Top 20+ Home Décor Ideas in 2022 that Will Brighten Up Your Space Up Any Space


Last updated: Apr 21, 2022

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Top 20+ Home Décor Ideas in 2022 that Will Brighten Up Your Space Up Any Space

This year’s been a challenging one that changed our perspective in many ways. We began creating our living spaces in a way that more closely resembles a comfortable, private sanctuary. Home décor ideas in 2022 will further elaborate on that approach.

Perhaps tactile design, sustainable materials, wood, greeneries, and soothing color palettes would be features we expect to witness more of. Options & choices will vary from full retro-chic, over to Scandinavian, or even to football electric. Equally, happy color accents would be juxtaposed with discrete & calm earthy tones.

Abstract curves along with organic shapes begin to replace rigid minimalism that gives more softness to the home décor. Enjoy this article with Gossby to get a closer look at the Home Décor Ideas in 2022.

Inspirational Home Decor Trends in 2022

1. Light Woods

Alongside sustainable trends, go to natural color, and then, light wood is the material of choice. It would fit almost any style & sensibility from rustic French farmhouse to modern minimalist.

Light Woods home decor ideas 2021

Also, the Light Woods style is a staple of the Scandinavian style, deeply rooted in simplicity & nature. Plus, it makes a perfect balance with home and other home decor ideas 2022.

Once choosing pieces for your decor, be mindful of their use & match the durability accordingly. For instance, pine would be great for lightly used accents while the color of white oak is way better suited to pieces expected to receive more wear & tear.

2. Textured Wall

Large-scale & Murals artistic depictions start to come back in a new way. Textured Wall is one of the 2022 home decor ideas, as a perfect match with retro inspiration, electric flairs, and naturalistic.

wall textured home decor ideas

Abstract design, sumptuous fabrics, marbling techniques are a few ways to add a new dimension to the room. Mixes of natural materials such as moss, stone, wood & 3D wallpapers would be also innovative solutions to applying this home decor trend.

Textured Wall Design Trends in 2022

  • To give a stunning rustic feel to any space with a variety of applications for different textures, go for Plastered Walls

  • To bring modern and sleek appeal when applied as a feature wall, go for Marble Slab

  • To have endless options of pattern, color & depth to be used in any room, go for Grasscloth Wallpapers

  • To invoke decadence in addition to bringing warmth & soundproofing, go for Padded Velvet Walls

  • Find an option that is versatile & can be used in a rough-hewn look or refined to a more sophisticated appearance, go for Wood Paneling

3. International Influence

Perhaps, the world is out of reach at the moment, so why don’t we bring it in? Earthy color palettes, natural textures, warm, and electric trends emphasize wooden, rattan, and woven home accessories.

International Influence home decor trend

Even if it’s tropical and Asian zen flair or Old World Charm, international influence is one of the key home decor ideas in 2022.

Are you looking for touches of global influence around the home? Just reminiscent of excursions to faraway places. Meanwhile, the spirit of a beach getaway and fresh, tranquil hues define new modern home decors oriented towards peace, comfort, and freshness.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for a Chilling Vibe

4. Home Decor Ideas with Rustic Style - Material Detailing

Material Detailing rustic home decor ideas

Organic materials such as wicker, wood, coconut coir, or even metals like copper and brass, directly reference the rustic home decor ideas.

Colors don’t usually find many places here except the earthy kind like whites, beiges, browns. You can experiment with anything from larger furniture to smaller home decor items such as rugs & accessories in items of materiality, and for color, consider different types of metals and wood.

5. Home Decor Ideas with Rustic Style - Pillows & Throws

Rustic brings comfort, and comfort usually walks hand-in-hand with warmth. Pillows & throws are the two major rustic home decor items immediately infusing warmth along with a welcoming vibe into your living space.

Opt for neutral colors, textural elements, or country-style prints giving off that rumpled, yet immensely comfortable look.

Pillows & Throws rustic home decor ideas

For something personal, go for personalized pillows as they would be an ideal home decor item for your home.

