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Love Feeds Two

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Linda Jordhoy
Verified Buyer
May 24, 2024
My daughter absolutely loved it ! And so did I . Looks like my granddaughter did too ! Thank you for making her first Mother’s Day special!!🩷🩷🩷
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Lauren Mullins
Verified Buyer
May 24, 2024
Purchased this for my sisters and I for Mother’s Day. It was an absolute hit! They loved it so much and brought some to tears.
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Lynette Smith
Verified Buyer
May 23, 2024
My mom And I have been apart for many years. I go home here and there. How is around military life? My whole . She cried of happiness thank you so much 💓...
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Randi Bogolin
Verified Buyer
May 22, 2024
I ordered this phone case for my friend’s birthday. She absolutely loved it. Very good customer service and great products.
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Amplifying Love this National Dog Day

In a world abundant with love and warmth, no dog should ever know the chill of abandonment. Every morning, countless eyes open on the forgotten corners of our world—eyes filled with hope and yearning for a simple act of kindness. This National Dog Day, we at Gossby feel compelled to take that hope and turn it into action, making a heartfelt commitment to better the lives of these faithful companions.

How We Make It Happens

From August 26th to September 09th, every purchase from our Love Feeds Two Collection will do more than just bring joy to you or your loved ones. It will also provide two meals for abandoned or neglected dogs. It's a simple yet powerful way your purchase can make a real difference.

We're making it transparent and easy to participate. At the end of this campaign, we'll tally up the meals generated by your purchases and donate them through Greater Good Charities - a trusted non-profit dedicated to animal welfare (or other similar charities). The total number of meals donated will be announced once the donation is completed on August 31st. You'll be able to see firsthand how your individual choices have contributed to a bigger cause.

Why We Care

Our decision to launch this campaign is deeply personal and inspired by you, our community. We've not just heard, but felt your stories through each personalized gift you've chosen. Stories like that of a customer who found their oldest dog tied to a porch, giving it a home and transforming its fate. Or like Terri's tale of meeting Buddy 16 years ago at a rescue place near an Army base in Texas. Buddy was the smallest and most frightened of all, but two treats and a loving touch later, he was wagging his tail and filling Terri's life with joy.

These stories are testimonies to the incredible bonds that form when love and care are extended to our canine companions. This campaign is not just an initiative; it's our heartfelt tribute to the remarkable relationships you've shared with us, relationships founded on love, loyalty, and the incomparable happiness that only a dog can bring into our lives. Together, we can turn small acts of kindness into transformative change, one wagging tail at a time.

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