Personalized Rabbit Mugs - Gifts for Rabbit Lovers Collection

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Patti Staudacher
Verified Buyer
Jun 22, 2024
Beautiful cups, perfect size for the men! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and quick delivery. Packed perfectly to protect my treasures!...
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Alice Romano
Verified Buyer
Jun 20, 2024
I love these as gifts. They are keepsake memories. 🥰
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Lorraine Palladino
Verified Buyer
Jun 13, 2024
The onsie was adorable. Great quality and everyone loved it. I am referring your info to other grandmas they want one too! Perfect...
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Personalized Rabbit Mugs at Gossby

Not only offering special things for dog & cat lovers, but Gossby also has a little thing for rabbit lovers. Let see our personalized rabbit mugs! Whether you’re looking for personalized gifts for pet owners or for yourself, custom bunny mugs will always be the ideal ones.

At Gossby you will have:

  • A cute rabbit cup at an affordable price.

  • Preview feature before purchasing.

  • Easy-to-access payment system.

  • Dedicated support team via live chat.

Design Your Own Custom Rabbit Mugs

With a variety of rabbit designs,  it would be a paradise for bunny lovers to select the one they like most. Everyone would love to make their own item that can show their true colors and with Gossby, designing your own personalized rabbit cup is way easy.

1. Rabbit Breeds

Wondering if we have types of rabbit or not? No worries, Gossby got your back. Depending on your bunny types, you can select the breed section and choose which will suit your little one.

2. The number of rabbits

Are there 1, 2, or 3 bunnies? You can select the number that matches.

3. How about You?

Gossby provides you with a wide range of skin tones & hairstyles so you can select elements to describe the true you.

4. Names & Quotes

Both names of you and your lovely rabbits can be personalized by typing them in the name section.

5. Color-Changing & Types of Mug

In each custom bunny cup, you are offered more types and color ranges to choose from.

6. Custom Rabbit Photo Mugs

Can you have personalized rabbit mugs that are made from your photo? Just share with Gossby your photos about your little ones, Gossby will handle the rest.

Let Make it a Unique Personalized Cat Mug that only You Can Have

Just like giving a special gift to people you love, a personalized bunny mug for you and your adorable animals would be so sweet. Whether having a special item to be with you every single day or a gift to your loved ones, Gossby always got your back.

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