2 Curvy Girls

Shirley Baumgardt
Verified Buyer
Dec 02, 2022
I absolutely love this hoodie the fit is perfect and extremely comfortable. My two dogs look exactly like they do. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and arrived so fast.
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Reydavid Castellano
Verified Buyer
Dec 01, 2022
I love it. May fiance adores it.
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Merle Stage
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Nov 30, 2022
It's very special. Love them!...
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Personalized 2 Curvy Girls Mugs at Gossby

Are you looking for something special for your curvy girl in your life on her special day? Well, Gossby knows a thing: she deserves the best.

Seeking gifts that cheer her up is quite easy but the one that can express how special she is to you, somehow, is harder. Whatsoever, here at Gossby, we get your back. With our collection of personalized 2 curvy girls mugs, you’re about to show your gals that your relationship is unbounded.

Why Customized 2 Curvy Girls Mugs at Gossby?

  • They're treasured keepsakes

  • The symbol of an unbounded relationship

  • Things to tell your gals how much you love them

How to Create Your Personalized 2 Curvy Girls Mugs with Gossby?

With some steps below, you’re about to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your curvy besties.

  • Browse our "2 Curvy Girls" collection and click on options that you love the most

  • Design the arts and quotes at customization sections

  • Preview the mug

  • Purchase your mug

[Extra note] What you can customize?

1. Names & Quotes

Type your curvy gals' names and select another quote if you want.

2. Colors & Types

There will be 4 types of mugs you can choose from. The color-changing feature is available to the two-tone mug.

3. Sizes

4 sizes are available: 10oz, 11oz, 12oz, 15oz.

4. Appearances

Skin-tones, hairstyles, accessories,,, you can customize them all.

No Need to Say “Thank You” - Just Personalized 2 Curvy Girls Mugs

Deciding on an ideal gìt for a curvy gal comes with a lot of anxiety. You want to get her a perfect present for the sincerest “Thank You” for everything she’s done for you.

Just a mug for cold and hot beverages but when it’s personalized, it would turn into a treasured keepsake about your heartfelt relationship. Also, it’s a thing to bare your heart to your curvy gals. So, giving your girls personalized 2 curvy girls mugs, why not?