20+ Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father to Heal Your Loved One's Soul


Last updated: Jun 12, 2022

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20+ Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father to Heal Your Loved One's Soul

It has never been a piece of cake to find unique memorial gifts for loss of father. Those whose close one bought the farm will be hit extremely hard.

A father who has nurtured them and appeared in their ebb and flow is no longer with them, how hurtful it is. Or even when they are not so close to their daddy, it’s still a great pain marked in their heart.

Getting to know that kind of loss, you may want to give them a grieving thing to show sympathy.

But how to choose the perfect gifts to share your thoughts, we’ll guide you with our thoughtful list of loss of father gifts.

Scroll down to find out more.

What are The Best Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father?

Once you know somebody is suffering a bereavement, you would like to ease their grief with something sympathetic and meaningful. You won’t offer a random material item for memorial gift ideas for loss of father.

Rather than that, you want a thoughtful gift to bring them peace and comfort when they need it the most. It should be a keepsake to save the memories between them and their father.

In short, a perfect sympathy gift should be:

  1. Unique

  2. Not sensitive yet sentimental

Why Do Memorial Gifts Work

Why Do Memorial Gifts Work?

Saying something to share with your loved one whose father just passed away is great but perhaps you don’t know how to start and what to say.

That’s how memorial gifts for loss of father are created to help:

  1. Soothe the pain: Wounds cannot be healed immediately but a grieving person would feel better if they receive in memory of dad gifts. Nothing can beat the sharing packed in an item of memory.

  2. Pay tribute to perished person: Father always plays an important role in every child’s life so when someone grieves their dad’s demise, a meaningful present can honor their love for their father.

  3. Save the memory back: Though their father comes to heaven, his legacy will stay by his child’s side forever. When seeing memorial gifts, memories of those great days will flow into their mind.

16 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father to Ease The Grief

Where the pain of grief comes, there exists sympathy and sharing. Every child needs the comfort of the people around them.

But there is something different between a son’s sadness and a daughter’s one. Let’s find out what meaningful and unique memorial dad gifts they would love to receive.

In this section, you're about to discover the most heart-touching gifts for son & daughter from the loss of father to help them wash the pain away!

08 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father for Son

Men are always considered to be stronger than women. Nonetheless, at the bottom of the pain when losing a father, they also cry over the moon and need a piece of condolence from others.

So what to give a son who loses his father recently to share the grief?

#1. Memorial Jar Candle

A candle can soothe the hurtful soul when a member of the family passes away. The light of the candle brings ease and encouragement to move on after the pain.

memorial gifts for loss of father for son - Jar Candle
Price: $16.99+(Source: The Gift Gala Shop)

#2. "I Know Heaven is a Beautiful Place Because They Have My Dad" Mug

This mug is truly a heartfelt memorial gift for someone who's in mourning to help them through the process.

Your life is full of fun and joy because you have your dad been along with you. Anywhere you go, it'll be a wonderful place, as long as he's with you. That's why you know when he moves to heaven, it would be a beautiful place. And yes, you might be happy about that.

personalized mug - memorial gifts for loss of father for son
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#3. Loss of Father Memorial Music Box

Insert some healing tracks into a music box as a gift to your loved one to share the sympathy. They will feel better and get healed when going through a loss.

memorial gifts for loss of father - Music Box
Price: $38.95 (Source: Cottage Garden Store)

#4. Father’s Goodbye Album

It may come with more tears when listening to farewell songs but their mood will be improved after that. This is one of the most moving memorial gifts for loss of father for son.

#5. Memorial Photo Ornament

Putting the image of an angel into an ornament is a great idea to stick to their memories. You can insert a photo of the passed father and the year of his arrival and departure from this life on it. This ornament comes with a personal touch to commemorate.