6. Home Decor Ideas with Rustic Style - Cosy & Chill Corner

A cozy & chill corner is a must with a rustic home decor style. Create your nooks & crannies around the house as well as infuse them with elements making you feel happier.

One of the first characteristics of a rustic space is homeliness, and it’s good to design the area such that it almost calls out to you to just grab a blanket, a cup of coffee/ tea, and curl up a good book.

Cosy & Chill Corner rustic home decor ideas

Want to do this? Then, look for unused yet spacious corners and revitalize them with chairs or low seatings along with a few flowers & plants. Adding some elements such as blanket, books, radio, are up to you to bring to the self-party.

Home Decor Ideas for Living Rooms

Living Rooms Decor Trends in 2022

7. A Welcoming Space with Texture

A large & long living room can bring a cold and disunited feel, but a lot of texture in furnishings, furniture, and even wall surfaces & flooring, can make your space warmer & cohesive.

A Welcoming Space with Texture living room decor ideas

Herewith, the rug is the dominant textural feature in the living room, echoed by the material the blinks are made from and the diverse pieces of wicker or wooden furniture, The effect is complemented & heightened by the texture of the wall panels.

8. Checks for a Smart Update

A smart living scheme that mixes different-sized checks on upholstery, cushions, and blinds in a dashing combination of yellow, black, and white, gives traditional gingham a refreshingly contemporary twist.

Checks for a Smart Update living room decor ideas

9. Instil Purity in Your Living Room

Turn back to basics with simple offerings. Alongside all the clamor of pattern, color, and shape in current home decor ideas, there’s a quieter story of considered understated textures & forms at their finest.

Instil Purity in living room decor ideas

Dress your scheme in simple silk or linen, rich wood, sleek metal, and polished stone to bring elegance & timelessness to interiors, placing all of the above & beyond seasonal fads. Here polished concrete flooring offers a subdued, smooth contrast to organic-shaped furnishings while a smart grasscloth wall covering lets sensational artwork do the talking.

DIY Living Rooms Decor Ideas

10. Crate Coffee Table

If you’re on the hunt for upgrading your living room decor, think about a cool DIY coffee table idea, as it has plenty of built-in storage for books & other stuff, plus it’s affordable to make.

Crate Coffee Table DIY Living Rooms Decor Ideas

Crafted from crates that you can perhaps locate for free or pick up at your local craft store, if not, this quick and easy DIY furniture project can be yours in a matter of hours. Don't let your budget restrict you when it comes to home design; you can make this, as well as a slew of other interesting DIYs, and your home will look just as nice as those in magazines. Today, try this simple coffee table design with a step-by-step guide.

11. Rope Rug

Decorate your entryway with a durable & easy-to-make rope rug. Adding some funs to your front door area is super easy peasy with this DIY coiled rope rug.

Rope Rug DIY Living Rooms Decor Ideas

12. Simple Wall Gallery

Decorating a wall with stylish decor doesn’t have to be so complicated. Consider painting simple wall art on canvas print such as stripes or polka dots and then hanging them to create a chic gallery wall.

Simple Wall Gallery Living Rooms Decor Trend

Or no need to paint, think about ready-made personalized posters as they will bring a vintage and heart-touching vibe via personal message.

Best Home Office Decor Ideas to Boost Your Energy

Before discovering some of the most stunning home office decor ideas, take a look at the dos & don’ts guide:

The Dos

  • Keep the decor inspiring, uplifting and calming to boost motivation & focus throughout the working time.

  • Be mindful of the appearance of your home office background once having video calls

The Don’ts

  • Avoid skipping on storage as an organization will help your productivity

  • Avoid going overboard with knick-knacks that would clutter the space

13. Simple Artworks for Your Walls

One of the best home office decor ideas for making your space feel more contemporary & modern is adding a handful of stunning artwork. It can be a beautiful black-n-white photograph, ink sketches, or a special personalized canvas.

