How To Celebrate Anniversary – Best Ways To Create Memories with Your Beloved


Last updated: Jun 22, 2021

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How To Celebrate Anniversary – Best Ways To Create Memories with Your Beloved

How to celebrate an anniversary is a question that is becoming more challenging to answer.

Modern days have challenged couples’ relationships with so many obstacles. Ever since the pandemic, couples either have to stay together all the time, or they cannot meet each other face to face at all.

This article provides you with ideas to commemorate your special day. You will be glad to know that little things you do can spark up and strengthen your relationship.

How To Celebrate Anniversary During Quarantine

Given the current situation, we cannot do many things that we used to do to celebrate special occasions. Here we present you with some alternatives on how to celebrate an anniversary in quarantine:

1. Fancy Dinner Box

Romantic dinner is the number one choice for couples to celebrate their anniversary. Order dinner for two from a nice restaurant, the one that you normally would not go to. Since the celebration will take place at home, you have the chance to create a more intimate atmosphere.

dinner box - how to celebrate anniversary

2. Bucket List

Since you cannot go outside yet, how about planning for the time when the pandemic is finally over?

Modern life can be busy, and we often get lost in the day-to-day grind. Listing out the things we want to do together in the future creates an optimistic outlook. It also helps us understand our loved ones better, from their hobbies to their life philosophy.

3. House Renovation/ Redecoration

Another stay-at-home idea is decorating the house. You are spending a ton of time in-door these days, so you might as well do something to make the space more soothing and inspiring.

how to celebrate anniversary during quarantine

If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate a wedding anniversary, house renovation is especially meaningful. This activity, or should we say this DIY project, requires teamwork and cooperation. It benefits both your house and your relationship. 

Customized canvas with a loving quote or your names on it is a great statement that you guys are growing old together.

printed canvas to celebrate anniversary at home

[Find more] Wanna surprise your beloved one with something special? Then, take a look at our personalized gifts for couples collection with unique designs and options for you to create a treasured keepsake for a memorial anniversary.

4. Arts & Crafts

This suggestion is more light-hearted than the one above. After all, you might have little room to experiment when it comes to your house, but you can mess up all you want with art and craft projects.

Some activities that you can try are drawing pictures, painting pottery, or making a scrapbook. Since it is a creative pursuit, release your creativity, and let it spice up your relationship.

5. Board Game

Depending on your taste and preference, you can opt for a strategic game, merchant game, word game, or something easy, fun, and silly.

playing board game to celebrate anniversary

Furthermore, not all games pit players against each other. Some games require cooperation, so do not be surprised if you come out of the game trusting your partner more.

How To Celebrate Anniversary With Boyfriend

Check out these romantic ideas and be prepared for a new milestone in your relationship: 

6. Hiking

If you two are active and sporty, what better activity to do together than hiking? Immersing in nature helps you steer clear of the technology distractions and unwind from all the stress from life and work.

how to celebrate anniversary with boyfriend

It is more difficult than you think to hike as partners. Since hiking has physical challenges attached, it can get competitive. Knowing how to keep the same pace with your partner in the hike is as relevant as knowing how to go together in life.

7. Road Trip

A road trip involves planning for the destination, transportation, baggage, and budget. During the trip, two people also have to be flexible and ready to compromise to deal with unexpected problems. But if you can overcome all that, wonderful rewards await you.

celebrate anniversary with road trip

8. Hot-air Balloon

Isn’t it one of the most romantic things to do with your special someone? Observing the spectacular scene together will make the anniversary unforgettable. This will be a huge surprise to anyone who receives it (unless your partner is afraid of height, of course). 

hot air balloons in celebrating anniversary with boyfriends

9. Cook-off

You can sweat over the anniversary dinner all by yourself, or you can cajole your boyfriend into a cooking competition, which sounds better?

couple cooking to celebrate anniversary

10. Drive-in Movie

If you prefer a chill, relaxing anniversary without too much planning, then an outdoor movie night is the answer. Pack some snacks, juice, and bring along some pillows and blankets for a comfy and cuddly time.

how to celebrate wedding anniversary

How To Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary With Family

Not many couples make it to this hallmark. You will want to make the celebration more special with the presence of your family members. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate the anniversary at home:

11. Camping In The Backyard

Given the circumstances, sometimes it is hard to bring the family to the beach, the park, or the mountain. But do you know that you can camp in your backyard?

celebrate 50th anniversary with family

What you need to do is pitch the tent, set up the fire, prepare camping staples (s’mores), and some music and spooky stories to entertain. You will have a perfect time outdoors (technically still inside your house) without the hassle of packing up your bags and driving.

12. Playing Charades

Nothing beats charades when it comes to family games.  It does not matter whether the family members are old or young. Acting out phrases without being afraid that you may look comedic is what it means to be among family.

13. Karaoke

Karaoke is another activity that everyone can engage in. For more fun, you can improvise to turn it into a song-guessing game or a singing competition.

how to celebrate 50th anniversary

14. Getting Nostalgic

Going through old photos and videos, whether from your wedding days or normal occasions, makes you appreciate how much time and effort you have contributed together to build a home. 

how to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary with family

This is also an opportunity to pass on valuable lessons or funny anecdotes to the younger family members.

15. Home Theater

This way to celebrate your anniversary can be as chill or as crazy as you want. For the former, prepare a good movie with some popcorn, and you can sit back and relax.

Home Theater to celebrate 50th anniversary

For the latter, go for themed decoration (poster, lightning) or themed customs. Create an experience like you are going to an actual movie theater, or even better.

How To Celebrate Anniversary For Long-Distance Couples

Long-distance relationships are hard, but with love and compromise, you can conquer it all. Let us help you with ideas for your anniversary:

16. Virtual Tour

Virtual reality is the thing these days. There are many quality tours available online to take you around the world in the comfort of your room.

How To Celebrate Anniversary For Long-Distance Couples

You may also use this opportunity to see how you like certain destinations. You can then decide to travel to these places, later on, say, on your next anniversary.

17. Book Discussion

If you two are into books, then spend the anniversary doing the thing that you both love.

long distance relationships celebration

Reading books might not sound romantic generally, but it is a wonderful thing to do together since that shows that you guys value sharing and communicating.

18. Watch Movie Or Show In Sync

This is a popular activity carried out in a little different way. Some apps can help you do it easier, so do not forget to check them out.

way to celebrate anniversary

19. Exchange Meaningful Gifts

Gifts are probably the easiest way to show someone that you care. Receiving someone’s gifts when they are not around is like feeling their presence.

exchange gift for anniversary celebration

A personalized mug will make a fine gift since it is a daily item that the recipient can put into good use. With a customized mug, your loved one can now sip all of the affection that you have for him or her.

20. Open When Letters

Taking the meaningful gifts up a notch, you can write your special someone Open When Letters. These are letters that come with instructions on when to open them.

Some ideas that you can use: open when you are sad, open when you miss me, open when we argue, etc. If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary, to be specific, use a crystal box to contain those letters. 

Gossby's Final Thought

With the provided suggestions, we hope you have an idea on how to celebrate the anniversary by now. 

Remember, you can be near or far from your loved one. You can have a small or big budget. What is important is that you set aside time and effort to show your partner that you love him or her. 

Love is a thing that we cannot measure by any specific thing. Love comes from our emotions and we can only touch it via our feelings.

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