International Cat Day in 2022 | History, Date & Activities


Last updated: Jul 27, 2021

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International Cat Day in 2022 | History, Date & Activities

International Cat Day is a complete 24-hour celebration of humanity's cutest and most cherished pets. FAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) organized this inaugural celebration in 2002 with other animal rights organizations to honor the world's most popular pet.

We who love these cute creatures expect approximately half a billion cats to be playing in neighboring gardens throughout the world. This impressive figure implies that almost any extended family is sure to have a grandma with more kittens than past spouses. 

That's fantastic because having a cat has already been proven to boost mental well-being and ease stress, tension, and depression. And we should spend a whole day “honoring” them for “taking care” of us all year round, right? 

In this article, we will show you many interesting activities to do on International Cat Day.

History Of International Cat Day

The very first literal record of cats is in the culture of the Ancient Egyptians. Since Egyptians revere cats and see them as gods, they all associate cats with them. 

Throughout the First Dynasty, Mafdet was the first identified cat god, and people revered him as a guardian against reptiles, snakes, and demons. Therefore, cats were more than just gods to them.

Cats were popular all across the world once the Egyptian Dynasty fell apart! High-class individuals kept cats in the East, and the Ancient Romans used them to control pests.

History Of International Cat Day

However, during the later Middle Ages, people believed cats embody witchcraft and were accused of spreading illness, resulting in many kittens being killed in 1348. It was not until the 17th century that cats' popularity began to recover.

Cats became part of the shipment on the colony ships in America to keep vermin and illness at bay; thus, those cats landed and thrived. 

Cats appear to be among the cultural symbols in modern culture, with an estimated half-million of them. And, because of the FAW, we have had the International Cat Day since 2002!

To sum up, look through the timeline of the International Cat Day below:




Because cats are thought to cause Black Death, thousands of domestic cats are slaughtered across Europe.


Félicette the cat first arrived in space on October 18.


The International FAW has designated August 8 as International Cat Day.


In Cyprus, researchers discovered a 9,500-year-old cat burial.

When Is International Cat Day?

On August 8th, we honor our mysterious feline companions with International Cat Day.

1. National Cat Day 2022 All Around The World

So, when is national cat day in other countries? 





August 8th

Our Canadian neighbors commemorate National Cat Day on this day to raise public awareness about cat adoption.


February 22nd

Since the date matches the phrase "Nyan Nyan Nyan" (meow meow meow). The Japanese government chose this day in 1978 after surveying cat owners. People pose with photos of their beloved cats, and shops serve cat-themed dishes to commemorate the occasion.


October 29th

On this day, Americans raise public awareness about the number of homeless cats that need to be saved each year, as well as encouraging cat lovers to honor their cats for the companionship they provide.


March 1st

This day appears to remind Russians to love their cats and take part in other worthwhile animal charity activities.

2. Date Of International Cat Day





August 8



August 8



August 8



August 8



August 8


International Cat Day By Numbers

Maybe these astonishing numbers can blow your mind!

  • Waffle - the Warrior Cat - set the record for the highest cat jump in 2018, jumping 214.36cm!

  • A 9.500-year-old tomb found in Cyprus has evidence of the world's oldest reported pet cat.

  • Sophie, a rescue cat, has the largest fur on her tail, measuring 25.69cm at its longest tip.

  • Crème Puff, the oldest known cat, survived for 38 years and 3 days, with Baby coming in second at 38 years!

International Cat Day By Numbers

Cats Preservation in the UK surveyed over 10,000 cat lovers in the summer of 2020, which revealed:

  • 91% of respondents stated their kitty is a member of their home.

  • Cats provide companionship, ease stress, and ease loneliness, according to 59% of respondents.

  • 87% of participants stated their cat makes them happy!

  • The greatest part of having a cat, according to 90% of respondents, is resting with them at the end of the day and caressing them.

Fun Fact About International Cat Day

Here are five facts about cats that may surprise you.

1. The Loudest Purr!

Merlin, a Black and White Cat from the United Kingdom, holds the world record for the loudest roar, at 67.8 decibels.

2. It Happens Faster Than You Imagine

Your tiny kitten can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour!

3. The Wealthiest Cat In Town!

When Blackie's rich owner died, he left him a seven-million-pound inheritance, as per "Guinness World".

4. Not So Sweet

Cats cannot perceive sweetness, which answers why they are uninterested in it.

5. Meow To You!

Cats, according to research, just use the purrs to communicate with people and not with each other, except with their mothers when they are kittens.

International Cat Day Activities 

These are ten meaningful activities on International Cat Day that most cat lovers enjoy.

1. Giving Personalized Gifts For Cat Lovers

Well, we - cat lovers - live and breathe our cats and always pursue the so-called “catmosphere” by jazzing up the surroundings with cat images. So, exchanging personalized cat-themed gifts on this special occasion is indeed a blessing.

When you give your friends or loved ones special gifts, they will value those meaningful things since the presents show how much love you put into them. Here are some lovely suggestions for your reference.

1.1. "You Had Me At Meow" Mug

What’s the first thing to do when you wake up? Sipping a cup of coffee or tea beside the napping kitten is a great thing we all enjoy every morning. So, this personalized cat mug reminds the owner “You had me at meow” like “I am always beside you”.

For this purr-fect occasion, why not take a flashback to the day your two first met? The moment you looked at those round innocent eyes and heard them say MEOW was when you realized that your heart had been stolen. 

