10+ Wonderful Birthday Gifts For Dad To Celebrate His Special Day

Jul 23, 2021
10+ Wonderful Birthday Gifts For Dad To Celebrate His Special Day

Birthday is the most magical celebration of the year for everyone. There is nothing better than receiving gifts and wishes from friends and family on this lovely day. Is your dad’s big day right around the corner? Are you struggling to pick unique birthday gifts for dad?

Do not worry; we got you covered! Keep on reading to find out our list of amazing gift ideas for the father figure in your life!

The Best Birthday Gifts For Dad That Make Him Smile Ear To Ear

What can be a birthday gift for your dad? Sports equipment, household tools, or fashion accessories?

They are the first things that most people think of, but you can’t make him be over the moon feeling special on his special day with those mundane things.

Instead of choosing a normal clothing item or anything that doesn’t have a special meaning, you should pick gifts that bring tears to his eyes or make him smile from ear to ear. Why don’t you try to find some personalized gifts for dad to express your appreciation and love towards him?

Below are some of the best gift ideas that will earn you his sunshine smile!

1. Personalized Mug For Dads Who Love Dogs

Furry buddies are men’s best friends, so if your father has a special place in his heart for these four-paws cuties, you can hand him this lovely mug on his birthday.

personalized mugs - gifts for dad birthday

The best thing is that you can easily customize the number of dogs according to the number of pets that your father is taking care of.

Raising a dog feels very therapeutic since its owner is the center of its world. There is no doubt that your father will love this excellent present, a sign of love from his two kids - you and the dog.

2. Customized Coaster

If you have seen your dad chilling on the porch with a bottle of cool beer or a cup of wine in his hand, you know that he will enjoy this gift. A set of coasters with unique personalized designs can surprise him.

Customized Coaster - gifts ideas for dad birthday

Not only are these small yet meaningful items essential to keep the table surface dry and clean, but they are also incredible house decorations, making the house filled with love and great memories.

The next time your dad enjoys his drinks, the coasters will be his companion down to the memory lane.

3. Customizable Canvas With Father And Children

Receiving a heartwarming gift where he can see his importance in your life will make his birthday unforgettable. Following this tip, you can choose the perfect present.

If you have siblings and the group is looking for a shared gift for dad, why don’t you check out this customizable canvas? You can be hung in living rooms or bedrooms to make the house look even cozier.

personalized canvas - best birthday gifts for dad

"Dad. No Matter How Big I Get. I Will Always Reach For You" canvas

Alongside the loving quote, you can choose how many people will appear and change the design of the characters on the mug. Better yet, you can put names under each figure that appears on the canvas.

personalized canvas with your family's names and images is like a family photo that can move him to tears, isn’t it?

4. Phone Case

This one will be the perfect gift for your high-tech dad. You can get it in every size, shape, and design that you want, from a simple pre-made design to a custom case with your wonderful idea.

phone case gifts for birthday dad

It will not only protect the phone from the strong force, but it will also protect his memory of you and the sweet father-daughter relationship between you two.

5. Funny Personalized Shirt

Dad jokes or puns are a big sensation that passes down from generation to generation. When you look for birthday gifts for dad, you should check this item with a funny message because it will never fail to put a smile on your father’s face.

This personalized t-shirt coordinates dad jokes brilliantly with cute puns. You can customize the color of the t-shirt, the size, and the nickname for your dad according to your liking.

personalized t shirts gifts for dad on birthday

If you have siblings, you can include each of you in the design using cute dinosaur figures. The best part is that you can freely choose from the big collection of dinosaurs and put names under them.

Isn’t it like a flashback to the good old days when you nestled in his arm and watched dinosaur cartoons?

Heartwarming Birthday Gifts For Dad From Daughter

The father-daughter relationship is always warm, strong, and loving. But how do you cherish such a powerful connection through a simple gift on his upcoming birthday? Here are some suggestions!

6. A Warm Blanket With Touching Image

What can be more wonderful than giving your dad this unique birthday gift? A blanket keeps the body warm but a special blanket from daughters keeps the father’s heart even warmer. With this blanket, your dad can stay cozy while sitting next to you near the fireplace during the cold winter.

personalized blankets as birthday gifts for dad from daughter

"Love between Father & Daughter is Forever" blanket

This blanket with your name and image is just like you, embracing your dad and driving him to a sound sleep every night.

Plus, you can even use it as a decorative piece to show everyone the beautiful relationship between you and your father. Surely, it will give the house a strong domestic vibe.

7. Birthday Sweatshirt

Is your father a fashion lover? A birthday sweatshirt will be a perfect addition to your dad’s clothing collection. With this item, he will stand out in the crowd while still feeling comfortable during the party.

birthday t shirts for dad

The best part is that you can choose from various styles and designs to make the item even more meaningful to your dad. Without a doubt, this gift will bring a bright smile to your dad’s face, making this year’s birthday more memorable than ever.

8. Personalized Mug With A Message From Daughter

By adding a meaningful message to the body of a cup, the simple item has turned into a lifetime gift for daddies’ birthday. What can be better than starting a day with a smile on his face while enjoying the coffee? Every sip is full of your love and memories of you two.

mug - birthday gifts for dad from daughter

"There is no Place Higher than Daddy's Shoulder" mug

You can show how much you love your dad. And the mug is a lovely reminder for your dad that he is an essential part of your life even without daily verbal conversations.

This is the type of present that dads will treasure for many years to come, not just something that can only be enjoyed at the moment.

