20 Cat Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space For A Lovely Vibe


Last updated: Jul 29, 2021

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20 Cat Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space For A Lovely Vibe

When you're a die-hard cat lover, you'd want to see your furry friends everywhere. One of the ways to express this love is by hanging cat art around your home. These art pieces will not only jazz up your house with a refreshing “catmosphere” but also become a chance for you to show off your cats.

In this article, let's dive into the 20 brilliant wall art you can bring home right away. From canvas, posters, to even DIY painting kits, each choice is made for you!

5 Cute Cat Art Prints By Gossby For A Purrfect Living Space

Cat art is not simply an ornament. It is a treasured keepsake that symbolizes your love for cats. Make each print unique by adding your twist of colors, then personalize it with your cat's name.

Imagine waking up with a fun meme of your cat in the bedroom, or coming home to the cozy living room with a cat quote. Besides relaxing, these wall arts can become an inspiration, too. Plus, the materials are made to last for a long time, so you don't have to worry about the budget. 

1. Pawlice Cat Bad Cattitude Personalized Poster

Knocking objects off the table, chasing random bugs, and ignoring you are just a few examples of a sassy cat. With a personal touch of your cat's name and illustrated mugshot, this poster is fun to look at every time you need a laugh.

cat art - personalized canvas

That's not the best part. You can combine individual posters to make a group of cat pictures wall decor for the bedroom!

2. Uncle Cat I Want You To Become My Servant Poster

Serving the feline friend every day is a joy only cat lovers can understand. A parody of the classic Uncle Sam poster is all you need to remind yourself that although cats demand an endless bowl of food, or sit on your keyboard, the fur babies will always love you.

uncle cat - cat wall art

3. You Had Me At Meow Canvas

We all know the happiness of love at first sight, but you were definitely not ready for the first meow. The sight of your lovely cat will brighten up your day every morning. This canvas is one of the top personalized gifts for cat lovers that guarantee to steal their hearts.

you met me at meow - cute cat art

Look at those round innocent eyes! Right at the moment that fluffy ball says MEOW, you know that your heart has found a sweet home.

[Find more] wanna find out more canvas art ideas for your home? You can browse our Personalized Canvas and choose one that suits your vibe and style.

4. Welcome To Our Home Canvas

Cats are the visible soul of your house and make it so inviting. Your home gets cozier with the furry tenants living there for free.

three cat art

Whenever you invite guests inside, why not introduce them to these tenants so you guys can admire the cuteness together? With the colorful illustrations and names, everyone will remember these sweet friends!

5. Nice Butt Bathroom Canvas

It's an international fact that cats follow us to the bathroom, no matter what they are doing. You are naked, and your cat is staring at you, perhaps thinking “ Nice butt, human!”. Well, why not bring those awkward moments into the light?

nice butt - cat prints art

This canvas is a little memento of those moments and great humor to share with your family and friends.

15 Cat Wall Arts for All Kitten Lovers

Aside from personalized options, you can get ready-made wall arts. This is also a great alternative for cat lovers who don't host feline friends. We have listed 15 cat art prints and posters for you in the next section.

You can choose one or more options to suit your style. Certain prints even come in different sizes to fit a small apartment.

1. How To Train Your Human Print

Behind the cute paws and meow, cats secretly want to take over the world. Ever wonder how they would do it? Similar to us humans, cats need their research time, too. Now you know the reason why the trick lessons didn't work.

how to train human is a funny cat art

2. Cool Cat With Bubblegum

This canvas stands amongst the best funky gifts for cat lovers with its color combination. The minimal yet contrasting shade makes the sunglasses and popping bubblegum more realistic. You may have an inspiration to pose a photo or two next to this print.

Cool Cat  art With Bubblegum

3. Black Cat Get Naked Poster

Cats are famous for their sassy attitude, and this picture poster describes it on point. On the bright side, a judgy black cat wall art will make you want to pull out the yoga mat and start your workout right away.