Let this mug help you drive back to that moment while still enjoying your morning coffee. That will be a huge mood booster for your day.

1.2. "I Love You to The Moon and  Back" Fleece Blanket

What do you want most after a long working day? Come back home and cuddle in this heart-melting personalized blanket with your kitty. It’s a miracle that can heal any wound, ease pain, and release stress.

personalized blanket - national cat day activities

And when you come home, you may catch your pals sleeping in peace in this blanket, as it’s where she can find the loving warmth from you.

1.3. Personalized Cat Family Pillow

These soft, personalized pillows will make life easier for both cat parents, as well as put a lovely grin on any cat owner's face.

It’s a fortune to have a cat family in your house. Whatever that meow is, we can't stop them from talking to us and snuggling upright in our hands. They have us even more wrapped around their paw with each beautiful meow.

It’s time to take a family photo for them with this pillow. Their offspring will be proud of you.

2. Sending Cat Quotes

Not only do cat owners pack their house with cat stuff, but they also use cat quotes as a simple way to express their unbounded love for the cats. Sometimes, some words are enough to tell the world how much your cat means to you.

sending quotes in national cat day

2.1. “You had me at Meow

Yes, at the moment you two first met and your cat greeted you with “Meow”, you knew that your heart had found a home. Believe us, that’s the warmest and happiest home ever.

You had me at meow
The "You Had Me At Meow" quote is printed on a wrapped canvas

2.2. “Cats are my favorite people”

Cat lovers never see cats as pets, but they are our family. Our sweethearts are the visible soul of the house, and they deserve our love and care... 

Cats are my favorite people
The "Cats Are My Favorite People" quote is printed on a mug

2.3. “Life is better with cats”

Cats lovers don't need to know the reason "why life is better with cats" (it just is!). Our cats adore us equally whether we've had a wonderful or terrible day. 

Life Is Better With Cats
The "Life Is Better With Cats" quote is printed on a mug

2.4. “Everyday Is Caturday”

Well, cats make us busy taking care of them. But whenever we think of our cats, it puts a smile on our faces. Nothing gives you more pleasure than that, just like you are unwinding on a Saturday evening.

Everyday Is Caturday
The 'Everyday Is Caturday" is printed on a mug

2.5. “Life is purrfect with Cats”

This quotation emerges because we can all agree that having a feline companion brightens our days. The reasons for this may differ, but that's okay. Being a cat owner means that you become the center of their world. That’s amazing.

Life is purrfect with Cats
The "Life Is Purfect With Cats" quote is printed on a mug

Hug your hairy friend right now because it brings your life perfect things that just you can get it.

banner personalized cat lover

3. Adopt A Kitten

This is the ideal way to commemorate International Cat Day if you're willing to bring a cat into your house and nurture him or her. You can give a lucky cat life full of love and protection by doing so, and you could even enhance your health in the process!

adopt your cat

4. Dress The Part

Whether you're celebrating International Cat Day at college, office, home, or in the town, don a pair of cat ears to demonstrate your love for cats. 

Dress The Part in cat day

Claws aren't required. You may also bake fish cookies for your cat and bake paw-shaped cookies for friends, or businesses. 

5. Have Your Cat's Portrait Painted By Hand

Many creative platforms offer a bespoke 100% handcrafted portrait of real quality, as well as a painting of your darling furry pet, for a reasonable fee.

cat portrait in national cat day

Besides online websites, you can meet a portrait painter to get your cute cat’s portrait at a reasonable price. When you display the artwork in your sitting room and show off your feline buddy, you'll feel proud.

6. Invite All Of Your Friends and Their Cats To An International Cat Day Celebration!

Is it possible to throw a cat-themed party? Tuna snacks and toys bring cats together? Where do we go to register?! Make the most of this special day by tailoring it to the felines that you and your pals like.

7. Visit A Cat Coffee Shop

Cat coffee shops have been operating for over 20 years, but the concept is timeless. While the coffee boosts your pulse rate, the comforting purr of a fluffy cat lowers it - it's therapy for the price of a steaming hot latte.

So spend the day sipping a cappuccino and stroking some overly sensitive kittens. It's a choice you'll never regret.

8. Volunteer At Cat Shelter

Every year, 2.5 million cats enter homeless shelters, and these shelters need some help. If it isn't possible, then try to look after the cats and offer them attention and love.

9. Donate To Cat Charities

International Cat Day is a wonderful opportunity to support many wonderful organizations that aid cats. You may give to many cat organizations besides the FAW.

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Charity, and the ASPCA are just a few of the well-known groups. You may also choose to donate 1% of your purchase price to the American Society to prevent Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

10. Take A Catnap

Cats. They're sleeping, purring, cuddling bundles of delight when they're not clawing up your skin. Cats are the world's top napping specialists.

Take A Catnap in national cat day 2021

Cats are not only exceptionally well-rested, but they can also soothe themselves into a variety of nap-time postures, averaging 12-16 hours of sleep each day. If you curl up and relax the day away with your cat, he'll be overjoyed.

Wrapping Up

Other ways to organize the day include giving a stray cat to a traveler, purchasing cat-themed goods, or simply showing your cat extra love and warmth. Having an International Cat Day with your cat may be a lot of fun.

What if one day you don't see your kitten friend laying next to you as you do every morning? We know you are busy working to give your cats a better life, but spending time with them can bring you valuable things that money can’t buy. International Cat Day is a good chance for you!

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