50+ Happiness Quotes For Your Life-changing Attitude


Last updated: Aug 31, 2021

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50+ Happiness Quotes For Your Life-changing Attitude

The hectic pace of life and increasing pressure from daily work have greatly strained modern people. When you feel down and want to give up, happiness quoteson certain objects like a canvas print or a mug will give you the strength to overcome all difficulties.

You can create your source of joy by customizing your favorite designs and choosing to convey messages about happiness when you trust the Gossby. It is a great way to fill your daily life with laughter and joyfulness from seeing cheering quotes on personal objects.

The following article will give you some interesting examples of awesome quotes about true pleasure for your brighter days in life. Let’s get started!

2 Happiness Messages From Gossby That Lifts You Up

If you are searching for joy in every aspect of life, Gossby will satisfy your need by introducing two special happiness messages on particular objects for your everyday use. 

Adding these lovely messages from Gossby on personalized mugs is a brilliant way to start a new day with a cup of coffee. You will find the support and encouragement from these quotes and have more faith in life to tackle all problems.

Top 1: You Were Born To Be Real Not To Be Perfect

The cheery quote “You were born to be real not to be perfect” is the best message for you whenever you are under stress. You may not be a perfect person, but you are the only version of yourself, and no one can deny it.

Happy messages at Gossby
"You Were Born To Be Real Not To Be Perfect" quote's printed on a mug
Having this quote printed on your mug will be an ideal choice for a fresh start every morning. Taking a sip with the mug reminds you to feel confident in your true beauty and believe in yourself.

Top 2: Life Is Tough But So Are You

These wonderful words will help you have a positive attitude towards life, no matter how tough it is. You are mentally tougher than you may think, and that personality trait can lead you to unexpected results.

happiness quotes by gossby
"Life Is Tough But So Are You" quote's printed on a mug
This quote is perfect for a customized mug because it encourages you not to give up and try your best to overcome all difficulties. This quote mug will accompany you through all ups and downs in life by encouraging you to keep looking straight into a bright future.

10 True Happiness Quotes

The easiest way to feel happy is to create your source of joy. By adding emotional quotes on a personalized canvas, you will always feel motivated to start a new day in a cheerful mood.

The canvas print with amazing quotes is everything you are looking for if you want to live a stress-free and happy life.

True Happiness Quotes
  • The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose. - John Mason Brown

  • The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open. - Chuck Palahniuk

  • True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents. - John W. Gardner

  • True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  • True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. - Helen Keller

  • True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one’s self. - Joseph Addison

  • Being of service to others is what brings true happiness. - Marie Osmond

  • Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness. - Bertrand Russell

  • Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. - Mother Teresa 

  •  Happiness is your treasure because it lies within you. - Prem Rawat

10 Simple Happiness Quotes

Happiness is a simple thing that lies in you and every moment of your life. Try to find joy in everything you do, and you will realize that life is full of pleasure.

With some simple quotes printed on customized canvas prints, your attitude towards life will be drastically changed for an enjoyable life.

Simple Happiness Quotes
  • The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Dalai Lama

  • Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. - John Barrymore 

  • Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. - William James

  • When ambition ends, happiness begins. - Thomas Merton

  • There is no way to happiness - happiness is the way. - Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Happiness is not doing fun things. Happiness is doing meaningful things. - Maxime Lagacé 

  • We don’t laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh. - William James

  • It always comes back to one thing: You should be doing what makes you happy. - Charles Orlando

  • Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mahatma Gandhi

  •  Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions. - Dalai Lama

10 Success & Happiness Quotes

Success and happiness are the two things that everyone seeks in life. However, not many people know that a positive attitude decides everything. 

It is advisable that before you want to succeed, you should find joy and peace of mind first.

Success & Happiness Quotes
  • True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment. - Dada Vaswani

  • The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind. - Bobby Davro

  • All happiness depends on courage and work. - Honoré de Balzac

  • Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer

  • Success without happiness is failure - Tony Robbins

  • Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. - Helen Keller

  • Anything you’re good at contributes to happiness. - Bertrand Russell

  • Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. - Viktor E. Frankl

  •  Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind and enjoyment and happiness which come only to the man who has found the work that he likes best. - Napoleon Hill

10 Famous Quotes About Happiness

When you feel discouraged and see no hope in life, joyfulness quotes from famous people can help you come to your senses and feel happy again.

You can add many heart-warming words of encouragement to personalized posters and hang them on the wall to make happy wall art. Whenever you look at these quotes, you will have the confidence and strength to encounter difficulties in life with a positive mindset.

Famous Quotes About Happiness
  • There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. - George Sand

  • Happiness depends upon ourselves. - Aristotle

  • People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln

  • Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

  • Happiness is a direction, not a place. - Sydney J. Harris

  • If you want to be happy, be. - Leo Tolstoy

  • Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. - Omar Khayyam

  • The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters. - Audrey Hepburn

  • Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness. - Ayn Rand

  •  When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. - Helen Keller

10 Bible Quotes About Happiness

The following options of bible quotes will help you free your mind and go back to your peaceful mindset for a happy life. You can print these quotes out and hang them on a canvas to remind you to live happily every day.

Bible Quotes About Happiness
  • You must never forget that greatness does not guarantee happiness, but good always does. - Sri Chinmoy

  • All true happiness, pure joy, sweet bounties, and unclouded pleasure are contained within the knowledge and love of God. - Said Nursi

  • If you hope for happiness in the world, hope for it from God, and not from the world. - David Brainerd

  • Happiness and comfort stream immediately from God himself, as light issues from the sun; and sometimes looks and darts itself into the meanest corners, while it forbears to visit the largest and the noblest rooms. - James H. Aughey

  • Jesus makes you happy in reality. The world makes you happy escaping from reality. - Jack Hyles

  • Nothing is happy until it fulfills the purpose for which it was created by God. - Jack Hyles

  • The strength and happiness of a man consist in finding out how God is going and going that way too. - Henry Ward Beecher

  • Happiness is neither without us nor within us. It is in God, both without us and within us. - Blaise Pascal

  • The happiness which God designs for His higher creatures is the happiness of being freely, voluntarily united to Him and each other in an ecstasy of love and delight compared with which the most rapturous love between a man and a woman on this earth is mere milk and water. - C.S. Lewis

  •  Happy the man who sees a God employed in all the good and ills that checker life. - William Cowper

Final Thought!

After reading the article on excellent happiness quotes, it is time for you to change your mind and live more positively and cheerfully. Remember that your attitude towards life can directly affect your feelings. With a peaceful and happy mind, you can live to the fullest and without regrets. Bad things can happen at times, but you can successfully deal with them when you find joy in some positive messages.

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