Black Cat art Get Naked

4. Curious Cat Canvas

Forget about what you're doing for a moment and play a game of peek-a-boo with this cute cat art on your wall. The pure emerald eyes highlight the sneaky personality of all cats. This factor guarantees the black cat wall art to bring a smile to your face.

Curious Cat art Canvas

5. Indigo Cat Canvas Print

If you happen to be a fan of the lively Wonderland by the classic author Lewis Carroll, then you will surely love this rare find. The vibrant design makes the cat look magical and brightens up even the most simple corner of your home.

Indigo Cat Canvas Print

6. Pets Rock™ Daisy Canvas Wall Art

Rock and cats? Now that's a niche option for all cat lovers out there. This signature piece is a part of the lovely cat wall art canvas for the above-the-couch decor series.

Pets Rock Daisy Canvas Wall Art

Whether you place this art in the kitchen, the living room, or the bedroom, the lovely cat wall art spreads a new vibe everywhere it goes.

7. Cat With Mona Lisa Canvas Kit - Unframed Wall Art

This DIY canvas kit brings a relaxing time for family or friends gatherings. The best part is you are free to choose the theme and colors you want. Once you have finished painting, why not show this masterpiece at the center of your home?

Cat With Mona Lisa Canvas Kit - Unframed cat Art

8. Cat Coffee Retro Sign

Cats are mischievous, but joining them to be mischievous together doubles the fun. Whenever you're looking for inspiration, you can always turn to this amusing black cat wall art. A moment of laughter can get the ideas flowing.

Cat Coffee Retro Sign

9. Super Cat With Bird Poster

One look at this aesthetic watercolor kitty poster and you will feel like aiming for the moon. After all, every cat is a hero for making us smile with their sneaky tricks all the time. Cats may give us attitudes from time to time, but they love us no matter who we are.

Super Cat With Bird Poster

10. Kitty Biscuits Kitchen Wall Decor

Cats and their soft kneading pads make the best comfort and stress-reliever. With this tin illustrating the cute action of making biscuits, you can have cuteness overload right in your kitchen. The color palette also highlights a relaxing retro aesthetic.

Kitty Biscuits Kitchen Wall Decor

11. Cat Caffeine Poster

Ah yes, our snoozy mornings come with an endless need for coffee. This angry cat depicts our mood well. Looking at this watercolor kitty poster while you brew coffee will surely bring enough energy to last throughout the day.

Cat Caffeine Poster

12. Cat by Coco de Paris Canvas

Who said cats can't be chic, too? Place this lovely cat wall art in your room and get inspired to pick fashionable outfits every day. The showy flowers make the piece look like a real-life photo, and bring fresh air to wake you up in the early morning.

Cat by Coco de Paris Canvas

13. Cats Fishing Hand-Stretched Canvas Wall Art Print

No matter how you see it, there will never be enough cats to express your love. Relax with the sight of cats catching their favorite food with this 19th-century style painting. Before you know it, you may even find the cat depicting exactly your cat, or even you, on a fishing trip to the lake.

Cats Fishing Hand-Stretched Canvas Wall Art Print

14. Sunflower Cat Canvas

This sweet painting of a sleeping kitten is all you need when you come home after a long day. The peaceful facial expression will help you ease up and return to the comfort of your cozy kitchen or bedroom.

Sunflower Cat Canvas

15. Cat Bathing Oil Painting Wall Art

Taking a bath is what every feline friend runs away from. This fact turns a playful photo into a scene from a comic book, where the cat is now getting used to the warm water and gives you attitude. Does your cat love bath time, too?

Cat Bathing Oil Painting Wall Art


After reading this article, we hope you have found the cat art for your home. With the wide variety of arts available, there are endless ways to show how much you love cats.

Whether it is adding your personal touch to the design or having a blast with a DIY watercolor kitty poster, each piece is a cherished treasure. The sight of this wall decor will lift your mood every time.

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