How To Make DIY Custom Ceramic Mugs At Home?


Last updated: Nov 03, 2021

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How To Make DIY Custom Ceramic Mugs At Home?

Custom ceramic mugs make a cute, personalized, memorable gift for your loved ones. Affordable and relatively easy to make, you can customize your ceramic mug any way you want, the limit is your imagination! As we are heading into the Christmas season, it’s important to start planning your loved ones’ gifts to save any disappointment.

We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to find out how to make your personalized mug. With a million different guides and instructions available online, trialing different methods can eat a lot of your time and be more hassle than it’s worth. 

Don’t have the time to DIY or it’s just not your style? Finding a reputable retailer of personalized ceramic mugs can be a headache in itself. That’s why we have created this comprehensive guide, so you can make your dream personalized mug with ease.

Why Customized Ceramic Mugs?

There are many benefits to choosing custom made ceramic mugs:
  1. Ceramic is environmentally friendly compared to glass/plastic. 
  2. Ceramic is more durable and customizable than plastic and glass mugs.
  3. A personalized ceramic mug is an easy, thoughtful gift your loved one will adore.
  4. The personalization options are endless! You are truly only limited by your imagination.
  5. Ceramic is easy-to-care-for and resistant to stains.
  6. Easy business idea. Creating personalized coffee mugs as a small business is affordable.
A ceramic mug can serve many purposes in your home.
All in all, custom ceramic coffee mugs make a versatile, durable and thoughtful gift. Environmentally friendly, your loved ones will appreciate receiving a gift they can use.

How To Make DIY Custom Ceramic Mugs?

There are two ways you can create your custom made coffee mugs today:

DIY Custom Ceramic Mugs At Home

You can create your DIY ceramic mug at home by using three printing methods; direct screen printing, digital printing, or transfer printing. 
  • #1 When using direct screen printing, you use a mesh screen to transfer the ink onto the mug. This method is only suitable for simple and small images, so your customization options are limited.
  • #2 Transfer printing involves printing the design on special paper and then over-coating the design on a ceramic surface. After the design is coated, the mug is placed in a water slide transfer and then applied by hand. This method is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and is prone to mishaps and errors occurring.
  • #3 The third method you can use to create your DIY ceramic mug at home is digital printing. This method required a printer. You print your design directly onto a special piece of coated paper. You then transfer the picture to the mug using a water slide transfer. The finish is a full-color, permanent image on your coffee mug.
You can easily customize a plain coffee cup into something of a wonder.

All three of these methods are labor-intensive. High up-front costs including the printer, other specialist equipment, and paper make this option very costly. Plus, some methods limit the level of customization you can apply to your cup, as the printing is limited to small, basic designs.

DIY ceramic mugs at home leave a lot of margin for error. You will have to trial and error multiple designs, cups, and printing methods to find what works for you. Plus, the result is not guaranteed. So, if you leave this last minute, it can leave you in quite a mess!

Why Make Your Custom Ceramic Mugs Online?

Your other option for making DIY custom ceramic mugs is to create one online. This is the method we recommend. Affordable, high-quality, and guaranteed to be what you asked for - creating your custom mug online saves you time, and money and is a lot less hassle.

There is a wide selection of designs available when you choose to DIY your mug online. These designs are created by professionals, and you can personalize them how you see fit.

Gossby is one of the many platforms from which you can purchase quality custom ceramic mugs.

You can create your mug from anywhere, on any device. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or a desktop, you’ll be able to create the perfect customized coffee mug from anywhere!

Plus, this option is stress-free. You follow the prompts given to you by the website and there you have it, your dream custom coffee mug in a few easy steps. 

To top it all off, you don’t waste your valuable time trying different methods to see what works. By ordering through a reputable retailer, your mug is guaranteed to be exactly what you asked for. Plus, a reputable retailer has a proven customer guarantee, so any issues can be sorted out for you straight away. Creating your DIY mug online is the best way to save your time, money and create your dream mug stress-free.

Where to Get Personalized Ceramic Mugs Online?

It’s important to shop through a reputable retailer when creating your DIY custom ceramic mug online. Reputable retailers have great customer service options and can help troubleshoot any issues you may face. If your mug arrives damaged or broken, a reputable retailer will be ready to help you. That’s because reputable retailers are customer-oriented - your satisfaction is what matters the most to them.

Here are our recommendations for the best online retailers of personalized ceramic mugs:


Gossby is the industry leader in personalized gifts. Affordable, high-quality, and fast-shipping, Gossby truly makes your custom mug shopping experience stress-free. With over 30,000 reviews onTrustpilot.com, Gossby is recognized for its exceptional customer service and quality goods. Plus, the website is easy to navigate and you can have your DIY ceramic mug on the way in as little as five minutes. 
Want to make your own custom coffee mugs without any hassle? Visit Gossby!


Vistaprint offers cute customized gifts and two options for your custom printed ceramic mugs. You can choose to have a wrap-around print or 2-sided printing for your DIY mug. Vistaprint DIY mugs come in 325ml size and offer high-quality printing. Less affordable than Gossby, Vistaprint is still a good option for those looking for basic customization of their mug. 


Snapfish is an Australian online retailer of customized gifts. They are renowned for their picture mugs. Snapfish does not have the range of personalization options that Gossby and Vistaprint offer, but are a good choice if you are looking to make a photo mug. 


Ribbet is a good option if you are looking to create holiday-themed customized ceramic mugs. They do not offer the range of personalization options that Gossby has but are still a reputable retailer of personalized gifts.

All of these retailers are reputable and deliver quality products. However, Gossby is the best option out of these retailers. With a wealth of customization options available, premier designs, and guaranteed quality, these affordable mugs will meet your DIY needs. Plus, the customer service at Gossby is exceptional. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Shop Personalized Coffee Mugs With Gossby

Gossby is a trusted vendor with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot. They have many collections for different occasions, so you are sure to find the perfect mug design for your needs.

Looking for a mug for your mother, sisters, dad, or best friends? Gossby has the solution for you. One of their most popular designs is this BFF mug, which your best friend is sure to love. Gossby is an expert in producing top-quality ceramic mugs customized with your own story.
Personalized mugs also make great decorative pieces for your loving home.
If you’re wanting to make DIY personalized ceramic mugs, using a reputable online retailer is the best option for you. Guaranteed quality, highly durable, and with a wealth of designs created by professionals available for your choosing - your mug will look incredible. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied, there is a whole team of customer service representatives that are readily available to assist you. 

Gossby is the best online retailer of personalized gifts available on the market. Dedicated to producing high-quality ceramic mugs that are personalized with your story, Gossby has a range of options that will suit all of your DIY gift needs.

With a 4.4-star rating ontrustpilot.com and over 30,000 reviews, it’s no wonder that Gossby is an industry leader in this niche. Shop the extensive range at Gossby now to start creating your dream customized coffee mug today.

Browse our collection to find the design that you love the most!

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Final Thought!

This guide gave you an in-depth look into how to make your DIY ceramic mugs, including at home and online. Whilst making your custom ceramic mugs at home may be a fun activity, it can be time-consuming, expensive, and often does not come out how you intended.

There’s a lot of trial and error involved in creating the perfect customized mug. When you create your DIY mug at home, you are often limited in designs, complexity, and color choices.

Shopping online saves you time, and money and has a better range of designs. This is why we recommend choosing a high-quality online retailer like Gossby to ensure your custom mug is of the highest quality.

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