17 Sentimental Gift Ideas for Son Showing Your Love & Care


Last updated: May 09, 2022

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17 Sentimental Gift Ideas for Son Showing Your Love & Care

On the hunt for the best gift ideas for sons this year?

Let’s face it: after so many occasions and events to shop for, it’s easy to understand that even the most thoughtful mom and dad also run out of ideas for their son once in a while.

No sweat, though! Our list of 17 best presents for sons will give a new breath of life to your gift-giving game, so be prepared to meet your son's heart once he pops open the gift boxes.

What Gifts Should You Give to Your Son?

Buying gifts for your son seems like an easy feat, but it doesn't sometimes. Throughout the years, you certainly give him a slew of birthday, Christmas, special-day, and just-because presents.

So, what should you give him next?

All hope isn't lost, however. We understand your unconditional love towards him.

If you’re already bored of upgrading his tech gadgets or giving him different variations of his favorite stuff each year, it’s time to up your gift-giving game.

Alternatively, go for something sentimental, meaningful, and unique but not lacking the practical side - personalized gifts for your son such as mugs, canvas prints, fleece blankets, T-shirts, and throw pillows.

By incorporating elements of customization like name printings, intimate messages, special dates, etc, you can create a special gift that manifests your parent-son relationship, or simply your love for him on special occasions.

17 Sentimental Gift Ideas for Son from His Parents

So now, let's discover the top 17 presents for your son that you can go for. As said above, the following list will include some customizable options for you to choose from.

1. "Father & Son - Best Friends For Life" Mug

A father has been much more than just a “dad”; he's a friend, too. While kids usually find befriending their parents is kind of impossible, through trust, responsiveness, acceptance, and warmth, a dad can gain the BFF badge of honor.

And we believe you did it! Yet, dad is also a special best friend whose commitment to this bond spans forever, unconditionally.

You know you’ll be there for him as a dad and friend the whole life. So why don’t we celebrate this one-of-a-kind bond with this special quote?

ceramic mug - gifts for son
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

2. Insulated Tumbler

Even the least outdoorsy man can still get plenty of use out of a handy tumbler. Your son can keep his drinks hot or cold for longer, which is especially useful for both when he’s working from home or on the go. Needless to say, this tumble is one of the most practical gift ideas for son.

YETI Insulated Tumbler
Price: $38.00 (Source: YETI)

3. "Mom of Boys Works from Son Up..." T-shirt

This cool mama of boys shirt would be a joyous way to show your love towards your children. It’s a mother’s instinct to put all of her children’s needs above anything else and constantly give the best care for them.

Yet, no matter what it takes, you treasure every minute you spend with your sons. Let this personalized t-shirt help you spread the word!

custom t shirt - gift ideas for son
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Price: $23.99

4. Moccasin Slipper

A classic pair of moccasin slippers can keep his feet cozy throughout the winter. Imagine his feet won’t meet the freezing floor but the coziest bliss of the season after awakening every morning.

Moccasin Slipper
Price: $173.99 (Source: Dearfoams)

5. Massage Gun

Whether your boy loves working out or is tied to the desk all day long, soreness is inevitable. A splurge-worthy message device helps to relieve those pesky aches and pains and is sure to be met with your kid’s gratitude. Trust us; he’ll never live without this kind of meaningful gift for son!

Massage Device - Bella2Bello Etsy
Massage Device (Source: Bella2Bello - Etsy)

6. "Life is Better with Sons" Fleece Blanket

Life is far from perfect but is significantly better upon the arrival of your darlings. You never know this feeling until you’re a mom. Although you might fall short of moment-to-moment peace and happiness, having a son in your life gives meaning and satisfaction.

One way to tell him how he means to you is through this personalized blanket that will keep him cozy on chilly binge-watching nights.

fleece blanket - personalized gifts for son
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Price: $39.99

7. Decanter Set

Perhaps your bourbon-loving darling already has a decanter on his bar cart. Yet, does he have one engraved with his name or initials on it? This unique gift for son will up his drinking game and look good on any home bar.

Decanter Set
Price: $59.99+ (Source: Man Cave Gifts Shop)

8. "Like Father Like Son" T-shirt

Your son doesn't only share the same DNA codes but perhaps behaviors and attitudes to life with you. While it’s tough to model proper behaviors for your child all the time, it’s fair to take pride in small positive behaviors that your kids exhibit as you guide them.

