20 Thoughtful Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother to Express Condolences


Last updated: Jun 12, 2022

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20 Thoughtful Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother to Express Condolences

Giving memorial gifts for loss of mother to someone who lost their mom isn't something you must do, but more of an act of kindness, it stands for your condolences, showcases considerateness, and eases the heart-throbbing pain.

Losing someone we love is never easy, especially when it's our loving mother. The person who brought us into this world and loved us unconditionally despite our rebellious teenage years is now in heaven, looking down on us.

While her physical body no longer resides in this mortal realm, her memories live on - inside her children and these thoughtful memorial gift ideas for loss of mother below.

We cannot reverse the rule of nature, still, we can help the living move on with the grievance and celebrate the fondest stories of their departed mother.

What are The Best Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother? 

You can attend the services empty-handed, but showing up with a condolence gift is much more welcomed. It's simply more thoughtful and considerate. Or, if you miss the funeral, sending the gift over is also acceptable.

Be extra careful when you choose memorial gifts. Make sure that the presents are appropriate since death is certainly not the most joyous of all occasions.

If possible, we highly recommend personalized sympathy gifts for loss of mother.

Adding some personal touches to the gift help soothe the pain in a unique way. It reminds the recipient of the memories of their loving mom, expresses love, and emphasizes thoughtfulness.

05 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother for Son

Here are our picks for the best condolence gifts for any son who lost their beloved mother. Share the mourning with him through these sympathy gifts for loss of mother that are made to be treasured.

1. "Mother & Sons Forever Linked Together" Mug

This "Mother & Sons Forever Linked Together" custom mug can be personalized in our own way, adding personal touches to make it more personal, involved, and thoughtful. There's something your loved ones won't find anywhere else. 

memorial gifts for loss of mother - custom mug
button shop now 1
Price: $13.99

2. Wind Chime - A Sympathy Gift for Loss of Mother for Son

The wind chime is precision-tuned with a harmonious sound that will help to heal a grieving soul. It’s likely to carry the mother’s voice to a child though she has gone to a faraway place.

memorial gift ideas for loss of mother - Wind Chimes
Price: $68.39+ (Source: Sunmoonstar Crafts)

3. "Mother And Sons Forever Linked Together" Poster

A true heartfelt way to celebrate the connection between a mom and her sons, this personalized poster comes with a meaningful quote as well as a ton of other customizable options. Create the most unique memorial gifts for loss of mother!

sympathy gifts for loss of mother - poster
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Price: $16.99

4. Comforting Candle

A close one who stayed by our side for many years suddenly said goodbye to us and many people will be deep in sorrow. A scented candle will support someone with their sadness to feel the healing time.

unique memorial gifts for loss of mother - Candle
Price: $20.00 (source: Sweet Water Decor)

5. "Family is always Connected at Heart" Fleece Blanket

This soft and cozy custom blanket is the perfect way to keep your friend or family member warm without the hugs of their mom. With heartwarming digital art and a touching message, you will make them burst into tears.
memorial gifts for loss of mother for son - blanket
button shop now 3
Price: $39.99

05 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother for Daughter

In the following list below are the top 05 sentimental sympathy gifts for loss of mother that will surely warm any daughter's heart.

More than just memorial gifts, they're truly precious keepsakes.

1. “I Have a Guardian Angel in Heaven I Call Her Mom” Mug

When a loved person like a mother suddenly gets out of someone’s life, they would feel empty and hard to accept. In the moment of sorrow, you can share with them by giving this personalized mug saying “I have a guardian angel in heaven I call her Mom”.

Having this mug featuring motherly love is like a reminder that their mom will always stand by them. She doesn’t disappear, she just becomes an angel now to protect her child from paradise.

best memorial gifts for loss of mother - heaven mug
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Price: $13.99

2. Memory Book

Experiencing a baleful event like the loss of a mother, some people may choose to write down the memories between them and their mother in a notebook. If you find your loved one need that item, offer them a memory book as a sympathy gift for loss of mother.

memorial gifts for loss of mother for daughter - Book
Price: $47.00+ (Source: Claire Magnolia)

3. “I’m Always with You” Personalized Keychain

If you are looking for something small that your loving one can take it alongside them everywhere, this custom keychain will be one of the best memorial gifts for loss of mother.

In the shape of an ordinary keychain, it still warms the giftee’s heart with the digital art of mom and daughter sitting side by side.

Also, it can remind the grieving person that their mother is always with them no matter where she is.

memorial gifts for loss of a mother - keychain
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Price: $16.99

4. “I Miss You More than Anything” Throw Pillow

Sometimes, a sympathy text like “I miss you more than anything” to the mother who laid down her life can make a person burst into tears and feel empathy. Whenever they embrace the personalized throw pillow, it seems that their mother’s warmth surrounds them like when she is there.

We can't deny the fact that she is gone but we can keep the memories by our side. A grieving soul needs that kind of condolence and sympathy during a dark time. So let’s give them one of the most unique memorial gifts for loss of mother.

memorial gifts for loss of mother pillows
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Price: $28.99

5. Keepsake Box - One of The Most Heartfelt Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

To store the final touch of a mother who went to heaven, a child needs a special box as the perfect solution. It can keep all their mom’s jewelry, letters, and some other items for years to come.