9. Personalized Poster

This idea is excellent since they let you go wild with the design. You can have one with your wishes for him on this big holiday, or a message that shows how much you love and cherish what he has done for you.

personalized poster is the best birthday gifts for dad from daughter

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this item. It will surely be the highlight of the home that everyone will talk about when they come to visit your dad during the birthday celebration.

  • More custom posters for your dad's birthday can be found here!

10. Funny Pillow For Dog Dads

Funny messages and dogs are the perfect combos for dad’s present. If you decide to pick this customizable pillow, you are one step closer to handing him the best gift he has ever received.

The best feature of this pillow is that you can pick the number of dogs, breed, and name. Whatever breed the dog is, you can find it in the list. From husky to pug, you can decide what appears on the pillow.

gifts for dad on birthday with personalized poster

That’s what makes your dad feel like this gift is one of a kind and is made only for him. What could be more relaxed than coming home and laying on the pillow printed with his beloved dog’s image from you - his dearest?

Instead of searching far and wide for a specific pillow with the same dog that your dad is raising, you can change it with one click of the mouse with this fun pillow.

Cool Birthday Gifts for Dad from Son

When you choose a gift, you should think about what he can do with it or what both of you can do with it. Also, no one is greater to a man than his dad. So, it is fair to find the coolest gifts to celebrate his birthday. Here is the list of presents for great dads from their sons. 

11. Personalized Poster For Dog Dads

Pets have always been considered family members, and people usually joke around that they are the favorite kids in the house. So if your dad loves these furry buddies, why don’t you give him a cool poster with his cute dog?

dog dad birthday gifts from son

This customizable poster allows you to pick quotes, the number of dogs, and the size. It is made of high-quality paper so the image will never fade, just like the unconditional love between dads and sons (and the dogs too).

12. Jacket Of Your Favorite Sport Team

Do you want to watch a football match with your father and explode with joy when your team scores? Sporty jackets have always been a favorite among dads and sons. If both of you share the same preference in sport, it is smart to give your dad a tee of your team.

Sport Jacket for dad on birthday from son

And make sure that you match with your dad as well. That way, you can make every match more dynamic together.

13. Beer Buddies T-Shirt

Have you two ever cracked open a cold one together? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to pick this Like Father Like Son tee to give him on his birthday. Family meetings are going to be wild.

cool birthday gifts for dad from son

You can personalize the image of your father and yourself on the t-shirt thoroughly. And don’t forget to put a name under each one of you to make this present even more unique. It’s time to get drunk, have fun, and make memories.

14. Photo Album With Real Memories

Going back to memories with a photo album during the birthday dinner is everything. This is the moment when you can spend quality time with your father and look at memories as if they are happening right before your eyes.

Your father will surely love it and cherish it forever. And the best part is that this gift can last for many generations to come, with the right treatment.

heartfelt birthday gifts for dad from son

Our tip is to try to find photos in which as many family members or friends appear as possible. Over time, the photos will be the most real evidence of good times and good relationships.

15. Funny Cup For Dad From Son

Dads love having a laugh with their kids, so let’s give him a good laugh with this funny cup. You can choose from a list of quotes to make the gift heartfelt or humoristic. But picking the funny one will make the moment your dad opens the gift more memorable.

mug birthday gifts for dad

With this cup, he can enjoy a relaxing tea or coffee time, and while he’s at it, he has a piece of love and memory of his son with him.

DIY Birthday Gifts For Dad

DIY presents require a lot of effort, but the final result will be worth it. Dad loves gifts that his kids prepare especially for them. They are totally unique, and there is not a single item on the shelf that contains so much love in it like a DIY gift. There are so many things that you can make for your papa to celebrate his birthday.

16. Photo Frame

A photo frame keeps the most precious memory safe, so you can DIY a photo frame that has a unique touch to it. You can decorate it with details that when your father sees it for the first time, he knows that the frame is not something that can be bought with money.

diy birthday gifts for dad

17. Keys Hanger

A special keys hanger is not a bad idea, and it is quite simple to craft. All you need is a board, some screws, and acrylic paints. The key (pun intended) is to decorate it with details that bring good memories.

diy gifts for dad on his birthday

18. Toolbox

Daddy is the exclusive “mechanic” in our house, and a toolbox is his must-have. What can be better than a toolbox gift from the “Son” brand? Save some loving words on the box too. You’ll know for sure that he smiles whenever using it.

diy toolbox for dad as birthday gifts

19. A Surprised Brown Bag Lunch

Have you ever cooked a meal for him? Why not make his day with a brown bag lunch? That’s the best meal ever for him as he knows that it was made from your clumsiness, your attempt, and most importantly, your love.

DIY Brown Bag Lunch birthday gifts for dad

20. Coaster

Dads always love enjoying and chilling with morning coffee or a glass of wine. So a coaster can come in handy for his daily use. It’s even better if you make the coaster more personalized with his favorite themes, for example, a fish-shaped coaster for a fishing dad.

diy coaster birthday gifts for dad

Final Thoughts

Every moment is the right moment to take care of your father, one of the most important men in your life. He’s always there for you through every high or low in your life, giving you the support and love when you need the most. Hence, try to show your care and respect towards him whenever you have a chance.

If you want to go the extra mile to guarantee that he receives the best gift ever, you can write him a personal card or send him a voice chat in the morning to congratulate him. Personalized gifts like mugs, t-shirts, or canvas are the cherries on top of a good birthday celebration.

What are you waiting for? Go get the best birthday gifts for dad and make his day now!

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