Top 15+ Wall Décor Ideas to Level Up Your Living Space


Last updated: Jul 29, 2021

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Top 15+ Wall Décor Ideas to Level Up Your Living Space
What will you notice first when you enter any place? Perhaps, the first attraction point would be the walls. A blank wall can be a bit boring, somehow - especially if it is painted in white. So, the wall decor is the easiest way to add character & style to space. Additionally, there are hundreds of diverse wall decor ideas which are suitable for any place and taste.

If you're in love with beauty and style, you won't let the wall be empty, Gossby believes. But, what are the best wall decor ideas in 2021?  In this article, you will get a detailed answer about it. Keep scrolling down and find yourself an idea that will brighten up your living space.

03 Cozy Personalized Wall Decor Ideas

1. Personalized Family Wall Decor

Personalized family canvas wall decor is a beautiful way to showcase your love to the sweetest place on earth. Along with an illustration of family members, there are meaningful quotes that will bring a heartfelt emotion to your home.

personalized family canvas wall décor

[Find more] if you would like to know more about canvas themes and designs, just browse our personalized canvas collection and find ones that suit your interests.

2. Personalized Memorial Wall Decor

Not only does it help you level up your wall style but also gives you a precious treasured keepsake. Everyone will have something or some time that they will cherish forever and by choosing the personalized memorial wall decor, you can keep that beautiful memory with you eternally.

personalized memorial canvas wall decor

Take a closer look at our "I'm Always with You" canvas

3. Personalized Cat Wall Decor

If you are cat lovers, you won't ignore things about fluffy babies. Interestingly, you can create a wall that is full of that cute by choosing this wall decor idea. When your wall is filled with cat art, you will feel something is watching you whenever you pass by. Sound scary at first but adorable, indeed.

personalized cat canvas wall decor
Take a closer look at our"Bad Cattitude" poster

10 Innovative DIY Wall Decor Ideas

1. Hanging Planters

The truth is planted can make us happy. We don't know why, but when we live in a place full of green, we can feel the relaxation. So, when it comes to wall decor ideas, why don't we think about it this way? Learn how to make unique and affordable hanging planters wall décor that transforms placemats into stylish DIY home decor for the bedroom or any room in the house.

Hanging Planters - wall decor ideas

2. Gallery Wall

Make a colorful gallery wall to display all of your unique art ideas. It's perfect for a reading nook, bedroom, or any space with empty walls in need of a splash of color and creativity.

Gallery Wall decor ideas

3. Fringed Mirror Wall Hanging

Make these fringe mirrors for an easy DIY boho wall decor idea. An Instagram-worthy addition to any bedroom, particularly a teen girl's bedroom design concept.

Fringed Mirror Wall decor
Fringed Mirror Wall Hanging (Source: Amazon)

4. Travel Planks

For people who are in love traveling over everything else, this is the best and simplest method to express yourself. Make a board out of wood planks, draw a world map on it and paint over the traced area. This one is reasonably priced.

Travel Planks is DIY wall decor ideas
Travel Planks (Source: Ubuy)

5. Pattern & Typo

This is one of the simplest DIY living room wall decor ideas. Out of six square canvas prints, write a sentence that says live, love, and laugh on three of them and a bright pattern on the other three.

pattern and typo wall decor ideas
Pattern & Typo (Source: ElephantStock)

6. Monochrome

This is basic yet attractive wall decor. Leaving a 5inches gap, create little plus (+) symbols using black tape of the same size on the entire wall to make it appear like a pattern. At its finest, simplicity.

Monochrome DIY wall decor
Monochrome (Source: Etsy)

7. Macrame Wall Art

This one is fully handcrafted and looks great on the walls regardless of whether the décor is modern or contemporary. Make a macramé mesh with a rope and cloth. Choose a fabric color that complements your decor.

Macrame Wall Art decor

8. Collage Wall Art

Consider your wall to be a pinboard, and pin-up all of your favorite photos, phrases, personalities, and whatever else you want in a somewhat organized fashion using mounting. This will just represent your corner of the entire house.

Collage Wall Art

9. Hexagon Wall Art

This piece of art will immediately liven up your living space. Collect hexagon-shaped empty boxes of various sizes and color their insides and lids with tints and tones of color before randomly placing them on the wall. A fantastic backdrop for photos.

Hexagon Wall Art decor in 2021

10. Spoon Wall Art

It would be a fantastic wall decor idea to display your spoon collection as wall art and add interest to your living space. Color the front of several spoons with vivid colors if possible to bring your painting to life.

Spoon art - DIY wall art decor in 2021
Spoon Wall Art (Source: Hallmark Channel)

05 Amazing Wall Decor Ideas for Large Wall

1. Wall of Book Collection

If you're a true bookworm, you might find it difficult to let go of your books once you've done reading them. So, why not make your collection work twice as hard? Displaying your favorite books on a large bookshelf or wall-mounted shelving system can bring a lot of color, texture, and visual appeal to a huge, empty wall.

Wall of Book Collection
Wall of Book Collection (Source: Pinterest)

2. A Big-size Artwork

It is feasible to make a significant aesthetic impression without hammering a million nails into your walls or spending a fortune. Do you want to make a serious investment? Purchase one super-sized piece of art that you truly adore and will not want to replace in a year or two.
A Big-size Artwork
Do you enjoy changing up your home's decor? Large-scale engineer prints from your local printer are an incredibly cost-effective method to fill your wall space. Plus, you don't feel as bad about replacing them with something new after a few months.

3. Woven Wall Hanging

The days of hanging tapestries as décor in college dorms are long gone; today's woven wall hangings are bright, trendy, and eye-catching. You can construct a wonderful woven wall hanging using a weaving kit from your favorite local craft store, but many producers offer bespoke designs, allowing you to pick the right size, colors, and textures for your room.

4. Wallpaper

No, this isn't your grandmother's pinkish, daisy-printed wallpaper. Whether you select classic wallpaper (glue and all!) or more temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper, today's alternatives come in a variety of highly attractive designs, colors, and patterns. Install wallpaper on one huge feature wall or wallpaper all of your room's walls for a dramatic effect.

Wallpaper decor ideas in 2021

5. A Classic Wall Gallery

Isn't it true that if it ain't broke, don't repair it? Highly selected gallery walls first appeared on the home decoration market over a decade ago and have been a popular choice among interior designers ever since.

A Classic Wall Gallery

To prevent an overly consistent effect, we recommend incorporating a variety of genres into your gallery walls, such as pictures, abstract paintings, line drawings, and three-dimensional items.

Final Thought

Even a single piece of wall décor may instill affection and lovely memories in your sweet home. Create a personalized & pleasant place whether you're starting or increasing your collection. You may design a wall that fits your house and breathes new life into your area with a range of wall décor options. Don't put it off any longer: bring your greatest moments to the forefront for everybody to see.

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