Start customizing the most meaningful gifts to erase the pain from the loss of mother!

personalized memorial gifts

05 Personalized Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother 

Death cannot deny the sacrifices mothers have made for their children and family. That's why even if they're no longer in the world of the mortal, they still deserve the best memorial gifts. It's their right and our responsibility that nothing, even death itself, can deprive us. 

Send your best wishes to the afterlife with these gifts for someone who lost their mother!

1. Engraved Bracelet

Consider the delight on your loved one's face when they identify their mother's familiar handwriting, only this time on a piece of wearable jewelry.

memorial gift ideas for loss of mother - Bracelet
Price: $25.99+ (Source: Ideal Creations Store)

2. “I’m Always with You” Personalized Wrapped Canvas

Cardinal birds are considered a bridge to connect the living people with the spiritual world. That’s why they are included in the personalized canvas and convey a meaningful message that the passed mother wants to say “I am always with you”.

This canvas tops the list of memorial gifts for loss of mother and father by its beautiful design. It also eases the pain of a person who recently lost their mother.

mother daughter forever personalized canvas
button shop now 7
Price: $28.99

3. “Because Someone We Love is in Heaven…” Personalized Mug

For a heartbreaking soul, a message linking them with their mother is a sympathetic sense. The text on this mug helps to shorten the distance between heaven and the living world. Your loved one will feel that their mother is nearby.

Among the fantastic personalized memorial gifts for loss of mother, the mug is a favorite item to purchase for many people. It brings the feeling of remembrance and recalls the beautiful memories to soothe the pain of a breaking heart.

mom memorial mug
button shop now 8
Price: $13.99

4. Corona Sun Wind Spinner

This kinetic art piece rotates in the wind and displays your own phrase. You're enabled to personalize it by adding a name, a date, or a reassuring message (the limit is 150 characters). If you're seeking personalized gifts for loss of mother that will last a lifetime, this is one of them.

Corona Sun Wind Spinner
Price: $120.00 (Source: Breeze Way Artists)

5. "The Love Between a Mother & Daughters is Forever" Personalized Poster

More than just a decorative piece, this personalized canvas bears a special message - a motherly love shared by a mom and her children. Give your friend or family member something to hold dear to their hearts, and to remember their mothers by. 
mother daughter love personalized memorial canvas
button shop now 9
Price: $16.99

6. Photo Frame

One of the best memorial gifts for loss of mother is a photo frame keeping her image inside. That kind of gift shows your care and sympathy for your close one who lost their mother lately.

Photo Frame
Price: $39.95 (Source: Paper Gala)

More Memorial Gift Ideas for Loss of Mother - Honorable Mentions

Besides the top memorial gifts above, we also want to provide you with some other ideas to consider.

Check these out!

1. Teabloom Teapot Set

More than a sympathy present, the teapot suggests a person in grief talks & shares memories. It’s a great way to show your support and empathy. Your friend or family may feel hard to maintain a healthy living style, thus, this tea set will remind them of that way.

2. Mother Angel Figurine

The bereavement gift you choose must be something that can comfort your friend’s mind and let them know that they are not alone in the universe. Somewhere in heaven, their mother is looking down to guide them to a better life.

3. Charity Donation

If you don’t love to give a material gift, opt for a charity donation to make your loved one’s mother peaceful when she lies down. It’s a spirit present uplifting the motherly emotion and sending love to others.

4. Memory Tree

Planting a tree can also help to honor the memories of a close family member. Grieving needs so much strength to continue living and a tree will help to heal the soul and raise the power to move on.

Why Choose Personalized Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother?

In most cases, just you being there means the world to someone who recently lost their mother. Your presence could be an encouragement to them. But in case you want to do more and share the grief, try bringing some unique sympathy gifts.

Here's why you should consider memorial personalized gifts for loss of mother.

memorial flower
Condolence gifts, even just a bouquet of flowers, can mean the world to someone who lost a mother.

Reason 1: Bring Personal Touch

Choosing sympathy gifts for loss of mother can bring comfort in a time of loss. Unlike the stereotypical presents, personalized memorial gifts show intimate touch crafting your own concern. This will help to heal giftees’ hearts when they know that you put everything in detail.

Reason 2: Special Meaning of Remembrance

As a reminder of such a beautiful time spent with their mother when she is alive, personalized memorial gifts for loss of mother can recall the memories between them.

Gifts for sympathy also bring a feeling that their mother’s image is always in a corner of their hearts. Even after the mother passed away, the memories stay there forever with them for years.

mother and daughter
Help them cast back the memories with their moms.

Reason 3: Embody The Memories

If the present you give is not unique, it cannot express fully the meaning of unique memorial gifts for loss of a mother. It can make giftees feel like their mother appears right by their side and supports them all the way.

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Ease the Pain with Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother!

The death of a family member is always hurtful to most of us. Especially, when that person is our mother, we cannot stand shedding tears because of the huge loss.

The closer we get, the more painful we are when no longer seeing them in life.

When you, your friend, or your loved ones suffer that kind of sorrow, you can share it with them by giving memorial gifts for loss of mother. May you find the appropriate sympathy gift to comfort someone after the loss of their mother, and may your love and condolences shine through your heart and spirit.
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