Last updated: Feb 03, 2022

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Finally, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. This is the time for couples to show special love to their S.O (giving unique Valentine’s Day gifts or planning romantic candlelight dinners).

However, do you know you can make the day of love even more special?

If you’re like me and want to make something different with your sweetheart this year, why don’t you take a look at the event below?

This Valentine’s Day 2022, go with Gossby & celebrate the holiday with joy and romance by getting into our romantic event: VALENTINE’S DAY PHOTO CONTEST!

Let’s spread love and win, shall we?

Gossby’s Valentine’s Day Photo Contest - What is it?

Since the pandemic has left us in pain and sorrow, we want to do something that is beautiful and help you to have some time happy with the ones you love.

  • Make romantic gestures that thrill your sweethearts.

  • Capture your most beautiful moments.

  • Spread love and win the prize!

So, tell your sweeties about our event and get ready to enjoy it!

How It Works?

  1. Like our 👉post on Instagram👈 and comment "❤️" to show your support

  2. Take an awesome photo with your person 💕

  3. Post your couple photo on Instagram or Facebook tagging us and using #GOSSBYLOVE

  4. 💍 For an additional entry, share this post to your story and tag @gossbyglobal

How to enjoy VALENTINE’S DAY PHOTO CONTEST with Gossby

How We Score?

  • 1 reaction = 1️⃣ point 

  • 1 comment = 2️⃣points 

  • 1 share (public) = 3️⃣ points

How We Reward?

05 Winners with the most-loved picture will be announced and receive the $100 Gift Card each.


The Valentine’s Day Photo Contest will start from Friday, 4th until Monday, February 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

WINNERS will be announced on Saturday, February 19th.

ROMANCE ACCEPTED!!! Let’s sweeten your love and get extra happiness for the day of love!

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Gossby’s Valentines Sales in 2022

The Bottom Line!

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with our Photo Contest! Have a day of love with joy and fun. capture that moment and win the prizes.

What’s on earth can be a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than that?

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