15 Family Wall Art Ideas for A Warm and Loving Atmosphere


Last updated: Sep 09, 2021

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15 Family Wall Art Ideas for A Warm and Loving Atmosphere

Whether you are creating the perfect space for family activities or just want something meaningful to remind you how much family means, family wall art will be a great way that you shouldn’t miss. 

If you don’t know where to begin, this blog will give you a list of amazing family wall art ideas. Perhaps you will find something that suits your needs.

05 Family Wall Art Canvas Ideas 

All families go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we might temporarily forget how valuable our family is. To remind you of the love of family members, we pick five inspiring family wall art canvas for you to consider:

1. Mother & Children Wrapped Canvas

Mother's love is no doubt one of the most sacred love of all, and the Mother's Day Canvas from Gossby will be a great gift for your mother on Mother's Day. This canvas print has a simple design of a tree above and illustrations of mothers and children beneath.

You can add the names of your mother and other family members to this canvas and even customize its design to suit your tastes as well.

mother and children - family wall art canvas ideas
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The quote of this canvas is "Mother And Children Forever Linked Together." When you give this canvas to your mom, she will feel closer to you, even though you are not on the same roof as her. If you want to choose another quote with a similar meaning, there are many options for you to consider.

2. Family Crazy Loud Love Inspirational Word Design

Family Crazy Loud Love Inspirational Word Design is a product designed by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse - a company creating a home atmosphere that celebrates connection.

The purpose of this wall art is to remind the "loud" and the "crazy" love of your family. You can freely choose the quote for this great customizable canvas and hang it on your home space.

Family Crazy Loud Love Inspirational Word Design

Whenever you see this family wall art, you might giggle and think about the funny and little crazy moments you share with other family members.

3. Family Blessing

A little more cozy feeling will make us feel warmer from the inside - that’s what the Family Blessing can bring you. This canvas comes with an eye-catching and aesthetic design. For the best look, you can wrap it on a stretcher bar.

perfect family wall art ideas

Because of the materials and ink, you should never wash it with a cleaning solution. Instead, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt on the canvas's surface. 

4. Sweet Family Rules Canvas Wall Art

Rules do not sound so fun, but family rules are the exceptions. The Sweet Family Rules Canvas by Bed Bath and Beyond is a great wall art decor that will allow you to add the words of rules (like inspire, listen, forgive) and even family names to the canvas.

Sweet Family Rules Canvas Wall Art

5. Father & Children Wrapped Canvas

Not only do mothers love meaningful family wall art, but dads also do. This Father & Children canvas surely will put a smile on your dad's face as it comes with the quote, “Dad, The Man - The Myth The Legend - You are the Best Dad Ever.”

father and children - wall art ideas for family
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You can pick another quote with the same meaning for this personalized product, too. To make this wall art more like your family, feel free to design your own personalized family gifts!
banner personalized canvas

05 Personalized Family Wall Art Ideas with Names

Some might love simple wall art, but others prefer personalized family wall art with names. The feeling of looking at the wall and seeing your name and other members together can bring all of you closer. 

If you love to put your name and other members' on a canvas, here are some great considerations: 

1. Family Word-Art Canvas

Would you like to pick a housewarming and creative canvas to give a family member? If so, this Family Word art canvas will be a good choice. You can freely add your name and a message to create a meaningful gift.

Family Word-Art Canvas

2. Love Connects Us Canvas

This canvas is made for connecting two people with the "Love connects us" atmosphere. It allows you to add two names and a message while customizing. Remember that the first names are limited by ten characters, last names by 15 characters, and the messages by 30 characters.

Love Connects Us - personalized family wall art with names

3. "Life is Better with Grandkids" Poster

With the quote "Life is better with grandkids," this poster will be a great gift to your grandpa or grandma. You can even give it to your mom and dad to strengthen the connection between them and your kids.

poster is the best personalized family wall art with names
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The design of this poster is pretty cute, with the available illustrations of little grandkids. Moreover, you can also add the kids' names under the kid characters to personalize it.

4. Grandkids Have Our Hearts Canvas

It’s another great canvas for a family with grandpa, grandma, and grandkids. A great thing about this option is that you can add up to 12 names with two-line messages in the canvas. What message do you want to express to your grandkids or grandparents? Let this personalized wall design say it for you.
Grandkids Have Our Hearts - family wall art

5. Memorial Wrapped Canvas

When a loved one passes away, the whole family will still keep them in their hearts. With the quote "You left my world, but not my heart.", this memorial canvas will be a reminder of how important someone used to be and still is.

canvas - personalized family wall art ideas with names
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This family wall art design has a calm and sad atmosphere with darker colors. You can personalize it by choosing the character of the loved one and other members based on gender. If you wish to, you can put the name of each member under the illustrations.

05 Family Wall Art Quote Ideas

To create a great family canvas, you have to combine a nice wall decor idea and meaningful family wall art quotes. There are so many quotes you can choose from, but we will give you the five quotes that can fit all situations.

1. "A House is Made of Walls and Beams, A House Is Made of Love and Dreams"

What separates a house and a home is the love we have inside of it. This simple quote has a really simple message but will make us feel warmer and cozier at home.

a family wall art quote ideas

2. "We May Not Have It All Together, But Together, We Will Have It All"

Family is the source of power that can make all dreams come true. It’s where you get the most support in life and consists of those who mean everything to you.

the best family wall art quotes

3. "The Love of Family is Life's, Greatest Blessing"

This saying is just a simple reminder of how blessed it is to have a family with us. Every morning you walk up and see these words, you will always love your family - the greatest blessing on Earth.

perfect family wall art ideas

4. "Family - Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends"

Short but meaningful. This quote indicates that family is where you were born and the place that unconditionally brings you, eternal love. By using the two opposite words of “begins” and “ends”, this quote shows us a new refreshing point of view about family.

creating a wall art for family

5. "Family Likes Branches On A Tree. We All Grow In Different Directions, But Our Roots Remain The Same"

Just like a tree with multiple branches reaching different directions. In the end, all these branches stem from the only tree. We all have different interests in life even though we are born in the same place and raised in the same environment. However, we all have the same roots!

family wall art with quotes

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Final Thought!

We have shown you ten family wall art ideas and five meaning quotes to consider in this post. Some of these ideas will fit all families, some will fit certain situations, but all are personalizable and will be a great gift for your loved ones. 

We hope you would love the canvas we mentioned in this list. Thanks for reading, and we will see you again in our next blog!

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