Cat Memorial Gifts: Thoughtful Cat Remembrance & Sympathy


Last updated: Feb 09, 2022

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Cat Memorial Gifts: Thoughtful Cat Remembrance & Sympathy

“Goodbye” is always the hardest word to say in the world whether to a person or a pet. Specifically, when somebody loses a cat that is their friend or family member, it’s pretty sympathetic to give them cat memorial gifts to share the loss.

At the moment of loss, pet lovers would need our common concern to go through the pain with them. We don’t hope to give them gifts for loss of cat but at least, they can feel a little sympathy to raise their mood.

If you haven’t ever gifted anyone something for their loss of pets, you might not know where to begin. Take some inspirations below from Gossby to give the best sharing with them.

How Do You Make a Memorial For Your Cat?

For a cat lover, there is no greater pain than the moment they breathe their last. Even when cats are nonhuman family members or best friends, we also burst into tears when seeing them pass away.

Such a mournful moment we all don’t expect to experience. As a tribute to help you or your beloved ones overcome the sadness of losing a cat, here are some suggestions to make cat memorial gifts:

1. Make a Photo Collection of The Cat

Needless to say, photos are always things to remind us about everything, especially those which have gone away.

You can choose a series of photos showing your cat’s grownup process or different activities with you. Make them preserved with a beautiful frame printing your cat’s name on it.

A Cat Memorial Album
A Cat Memorial Album (Source: My ChiChi Store - Etsy)

2. Cat Portrait

Through pet magazines or simply searching on the Internet with the keywords “cat portrait”, you will find some pet portrait artists helping you keep your cat’s image in your heart as always.

What you need to do is give them a high-quality photo of your cat showcasing his/her face. The original artwork can pay a tribute to your memorial cat.

A Cat Portrait
A Cat Portrait (Source: Alexandre Boucey - Unsplash)

3. Craft Tribute To The Cat

Being handy can help to make a personal tribute to your pet to save the memory. Also, you order a needle kit or a set of painting ceramics or plaster to create a particular canvas or a statue to resemble your lost cat.

A Memorial Cat Statue
A Memorial Cat Statue (Source: Generic - Amazon)

In addition to these ways of making a memorial for a cat, shopping for personalized memorial gifts for pets is a touching idea for these reasons:

#1 Personal Touches

Personalized memorial gifts always bring a sense of personal touches through what is printed on them, warming the owner's hearts and comforting gestures to a pet parent in mourning.

#2 Preserve Beautiful Memories between Owners & Cats

Like a sweet cake of moments to remember, the gifts you can customize fulfill the feeling of losing a cat.

Presenting your beloved pet with something mindful and beautiful by using your own words and images is a way to honor your pet for the time he/she was with you.

Click on the banner to browse our Personalized Cat Gifts for more ideas that heal the giftee's heart from the loss!

banner personalized cat lover

05 Personalized Cat Memorial Gifts at Gossby

It’s not surprising to see a cat owner grieve when losing a meow companion in the same way as losing a human member of the family.

Cats have been considered as little bundles of joy who have boundless energy to support and love a person. Therefore, cat memorial gifts are important to have to put them in honor.

There are lots of ways to give sympathy gifts for loss of cat, meanwhile, the owners can customize memorial gifts at Gossby to feel personally and thoughtfully.

Various cat breeds are available here so you can choose whatever you want and like the most.

1. Cat Dad Personalized T-shirt

If you find it hard to create a statue for your cat, this personalized T-shirt with an extremely cool and lovely decoration of a cat in many colors.

It’s a treasurable keepsake that can help to soothe the pain and commemorate the loss of the cat.

cat dad t shirt - cat memorial gifts
Shop with Gossby

Bring the muse of a cool daddy to get through the time of hardship. This pretty cat memorial gift is a suitable one to keep your cat’s image in your mind for a long time.

2. Girl & Cat Personalized Blanket

Your cat is no longer by your side, it doesn’t mean that you will forget him/her one day.

Take an idea from best furry friends enjoying joyful moments, the personalized blanket can wrap your sorrow up with the image of a girl and two cute cats in a peaceful space.

girl and cat blanket - gifts for loss of cat
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Time is the best medicine to heal the wound, however, a meaningful thing like this gift for loss of cat will support you to recover from the pain. It’s likely to have your meow-meow pet beside you once again in life.

