30+ Nurse Quotes to Express Honors For Nursing Jobs


Last updated: Sep 01, 2021

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30+ Nurse Quotes to Express Honors For Nursing Jobs

Our topic today is nurse quotes and sayings inspired by Gossby which can be sent to nurses, telling them how admirable they are.

All of us will benefit from the care of a nurse in some situations of our lives. There might be nurses among our family members or closest friends. Several are even doing nursing jobs ourselves.

Thus, we know how hard the nursing jobs are, and every nursing agent deserves excellent thanks.

Top Inspirational Nurse Quotes at Gossby

To every person doing nursing jobs in the world, Gossby knows how hard yet spiritually rewarding your career is. We appreciate your sacrifice and keep insisting on your chosen path.

And for those who also want to thank nursing people for their great job, you can buy mugs at Gossby and print inspiring quotes or sayings. These small yet meaningful gifts will make them smile from ear to ear.

Top 1: Chance Made Us Colleagues, But The Fun And Laughter We Share Made Us Friends

People working in hospitals have a lot of pressure, particularly when it comes to the time of pandemics.

inspirational nurse quotes at gossby

Sometimes, you see as if your co-workers cannot hold it any longer. Just come and tell her: Chance made us colleagues, but the fun and laughter we share made us friends.

Convey to her that you are happy to work with her every day, and you are ready to help if she needs it.

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Top 2: It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives

Even if today seems like a hard day, keep smiling and be positive.

You are helping and making a good day for patients and others because every day, it's a beautiful day to save lives.

nurse sayings at gossby

"It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives" quote's printed on a mug

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Top 3: We Fight When Others Can't Anymore

Imagine that you would give a mug with quotes for your friends.

When they feel tired, they will immediately get back all motivation with simple words: We fight when others can't anymore.

Nurses are extraordinary heroes and heroines who make continuous efforts to do impossible things others fail to do.

best nurse quotes
"We Fight When Others Can't Anymore" quote's printed on a mug
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Top 4: I Can't Stay At Home I'm A Nurse We Fight When Other Can't Anymore

Some people doing the nursing jobs we know always find their ways to get through the challenges at work.

For example, they bought a mug and printed their favorite saying on it: I can't stay at home, I'm a nurse. We fight when others can't anymore.

You working in the nursing department can also copy this helpful tip.

nurse quotes printed on a mug

Top 5: We Can't Stay At Home We Are Nurses We Fight When Others Can't Anymore

Besides talking to yourself, you can also share the inspiration to other friends at the hospital, saying: We can't stay at home, we are nurses, we fight when others can't anymore.

These words are effective when you find motivation lacking and oral faltering after a day-to-day grind.

best nurse quotes
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10 Funny Nurse Quotes

When nursing agents suffer from a lot of stress in their daily lives, you will want to light up their moods with funny but meaningful words.

Yet, you might not know where to start.

Feel free to refer to the following nurse sayings and quotes that make people smile constantly.

Funny Nurse Quotes
  • Nursing is one of the Fine Arts: we can almost say it to be the finest of Fine Arts.

  • We do not have snow days ( We mean they have almost no days off and 24/7 no matter what.)

  • All nurses have a best friend pam, knowing LorazePAM, DiazePAM, and ClonazePAM,

  • Nursing work has a cute thing: If you are excellent at your job, you might end up doing everyone else's too.

  • Looking at the holiday calendar, I am happy that I can schedule 3 seconds of "free" time. (People doing nursing jobs are always busy, you know?)

  • The nursing job seems like an abusive relationship. Even if I know I had better walk away, I keep coming back for more. (You know this relationship is hard, you love it too much to give up.) 

  • I have to remind myself when being with my friends: Stop talking about bodily functions. (It's my day-to-day job, sometimes, I cannot help.)

  • If I faint out at work, please check the list of doctors that I don't desire to work on me. (You understand your colleagues too well.)

  • I came. I cared. Then, I charted.

  • Don't mess with nurses – We get paid to poke others with sharp objects.

10 Nurse Appreciation Quotes

You can share some funny quotes to cheer up your and your team after a hard-working day.

However, when you want to write down some words officially to express your appreciation for their jobs, here are some ideas:

Nurse Appreciation Quotes
  • The doctors can map out the war games (against diseases), but you - nurses who make the conflicts bearable.

  • Wherever there is love, there is a life (that is how the love of doctors and nursing people can save people.)

  • You are a true fighter who makes the world happier and healthier. Thank you!

  • Thank you, and happy Nurses Day. You've done great jobs so far.

  • From caring comes courage.

  • All the sick feel essential to have you by their side. Thank you.

  • People doing nursing jobs are indeed the heart of healthcare; cheers!

  • Occasionally, there might not be a song in your heart (when you see your patients passed away); sing anyway and believe in yourself. You can save other lives.

  • Nurses have a heart that will never harden, a temper that will never tire, and a touch that will never hurt.

  • Save one life, and you will become a hero, save one hundred lives, and you are a nurse.

10 Nurse Love Quotes

When you love a person who does nursing jobs, she or he cannot spend enough time with you. Even their priority is patients and you after.

Nonetheless, when you love her or him, you can sympathize. Instead of blaming, you can send love quotes as follows:

Nurse Love Quotes
  • Darling, you must allow me to speak out about how much I admire and love you.

  • Dear husband, work hard, and I'm on your back.

  • Who else could stand over a half-day, guarding against death, while being strong and nice? It's my wife.

  • If I could share something with you, I would give you the ability to see yourself with my eyes. I love looking at you doing nursing jobs and caring for people.

  • Life is tough, honey, but you are even tougher.

  • Honey, what is done in love is done well. I know you love our family and also love your nursing jobs. I love you, too.

  • My wife, God only found some of the toughest women and made them nurses. You are such a God's creation.

  • No worries if you are busy at work. I can cover for you at home.

  • Stay strong, stay safe, my honey. I care for you as much as you care for your patients.

  • Sweetheart, I know you cannot be home since you do things others cannot do. You're the best nurse ever.


Do not be afraid to share how much you care for nurses around you since they are worth it. Without knowing what to say, feel free to copy the nurse quotes and sayings shared by Gossby and also buy some pre-designed gifts here to brighten up their mood.

If your lovers or best friends are nurses, make sure you won't miss these quotes:

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