At the very least, you’ve raised kids who are kind to others, and that’s worth celebrating!

t shirt - gifts for son from dad
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Price: $23.99

9. "Mother & Sons Forever Linked Together" Wrapped Canvas 

There’s no doubt that sons and mothers have the kind of bond that no force in this world can destroy. Even if your kid is by your side or living far away from home, this is a good gift idea for son to strengthen this bond.
We’re sure this meaningful canvas print will take the place of pride in his room, just like you take a special place in his heart.
wrapped canvas - gifts for son from mother
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Price: $28.99

10. Family Frame Picture

While most of us view our photos digitally these days, seeing the photos of you and him tangibly feels more special! A family photo frame carries sentimental values for both your son and son-in-law. Simply choose the most stunning family photos and then get them secured into the sleek frame. You’ll get one of the most heart-melting son gift ideas in no time.
Family Frame Picture
Price: $38.25+ (Source: PCB Home)

11. "Life is Better with Sons" Two-tone Mug

Even when your darlings have grown up, sometimes a little naughty version of them can hark back to their carefree childhood with you. This kind of gift for him is adorned with a quote of meaning and your little angels that can remind him of his very first birthdays in life.

two tone mug - presents for son
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Price: $17.99

12. Camera

If your boy is in love with taking photos, giving him a camera is a good idea that he'll love. Whether he's shooting children at a sporting event or stunning landscapes, an incredible new camera ensures that the moment is precisely captured!
Instant Camera
Price: $118.54 (Source: Polaroid Originals)

13. "There's Probably Cat Hair on This" Throw Pillow

It’s a family scene you can come across in any pet-loving family: there’s always shedding hair here and there. And even when your house is seriously spotless, there’s still someone in the house who is skeptical about stray hair hiding somewhere.

Why don’t you print the culprit (a.k.a “the best cat ever” of your son) on a pillow and add their names on it?

You would melt his heart away with this little adorable son gift idea.

throw pillow - son gifts on birthday
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Price: $28.99

14. Leather Notebook

A beautiful leather notebook is a versatile and high-quality option for the big day. Your son can use it to capture his daily thoughts and experiences of their new marriage.

No doubt, he'll love unwrapping one of this kind of gift idea for son from his parents!

Leather Notebook
Price: $55.00 (Source: Ancicraft)

15. "The Love Between a Father & Son is Forever" Mug

People always say a father is a teacher and a mother is an adviser. That’s why a mother shows the gentle, sentimental side of parenthood, whereas a dad will appear reserved and sometimes stern as he’s the disciplinarian in the family.

However, a dad will love his children as much as a mother does, and that kind of love is eternal.

Let's do a little work of customization and make this personalized mug one of the best gifts for son!

coffe mug - gifts for son in law christmas
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Price: $13.99

16. "This is My Couch - Go Sit Over There" Throw Pillow

When it comes to Christmas, this throw pillow would be one of the best gift ideas for your son. We bet any dog that doesn't take pleasure from occupying a human’s favorite spots like a cozy sofa, especially on these frizzy days.

This pillow with this “meme of the year” on it, and the name of his favorite puppy will lift his mood every time he plonks down on the couch.

pillow - son gift ideas
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Price: $28.99

17. Pullover Sweater

For quite a while, sweaters have been associated with this festive season. If your son gives these items a dose of side-eye, it’s time to surprise him with a statement piece that he’ll love to slip into throughout the season.

The best thing is that a chic sweater can easily match different outfits, so it's sure to be his wardrobe staple.

Pullover Sweater
Price: $135.99 (Source: Lacoste)

If you also have other important men to gift on special occasions, we’ve got you covered. We have handpicked lists of guaranteed-to-please finds for your consideration: 

It's Time to Make Your Son Feel Loved!

Now you know gift-hunting for your sons is not as worse as finding a needle in a haystack anymore (and won’t dig a deep hole in your pocket, either). Creating a personalized gift is a more expressive way to show your affection towards your loved ones, and we’re sure nobody can resist such thoughtful gift ideas for son from their beloved parents.

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