3. Man & Cat Personalized Mug

One of the most touching memorial gifts for loss of cat to lift your spirit is a personalized mug with a cat’s illustration sitting beside a man pacifically. Calling a pet a best friend is a valuable way to treasure the moments shared.

man and cat mug - memorial gifts for loss of cat
Shop with Gossby

Cat memorial gifts will help owners to remember their cats eternally. They are among your family members that are non-judgmental and therapeutic, so this mug which you can customize the texts or images will give a hand in comforting your soul.

4. Cat-themed Personalized Pillow

Whenever you sit on a sofa or lie on the bed, bring this personalized pillow to warm your heart and keep your lost cat aside.

It features three little cats with an encouraging quote “Life is better with cats”, making your day and showing support to the individual who is grieving.

throw pillow - sympathy gifts for loss of cat
Shop with Gossby

The best gifts for loss of cat should be personal and positive to save the best things. Unlock your soul and put the pillow in the cart at Gossby to have this mind-blowing feeling.

5. “You Had Me At Meow” Personalized Canvas

To remind yourself of the memorial cat, the lovely personalized canvas will “meow” your heart.

Whenever you feel down or subtle, “You had me at meow” wrapped canvas will throw your despair away and share the sadness with you. A cat with angel wings is a commemorative trove to bring you comfort.

wrapped canvas - the best cat memorial gifts
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10 Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Cat (Other Choices)

Overcoming the pain of losing a four-legged companion is never easy and most of us fall into a bleeding box of heartsore.

But after all, we still have hundreds of ways to keep their appearance inside us day by day. These are some memorial gifts for cat lovers to celebrate their life and show their warm-hearted souls.

1. Engraved Wind Chime

The sound of the wind chime can send the love of the most-missed cat from heaven. It seems to remind you about their appearance and proves that they’re looking down to protect you.

An Engraved Wind Chime
An Engraved Wind Chime (Source: ASTARIN Store - Amazon)

2. A Piece of Jewelry

If you are too sensitive to see your cat’s photos, jewelry can be a good cat memorial gift to keep in your mind. They no longer exist but they’re always present in your heart.

A Piece of Cat Memorial Jewelry
A Piece of Cat Memorial Jewelry (Source: Cosmic Lens Jewellery - Etsy)

3. Paw-print Keychain

In case you don’t love to go the special-order route, a keychain in the shape of a paw is appropriate to comfort you. There can be printed the date of passing or the cat’s name to be saved.

A Paw-print Keychain
A Paw-print Keychain (Source: Anavia - Walmart)

4. Cat Tag

It can be used to memorialize your cute cat and is convenient for you to put in your bag. The heavenly loving pussy will be always there for you.

A Cat Tag
A Cat Tag (Source: Lucid Laser Design - Etsy)

5. Cat Sticker

Thinking back to the endearing time spent with each other, a cat sticker will release the stress and put an angelic sight on you. 

6. Sweet Candle

Every ending of life could be celebrated with a scented candle. This kind of cat pet loss gift can lighten up the darkness of loss in you and lit on the anniversary date of your cat every year.

A Memorial Sweet Candle
A Memorial Sweet Candle (Source: Cellini Candles - Amazon)

7. Photobook

Upon the paradise, the cat will love to see every image of him/her on a well-decorated photobook that you make only for them. 

8. Fish-shaped Shadow Box

Cats usually love fish when it comes to their meals. So it’s not a bad suggestion to give a fish-shaped box as a memorial gift to your lovely cat.

9. Puzzle Pieces of Cat

Why not choose a box of puzzle pieces to create a cat work of art. It would be your last honorable activity to cherish them on the other side of this life.

A Puzzle Pieces of Cat
A Puzzle Pieces of Cat (Source: NBWEE - Amazon)

10. Cat Stuffed

When you miss seeing your cat again, a stuffed animal cannot replace them but it will encourage them to move on. Let’s embrace it to remind all the sweet days you were with your cat.

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To End Up!

Losing a pet is always an uncomfortable feeling for many people. It will take a long time for us to go through the sadness but remember that the lost cat doesn’t want to see our dolorous face.

The above cat memorial gifts will help you feel better after saying goodbye to your best friend. However, try to come up with positivity and keep them in a corner of your mind.
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