Couple Pillows: Top 10 Mesmerizing Ideas For Lovers


Last updated: Apr 10, 2022

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Couple Pillows: Top 10 Mesmerizing Ideas For Lovers

Cute and beautiful couple pillows are full of potential for those who are in love. If your sweetheart is living apart and wants to share a romantic bond, couple pillowcases can keep things spicy. On the flip side, a funny couple pillowcase design can make your day and relieve tension. 

For lovers, owning items for couples is a strong statement to the world that you belong with someone. Besides t-shirts, rings, and some other cute things, pillows for a couple are in many pairs’ mindset. 

If you’re new to them and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help. Scroll down to find out the best item to ease your dream at Gossby.

What are Couple Pillows?

Couple pillows are designed specifically for loving duos. They contain a spiritual meaning of having someone to protect them when the night comes. In addition, they’re also packed with love from the other half to meet each other in dreams.

They can be separated into two different types of use:

  • To sleep on: after feeling the warmth in his/her arm, you may want to experience a nice sleep together. This kind of couple pillow will help the cuddlers have a sweet dream besides their lovebird.

  • To decorate with printed/ designed images such as personalized couple pillowcases at Gossby (our store) and some other e-commerce sites.

With the typical usages, you can choose the appropriate one to make a gift for couples. One type is to make your spooning better while the other one is to create features to love.

How to Pick the Perfect Couple Pillows?

At the end of the day, a pillow plays an important role in supporting us in our go-to sleeping position. Or else, it’s a thing to feel the comfortable sense after stress and tiring at work. With a comfortable pillow for couples, they need to work more on keeping the love affair long-lasting and alive.

How to Pick the Perfect Couple Pillows?

But do you know what the best one for your love is? A right pillow will help to relieve pressure and alleviate neck pain thanks to the neutral alignment.

So, you can opt for the price-worthy couple pillows according to the suitable size, softness, or matching your interests/hobbies. The design of the pillow is also important to notice. 

If you’re still wondering how to choose the perfect one for you and your partner, take a look at our suggestions below!

Fluffy & Comfortable Couple Pillows to Check Out

As there are so many types of them that you don’t know exactly what you truly expect. We have compiled an ultimate collection of both personalized couple pillows and ordinary ones for you to pick the adorable pillowcase for your bed look.

05 Couple Pillows for The Cuddlers

Searching for something new to add spices to love is never a bad idea. Now we’ll introduce the 05 most common pillows for your beloved that help you have a spark of joy in love.

#1. Funny Lovebird Pillow

Giving this couple pillow gift to him/ her will get a warm hug back. It’s a nice way to place the worries of the day behind you two. It turns your bedtime into a sanctuary of peace and takes the weight out of sticky situations.

Vintage Red Bird with Love Words Decorative Pillow
Vintage Red Bird with Love Words Decorative Pillow (Source: Royalours - Amazon)

#2. Long-distance Relationship Pillow

When the world is getting more and more modern, distance is not a big problem for lovers. However, they still need something to link with the half one and a couple pillowcase design is a thing to get in. Through the lovely pillowcase, long distance is neither here nor there.

Long-distance Relationship Pillow
Long-distance Relationship Pillow (Source: Amore Beaute - Etsy)

#3. Thankful Couple Pillow

Have you told your sweetheart how important they are in your life? So this is a deal for your gravity. Embracing it every night can keep the compassion alive. You can give it to your partner on Thanksgiving or any other occasion that you want.

Thanks for All the Organisms
Thanks for All the Organisms (Source: Amazon)

#4. Bubble Love Boy & Girl Pillow

When love comes to a certain phase, the passion flame would fade out sometimes. To support you to burn it more and prove that you always love him/ her, a pillowcase of a sweet kissing boy and girl will be a great idea.

Love Bubble Pillow
Love Bubble Pillow (Source: Boy Meets Girl)

#5. Prince & Princess Pillows

The more you two are side by side, the more you respect each other. No matter how long you have been together, calling them prince or princess will make their day full of honor and sweetness.

Prince & Princess Pillows
Prince & Princess Pillows (Source: So Cute - Amazon)

05 Personalized Couple Pillows for Stunning Decor

Unlike stereotypical pillows for a couple, personalized couple pillowcases are symbolic of your relationship. You can customize from the art to the text designed on the product to convey personal touches and meaningful messages. 