If you're on the hunt for sentimental memorial gifts for loss of father, don't miss out on this one.
personalized ornament - memorial gifts for loss of father for daughter
Shop with Gossby
Price: $14.99

#6. Angel Wing Keychain

By spreading a message that his father becomes an angel, a son can get over the grief and find comfort in his heart.

unique memorial gifts for loss of father - Angel Wing Keychain
Price: $17.50 (Source: Pickled Beads)

#7. Strength Pendant Necklace

To help a son deal with his father’s demise, you can give him a necklace with a pendant of power motivating him.

Strength Pendant Necklace
Price: $44.97 (Source: Express Your Love Gifts)

#8. "Forever in Our Hearts" Wrapped Canvas

Looking for gifts for loss of father to lift your son's spirits, this wrapped canvas will be what you need. As can be seen on it, there's a sentimental image of a close-knit family along with a touching message. All of the personal touches on the canvas seem to tell your son that his father might leave the world but never his heart. It's just because he can't see his father doesn't mean his father (your husband) isn't there.

Note: the family members (number and genders) & messages can be totally customizable!

personalized wrapped canvas for son
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

08 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father for Daughter

Rounded up with tears, a daughter who loses her father often falls into the depth of the pain. These are some sympathy gifts that you can give to her on the way to overcoming the sadness.

#1. Father & Daughter Wrapped Canvas

Who doesn’t want to live with their family until the end of life? However, the truth is sometimes strikingly brutal that we need strength to defeat the pain.

As a warm reminder that someone’s family always exists, the outstanding one of the family memorial gifts will support them in weather the storm. On this canvas print, there goes a father sitting by his child that will touch everyone’s heart with the text “I am always with you”.

No doubt, this wrapped canvas is one of the most touching memorial gifts for loss of father.
wrapped canvas - personalized memorial gifts for loss of father
Shop with gossby
Price: $28.99

#2. Father & Daughter Willow Tree Figure

For years, a father and his daughter are destined to be “eternal lovers”. The tree figure can be a soul-healer and remind her that her father is always with her.

memorial gifts for loss of father for daughter - Willow Tree
Price: $49.69 (Source: Willow Tree Store)

#3. "Those We Love Don't Go Away They Walk Beside Us Everyday" Memorial Blanket

Not just an essential bedding item for a cold day, this fleece blanket will be the one that warm your heart. The personal touches you add to this kind of memorial dad gift will turn it into a precious memento, reminding you of an unbreakable connection between you and your loved dad. That special bond actually knows no distance.
customizable blanket - memorial gifts for loss of father
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Price: $39.99

#4. Memorial Tree

In the honor of a girl’s father, the memorial tree for a change will help to ease the sorrow. It also raises a belief that her father will stand by her side until the end of her life.

memorial gifts for loss of father - Memorial Tree
Price: $39.99 (Source: Kullder Store)

#5. Memorial Lantern

One item to save the memories between a daughter and her daddy is a lantern. It recalls the bright and warm days when her father is still there physically.

personalized memorial gifts for loss of father - Lante
Price: $71.10 (Source: Laser Cut Wooden World)

#6. “It's Hard To Live Without You…” Throw Pillow

The loss of a father may bear lots of pain for his children but after the sorrow, everybody needs to think of a bright day to come. That’s why this custom throw pillow includes the image of a sunflower garden in the view of father and daughter.

Leaving someone who is close to us like a father is not easy to stand.

The days he laughed with us, shared with us joy and tears, and told us everything about this life gradually fades away. What we can do is just keep his image inside our hearts.

personalized pillow - unique memorial gifts for loss of father
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

#7. Set of Tea

Drinking a cup of tea will help your loved person reminisce about the enjoying flavor her father used to love. It's simple but also one of the most heart-touching memorial gifts for loss of father for daughter.

