideas
Add Some Pumpkins (Source: The Budget Decorator)

However, if you're using actual pumpkins, don't carve them! They don't function well inside and will decay before Halloween arrives.

4. Hang a Wreath

By integrating natural fall hues into a wreath, you can add natural fall colors to your home! A wreath may be hung on your entrance, above your bed, or even on the windows! This is an excellent method to liven up windows and blank walls while also giving your home a festive fall vibe. Take a look at these lovely fall wreaths built from Dollar Tree materials.

Hang a Wreath - fall decor bedroom
Hang a Wreath (Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

5. Switch Out Art & Objects

Fall bedroom decor ideas, like any other, necessitate a fast room refresh, and decorative accessories and art items are always the least expensive and quickest methods to revitalize any space. Change things around from room to room and experiment with placement for new perspectives on your favorite pieces.

Switch Out Art & Objects fall decor bedroom - Kirklands
Switch Out Art & Objects (Source: Kirklands)

05 Outdoor & Porch Fall Decor Ideas

1. Warm Light For Colorful Night

A cozy and chilling autumn atmosphere always goes with the right type of lighting. The easiest way to liven up outdoor fall decor is using pre-lit wreaths, twig trees, pumpkins, or garlands. Warm LED lights will create a pleasant ambiance on your patio.

Warm Light For Colorful Night fall decor outside - Best Products
Warm Light For Colorful Night (Source: Best Products)

These will brighten up your evening get-togethers. When dining al fresco, use LED candles and lanterns to create an amazing table setting. LED flameless candles emit the same radiance as genuine candlelight. There's no need to be concerned about wax drippings or the dangers of an open flame.

2. Accessorize with What You Already Have

Using items you already have laying around, add intriguing accents to your fall porch and yard décor. Combine elements that complement your décor ideas, such as a rustic bucket or watering can be filled with dried stalks.

Accessorize with What You Already Have - fall decor outdoor - Town and Country Magazine
Accessorize with What You Already Have (Source: Town and Country Magazine)

Turn an upside-down box into a side table. As a centerpiece, fill a bowl with a variety of fall leaves. Alternatively, fill a basket with a combination of pumpkins and apples.

3. Pumpkins & More

Pumpkins are a must-have for outdoor fall décor. Clusters of pumpkins in various forms, sizes, and textures may be used to decorate your front entrance, stairs, and walkways. Place them on the ground, a seat, or a table. Artificial ones will last you till Halloween.

Pumpkin for fall decor ideas
Pumpkin for fall decor ideas (Source: The Pioneer Woman)

Combine pumpkin décor with fall foliage, corn stalks, and hay bales to make a harvest-themed display. Make your pumpkin patch at home with various gourds and foliage.

4. Display Cozy Texture

Natural components such as wood, woven fabrics, and metal lend a rustic vibe to your outdoor environment. Softer textures, such as thick-knitted wool or flannel blankets, provide a cozier environment.

Display Cozy Texture for fall decor
Display Cozy Texture (Source: Homedit)

Rearrange your patio furniture to make it comfier to lounge. Add cushioned chairs or a rocking rocker, then scatter cushions, thick throws, and checkered blankets on the floor. These add warmth to your outdoor settings and keep you comfortable on winter evenings.

5. Embellish With Greenery

Fill any gaps between plants, pumpkins, and another front porch décor with beautiful foliage, like eucalyptus leaves. Not only does eucalyptus look wonderful, but it is also quite easy to maintain.

Embellish With Greenery for fall porch decor
Embellish With Greenery (Source: The Spruce)

05 Creative DIY Fall Decor

Are you looking for some fall decor ideas for your home? These 5 easy autumn crafts & DIY fall décor ideas may help you bring the fall spirit into your house!

1. String Together a Burlap Banner

Make a burlap banner to hang over your fireplace or on a home accent wall! This long-lasting fall décor idea is simple, affordable, and requires few materials. This may also be a great activity for youngsters to participate in.

String Together a Burlap Banner - DIY fall decor
String Together a Burlap Banner (Source: Pinterest)

2. Paint Pumpkins & Gourds

Do you want to decorate pumpkins but not carve them? Without the hassle of carving, use acrylic paint to create colorful, seasonal motifs on pumpkins and ornamental gourds. Add basic patterns like chevron or polka dots, write a seasonal message, or paint a picture - the possibilities are infinite!

Paint Pumpkins & Gourds - fall decor outdoor ideas
Paint Pumpkins & Gourds (Source: Gluesticks Blog)

3. Craft a Wine Cork Pumpkin

This is a great alternative way to use pumpkins for fall decor. To make a wine cork pumpkin, save the corks from a few wine bottles from your holiday parties, glue them together, and then add twine and a fabric leaf. This fall decoration, unlike a real pumpkin, will never decay!

Craft a Wine Cork Pumpkin DIY fall decor
Craft a Wine Cork Pumpkin (Source: Storenvy)

4. Make Leaf Lanterns

Another simple fall decor that you can try is leaf lanterns. This affordable DIY fall decoration is made using craft glue and some leaves. When you're completed, don't forget to put a real or battery-powered tea light inside to make the lantern shine!

Make Leaf Lanterns
Make Leaf Lanterns (Souce: Southern Living)

5. Create a Planter Box Centerpiece

Why not build your autumn table decorations? They can alter any dining area. Fill a planter box with leaves, gourds, burlap ribbon, and other decorative accents to make your perfect DIY fall centerpiece!

Create a Planter Box Centerpiece
Create a Planter Box Centerpiece (Source: Pinterest)

The Bottom Lines!

As the Fall approaches, it's time for comfy nights in, enjoying the holiday with your family, friends and starting decorating for fall. Each fall festival is an opportunity to add a one-of-a-kind flair to your living space. Check out our 20 fall decor ideas for even more fall inspiration.

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