In case you’re still hesitating for personalized couple pillows’ softness and appearance, we ensure to give the high quality with uniqueness and pretty decoration. Here are the top 05 marvelous suggestions that will grab your darling’s heart at the first sight.

Some of them are available on our website.

#1. “Valentine’s Day Together” Pillow

When Cupid shot the arrow into both of you, he wishes to see you two every Valentine’s Day. Impressing your boo with a couple pillows like this one will score the goal. The red theme indicates the love and sweetness that you have always wanted to have throughout the years.
Together Since couple pillows
Price: $28
Shop with Gossby
For the tough days when you cannot meet eyes to the eye, the throw pillow featuring a cute couple will help to remind you of your loving bond. It’s one of the most awesome personalized Valentine’s gifts for him/ her.

#2. “I Didn’t Fart - I Blew You a Kiss” Pillow 

Keep the unique pillow for your sweet days to come. If you want to offer something special embracing deep meaning for your partner, here it is. It’s a lovely reminder for you both that you have come to this stage of love.

I Didn't Fart I Blew You A Kiss couple pillow case design
Shop with Gossby

With a funny message along with an image of a cute Corgi, the customized “I didn’t fart - I blew you a kiss” pillow should be listed in your wishlist of gifts for couples. It’s beautiful that will make you smile throughout the day.

#3. “You - Me and The Dogs” Pillow

For the loving pair adoring pets, the personalized pillows for dog people will warm their hearts for sure. Their love story with the add-on appearance of dogs is the one that you want to live through.

You & Me And The Dogs personalized couple pillows
Shop with Gossby

With the cute images of a boy and a girl cheering up with their little dogs, all the fatigue seems to disappear. The pillow carves happiness and relief to overcome the upcoming obstacles. Do you want to take it home? Don’t miss a chance to possess it with a big deal from Gossby.

#4. “I Fell for You & I’m Still Failing” Photo Pillow

Not every night you can feel the same way about your sweetheart as when you first met. But the warm sense is always there like the way it’s around a couple through the sun and rain. When he/ she is in your arm, the world becomes silent to let your pair brighten up with happiness and romance.

I fell for you and I'm still falling personalized couple pillow cases
Shop with Gossby

The most remarkable point of this pillow is that you can choose a beautiful photo of your pair and insert it into the design. Take the personalized couple pillows with photos to show your love. It goes beyond the normal expressions of sweetness and even develops a bond.

#5. “All of Me Loves All of You” Pillow

There’s no limit to love including age and gender. For LGBT couples, the colorful throw pillow will serve to turn your bedroom into an amazing haven. They can be perfect personalized gifts for lesbian couples showing how much the better half means to them.

All of Me Loves All of You couple pillow gift
Shop with Gossby

Celebrate your relationship for every nautical thing with the special couple pillowcase design. It’s created with simple graphics but enough to light up your bedroom corner. The customized aspect gives a great personal touch to complete the symbol of love.

Where to Get Personalized Couple Pillows From?

Hundreds of e-commerce sites and platforms appear on the Internet with a variety of customized presents. But you should select trustworthy websites to get high-quality items at affordable prices.

Here are 03 trustworthy e-commerce sites for you to pick the perfect personalized couple pillowcases.

#1. Gossby

With 4.4 stars of evaluation from customers on TrustPilot - a review website for all brands over the world, Gossby is one of the top online stores for you to find the best couple pillows. This platform provides several unique yet pretty designs, attracting the giftee’s care from the first time.

Besides, Gossby’s customer service is highly appreciated when replying to the customers’ questions and wondering. We always work with all of our efforts to give the best service to everyone.

Browse our category to discover more pillow designs for your beloved!

banner personalized pillows

#2 Amazon

Being a great brand of e-commerce for many years, Amazon isn’t strange to those who love online shopping. It often gives many great deals to help customers have the best experience of purchasing on the Internet.

#3 Etsy

Talking about personalized products, we cannot miss Etsy. They also have diverse styles of customization and bring excellent service to customers.

More ideas to surprise your sweethearts!

In Short Lines

You might look for a way to celebrate your romantic love on a special occasion or even suddenly on a beautiful day. Give these cutest couple pillows as gifts for your beloved and you’ll smell the aroma of sweetness.

After a long day with work and stress from life, you two wish to spend the beautiful moments together. Have a coffee or take some time to watch an interesting movie with our mentioned suggestions. Heaven is right here.

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