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Gossby Original Mug

Theresa Morgan
Verified Buyer
Nov 26, 2023
I just love the way this came out. It was sent super fast.
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Mary Flick
Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2023
I love the cups I got. They are gonna be Christmas gift and I know they will love them also. So glad I found Gossby the cups are beautiful...
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Gossby Original Mug is a customizable mug line created by Gossby - launched in 2018. Since then, it has become one of the most popular offerings by Gossby. The mug features the unique art of people with their backs turned, comes with varied designs and customizable features, and highlights the beauty of their connections. Gossby holds the authorization for the art featured on this original mug.


In 2018, Gossby's artist team understood that the essence of a memorable gift was its ability to capture the beauty of personal connections. They recalled their own experiences of sharing moments with loved ones. They realized that sometimes the most cherished memories were not necessarily the ones where everyone faced the camera, but rather, people stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder, basking in the shared experience.

Inspired by their own experiences, they designed the Gossby Original Mug featuring people with their backs turned to emphasize the bond between them. They introduced customizable elements such as skin tone, hairstyle, and clothing to allow customers to see themselves and their loved ones in the art. Additionally, Gossby's team developed tailored art and quotes for a wide range of relationships, including family, mom and daughters, sisters, friends, couples, and pet lovers, further enhancing the personalization aspect of their products.

Authorization and Originality

To ensure the originality and exclusivity of the Gossby Original Mug, the team sought authorization for the original art featured on the mug. This step guaranteed that each piece was genuine and unique to Gossby, marking a revolution for personalized art.

Value and Appeal

The Gossby Original Mug encapsulates personal connections, telling unique stories of love, friendship, and togetherness. More than a beverage vessel, it symbolizes personalization and cherishing essential relationships. This popular gift option offers a timeless design and customization for various occasions. As its popularity grows, it furthers Gossby's mission to spread love and joy through distinctive creations.