Visit our Personalized Memorial Gifts Category to find the most sentimental ideas to warm your loved ones' hearts!

personalized memorial gifts

#8. Memorial Bracelet

She might need nothing but an adorable bracelet reuniting her with her father. It’s like her dad appeared beside her as always.

unique memorial gifts for loss of father - Bracelet
Price: $38.00+ (Source: Red Fern Studio)

Additional resources:

06 Father's Day Memorial Gifts for Someone Who Lost Their Dad

It’s truly something painful when it comes to Father’s Day without dad. Giving sentimental gifts to those who are grieving over the loss of their dads on the holiday, perhaps, is one of the best ways to go for.

If you’re seeking thoughtful Father's Day memorial gifts that can help you to heal someone you love (or yourselves) from the loss, the following list will be what you need.

#1. "I Believe There Are Angels Among Us" Mug

If you're seeking memorial father's day gifts that can be both sentimental and practical, you won't want to miss out on this one.

Perhaps, this memorial mug will help you (or someone you're gonna send this gift to) erase the sorrow from the loss. Your father may leave the world but never your heart. He just becomes an angel, the one you can't see but can feel.

His love for you stands still.

Every time you use the mug, we're pretty sure that you can feel his love.

The original design can be customizable. It can be you and your dad (with an angel wing) or you, your mom, and your dad (who has recently become your invisible guardian).

father daughter mug - memorial dad gifts on Father's Day
Shop with Gossby
Price: $13.99

#2. “A Letter from Heaven” Photo Fleece Blanket - A Touching Father's Day Memorial Gift

So now, a blanket won’t be only a thing that keeps you warm but your heart (or else’s) when it comes to Father’s Day without dad. With this Father’s Day memorial gift, you can customize the sender’s name, receiver’s name, and date. Plus, you can add the photo of the dad to the blanket, making it a precious treasured keepsake for a lifetime of the giftee.

A Letter From Heaven blanket - father's day memorial gift
Shop with Gossby
Price: $39.99

#3. Wooden Clock

Nothing but this wooden clock is one of the best Father's Day memorial gifts for those who lost their dads this June 19th. With this wooden clock, they'll be reminded of their loved dad every time they look at it. Not only a keepsake but this clock can be a decor item.
meaningful father's day memorial gifts - Memorial Clock
Price: $90.00 (Source: NC Design Clock)

#4. “In Memory of…” Journal - A Memorial Father's Day Gift to Preserve Memories

This "Memorial of..." leather journal, perhaps, is memorialized with names of their hero dads. The leatherette cover is available in 05 different colors which are: mist, grey, brown, pink, and turquoise. It's said that journaling is one of the most constructive ways to overcome the pain after the death of the father. When it comes to memorial Father's Day gifts, this one can be a good one for yourself or someone you know.
touching memorial father's day gifts - My Dad Journal
Price: $26.09 (Source: Apex Artisan)

#5. “I Miss You More than Anything - I Know” Throw Pillow

This is one of the most sentimental Father's Day memorial gifts (husbands, or sons). It’s because you can totally choose who will be the one sitting next to the man (in heaven). They can be his daughters, sons, wives, or mom. Moreover, the touching dialogue will be the thing that touches their heart. Maybe they cannot be eye-to-eye but heart-to-heart.
memorial pillow for someone who lost their fathers
Shop with Gossby
Price: $28.99

#6. Memorial Bottle Opener

Your loved one will actually be able to "raise a glass" in their father's memory with the personalization of their father's name included. Take note of the lovely contrasting tones of walnut and birch wood, as well as the traditional cast iron bottle opener. This one-of-a-kind bottle opener is over 8 inches tall and includes a screw for simple wall hanging.

Memory Bottle Opener
Price: $29.82 (Source: The Great Gifts)

Let Ease the Pain with Memorial Gifts for Loss of Father!

The hard time will disappear thanks to memorial gifts for loss of father.

During the time of grief for the loss of a father, your loving person extremely needs your care and sharing. A tangible item that is full of meaning, is essential to help someone with their sorrow. It’ll serve to bring them a sense of comfort and calm.

You can take our ideas to help someone come to grips with their father’s demise. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below if you want to share your thinking.

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