20 Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers that Make the Owners & Their Fluffy Babies Happy


Last updated: Jul 26, 2021

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20 Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers that Make the Owners & Their Fluffy Babies Happy

Cat lovers are elegant, independent, and sensitive people who love making friends and taking care of pets. Their top priority is to provide the best care for their fluffy friends and sharing the cuteness and positivity with everyone.

To true cat lovers, presents and gifts are not as important as the way they are given and how they are cat-related. A small cat-themed present, regardless of price, can brighten their day and strengthen your friendship with them.

Their love for the cat is respectable and unique. So why don’t you think of a personalized gift to make that bond even stronger and more special? No matter what the owner’s and the cat’s names are, we have them covered.

Wondering how to pick the right gifts for cat lovers? Let Gossby help with the following list to decide the best present for your friend!

05 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers That They Will Cherish

The following cat-themed gifts will make your friends happier than ever!

1. Cats Are My Favorite People - Personalized Mug

There isn't any better experience than starting your day with a great cup of coffee in your favorite cat mug, with four shiny pairs of eyes watching you work, and a nice quote. The product is one of the best gifts for cat lovers.

personalized cat mug - best gifts for cat lovers

Are those innocent eyes what make you fall in love with them? Get ready to fall in love with them again and again. Each time enjoying your drink is loving your cute pals a little more.

2. Cat Pirate Hat

Ahoy mate! This pirate hat will turn your usual meek-looking cat into a fearless pirate captain. You and your kitty will have tons of fun together, hanging out in costume parties.

pirate cat hat - gifts for cat lovers

3. I Love You To The Moon And Back - Personalized Blanket.

This present will bring about a soft and comfy experience for both of you. With a lovely personalized image of a cat mom and her fluffy cat, this high-quality blanket will keep you and your baby cat warm and cozy at all times.

personalized blanket is a good cat lover gift

Imagine when you’re on a business trip and can’t take care of your cat. Cats are clever, and they know that this blanket can bring them warmth, love, and memories of you as if you are there with them. So, when it comes to cat lover gifts, consider this one.

4. Cat Ear Headband

Let’s go wild with your cat with a cat ear headband. Your cats will love this makeover since they’ll feel that you two are like sisters.

Cat ear headband will be cute cat gifts for owners
Cat Ear Headband (Source: Amazon)

5. Scratching Post

Nothing is as entertaining for the cats as a long wooden pole for them to scratch their nails. It also helps them release stress. It is much safer than sacrificing your stuff for the cats to scratch.

Scratching post - gifts for cat owners

05 Funny Gifts For Cat Lovers That Make Them Laugh All Day

The following list of funny gifts for cat lovers can bring your friends happiness all day!

6. This Our My Couch Go Sit Over There - Personalized Pillow

A double-sized delightful custom pillow for your living room makes an excellent choice for expressing cat enthusiasm with your family and friends. Your cat will love to spend hours napping on this amazingly soft and comfortable pillow.

personalized pillow - funny gifts for cat lovers

As a cat owner, you know that cats are territorial, right? Why not make their own territory by “signing” their name on the pillow? You’ll have a hard time “fighting” with them over this pillow. \

7. Cat Shower Curtain

This curtain is full of adorable cat pictures. You can take a shower with your cat and be surrounded by cute images of cats all over the curtain. With high painting quality, you won't need to worry about it wearing down from the heat of your showers.

the funniest cat lover gifts
Cat Shower Curtain (Source: Amazon)

8. You Are  My Favorite Person - Personalized Mug

Another cute design of four adorable fluffy balls with shiny eyes, this design of your mug will brighten your day as they share the love with you through the day. The cute-looking cats will cheer you up every time you have a drink after a tough day at work.

cat mug is a awesome gifts for cat lovers

Just look at those adorable eyes! They are looking at you with curiosity, which makes them funny while not knowing what you are drinking! Perhaps you should share some with them?

9. Fish Cat Toy

Your cat got bored? Let’s get them a cat gift to play with. As soon as your cat sees the toy, it will be enchanted by the fish shape and never leave it for days! Find the toy that runs on batteries, your cat will be even more excited to see it shaking and rolling!

kitten playing cat lover gifts

10. Catnip Toy 

If you have trouble keeping your cat company, a catnip toy is a great choice for entertaining your cat. It’s better to pick a handmade toy for your baby’s safety.