Simple Artworks for Your Walls Home Office Decor Ideas

Not only will it be an ideal wall decor idea above your computer adding a bit of visual interest to your home office, but if you’re sharing a room with friends, it can help define your space.

Pro tip: Before attempting a gallery wall, remember to lay out all of your artworks on the ground, and then, you can arrange them just right.

14. Add a Touch of Glam

Modern means many things to different home decorators that make it a wonderfully flexible style that can be molded to suit any taste. You can mix in a few feminine accents like gold-plated hardware or soft pink personalized throw pillows, to add a touch of glam to your home office space.

Add a Touch of Glam Home Office Decor 2021 trend

15. Embrace the Storage

The best home decor ideas are not only bright & welcoming, but they’re incredibly functional as well. Think about what you’re into your employer’s office space (or high-end corporate campus) and strive to recreate that at home.

Embrace the Storage Home Office Decor 2021 trend

Personalized Home Decor Ideas

16. Personalized Fleece Blanket with Family Theme

Curling up into a personalized fleece blanket with a family theme is a great way to make your family members as they belong. This lovely crocheted blanket is very soft and lightweight...ideal for snuggling up on the sofa for a family movie night!

blanket - personalized home decor ideas

17. Personalized Throw Pillows

Pillows are always a great way to decorate your home with a personal vibe. Not to mention they’re an inexpensive way to change the colors of your decor or personalize your decor.

pillows - personalized home decor trend 2021

18. Personalized Cutting Board

It’s a prevalent home decor idea right now for hosting charcuterie boards. Additionally, using both charcuterie boards & cutting boards in a layered fashion adds a cute new style to home decor.

Personalized Home Decor Ideas cutting board

You could customize your kitchen decor for your space to purchase a personalized engraved charcuterie board.

The Coolest Home Bar Decor Ideas & Designs

19. The Barn

It’s all about great conversation, good times, amazing companions. You need a barn-inspired home bar, a chalkboard wall, a few vintage wire lighting, a wood slab counter, and bar stools. It’s perfect for basements or man cave settings.

The Barn Home Bar Decor Ideas

20. Grey Elegant 

It’s elegant, modern, and posh. This home bar decor idea takes only about 2m of your kitchen wall space, it’s well-appointed that it already involves a couple of coolers, storage drawers, ample wine racks, shelves, and a service countertop.

Grey Elegant Home Bar Decor Ideas

The understated light grey tone will highlight the luxurious marble splashback.

21. Under the Stair Home Bar

With this home decor idea, you’re about to put that awkward space under your stairs to great use. A home bar decor idea is perfect!

Under the Stair Home Bar decor trend 2021

The black granite countertop sets the moody vibe, while the red brick wall brings the charming & rustic look. Completing your home bar are shelves for the bottles, a spacious cooler, and mood lights.

  • More options for you to design your home bar is here

Innovative Home Wall Decor Ideas

22. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a cohesive but collected aesthetic of numerous art pieces that make a huge impact. Try these eight carefully chosen prints in neutral tones for luxury to meet a laid-back vibe. The images are presented in high-quality wood frames with basic clean lines and a satin finish.

Gallery Home Wall Decor Ideas

23. "Green" Wall

Make a wall into a work of live art. This design incorporates elegant wooden shelves that provide a neutral holding space for vivid, green plants to thrive. Play with a consistent appearance by using matching pots, or change it up with a mix of clay, baskets, and ceramics. You may also use wood containers for an overall rustic look.

plant Home Wall Decor Ideas

24. Tapestry & Fabric

A big, quirky wall hanging is an example of a home wall décor idea. This cloth wall hanging blends Bohemian and Nordic design elements. The artwork is perfect for an area that may benefit from some anchoring energy, such as the bedroom.

Tapestry & Fabric Home Wall Decor trends

The Bottom Line!

The year 2022 will purportedly be about remaining at home. Make the most of your area by transforming it into your haven. That means making it comfortable yet opulent, soothing yet daring, and including all of the things, you miss about being outside.

Look for emerging trends that suit your taste and budget, and then go from there. When you're still at home, you might work on updating your place.

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