Catnip toy would be a funny cat gift
Catnip Toy (Source: Etsy)

05 Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers to Make them Paw-some

Christmas is a great holiday of the year for cat lovers to celebrate with their lovely babies. Why not get yourself a present to memorize this day?

11. Girl and Cats Christmas - Personalized Mug

It’s Christmas again! There is nothing better than having a cup of hot chocolate while cuddling with your lovely baby on your lap. The heart-warming atmosphere and cute seasonal holiday image on your mug will bring you the best Christmas experience ever!

personalized Christmas gifts for cat lovers

You can also use your kitten’s photo to add on the side of the mug. The relationship between you and your cat will be closer than ever since your kitty will now take care of your drink all the time.

12. Cat Themed Welcome Mat

This idea makes a decent Christmas gift for cat lovers. With this doormat, the little feline will always welcome your guest with a heart-warming greeting from your fluffy friend. It will also remove all of the mud and dirt from your feet, keeping your house clean.

Cat doormat - christmas gifts for cat lovers
Cat Themed Welcome Mat (Source: Pinterest)

13. You Had Me At Meow - Personalized Wrapped Canvas

This beautiful canvas is a perfect addition to your home decoration. With a beautiful illustration of a girl and her cat under the tree, the canvas will enlighten your day, as well as bring you a warm and comfy sense of home.

personalized canvas is the best gifts for cat lovers on christmas

Remember the first time you two met each other? The fluffy ball sat under your legs looking at you with alluring eyes and MEOW. Well, that was the moment she killed you with a love arrow! Save that once-in-a-lifetime memory by hanging this canvas in your house.

14. Cat Bed

This super comfy cat bed is an ideal gift for your cat to keep warm during winter’s cold. Your cat will not be able to resist the warm and cozy feeling that this bed brought about. It can also keep your little kittens warm if your cat is having a baby.

Cat bed is a xmas cat lover gifts
Cat Bed (Source: Pinterest)

15. Puff

Simply put, Puff is a single piece of soft and comfy cushion that serves as a cat bed for your kitty. Your cat won’t be able to resist its amazing coziness.

puff is good cat gifts

05 Birthday Gifts for Cat Lovers for their Special Day

Birthdays are the most special occasion for everyone, especially cat lovers. They would love to celebrate with cute cat gifts with their cats!

16. Pawlice Cat - Personalized Poster

A funny and creative design of a grumpy cat, this poster makes a nice decoration for your walls with a stylish and badass sense for your cat. This product portrays a serious cat attitude that will make you and your friends laugh happily on your special day.

cat canvases are birthday gifts for cat lovers

Remember the times you got angry with naughty cats? But at the end of the day, you didn’t have the heart to scold them. We save all those moments with a hilarious poster to remind you of the culprit that will never be jailed.

17. Owner & Pet Pumpkin Costume

Do you want to become extra close with your adorable cat? The duo pumpkin head for the two is an excellent choice for you! Together you will be the most standout couple of friends at a Halloween party!

Pumpkin hat is the best cat lover gifts on birthday

18. Uncle Cat Poster - I want you to become my servant - Personalized Poster

Possessing stunningly cute and “serious” expressions at the same time, the “Uncle Cat” poster will make you laugh hard every time you look at it. With this poster hanging on your wall, you will never forget to feed your fluffy ball overlord on time again!

birthday cat lover gifts

Yes, cats are bossy, but that’s what makes you love them. We are all willing to become the servant of these furry bosses.

19. Cat Costume

A pumpkin that is not enough? Your cat will fall in love with these stunning, 100% cotton cat costumes! They will make your cat look fabulous on every occasion. Cat costumes are nice birthday gifts for cat lovers, especially new cat owners.

cat costumes as a gift for cat lover

20. Feather Teaser

Last but not least, a fun toy for playing with your cat whenever you feel bored. Wave the teaser around and watch your cat roll over and over in excitement!

Feather Teaser as cat gifts

Wrapped Up

Have you been impressed by any gifts for cat lovers on our list?

To many people, a cat is more than just a pet. They are noble creatures that can help release stress and provide comfort anywhere, at any time. Is there a better feeling than relaxing on your sofa with a fluffy kitten curling up on your lap and enjoying a hot "cat mug" of chocolate?

Do you know that international Cat Day is around the corner? It is a huge event for cat lovers worldwide to celebrate. 

There is no time better than this day to show your love to your “friend”. Get to know more fun facts about your cats in our International Cat Day in 2021 article.

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